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    An Island of Healing
  • Profound healing for
    serious health challenges
  • Secret methods for
    shifting your reality
    Tai Chi / Qi Gong
  • Our unique mandala based yoga for
    awakening and inner growth
  • Inspirational events to ignite your vision
  • Our special system for restoring
    suppleness and mobility
    Joyful Joint

Mission Statement

Healing the world by healing the individual, one at a time

None of us are exact replicas of each other. We specialize in bringing to light your unique traits and determining the best way to achieve optimal health. Our mission is to identify and actualize your potential. Our treatment and movement protocols are expertly tailored to meet your unique needs, qualities and sensitivities. 

We believe in the potentiality within every human being. A person’s core potentiality is HIGHLY individualized. Our goal is to help you enliven extraordinary qualities dormant within. The only requirement from you is a desire to participate in your own journey of healing.

You will find detailed information on our methods on this website. Don’t be shy about booking a complimentary consultation right now. You can receive all our comprehensive services online.  This is especially beneficial in the age of Covid by eliminating any unnecessary exposure to virus. You remain within the safe environment of your own home, and it also saves you time and reduces fuel expenditure.

We welcome your inquiries. We are confident you will gain higher levels of energy, health and resilience. It will lead you to a strong sense of personal power and greater fulfillment in life.


Services offer

Telemedicine: WiFiVibe (patented vibrational medicine)

High performance consultant for people in leadership

Classes / Workshops / Trainings

Yoga / Somatic therapy for children, adults, seniors

One-on-one private lessons, tailored to individual needs