What is your most priceless asset?

Your Health.


Your body is not an ordinary object.

Your quality of life depends entirely upon how healthy your body is.


Today, we must all learn to remove toxins, and to adapt to multiple stressors. both external and internal.




What is the most priceless information you can acquire?

How to preserve your Health.

We are a unique mind-body clinic on beautiful San Juan Island.

We also provide consultations, workshops and trainings.

Our techniques are time proven and patented:


Vibropuncture.  Our patented 21st century modality.

Our patented 21st century modality.

Our medicine works. Our special skills lie in removing blocks and re-connecting energy to truth. Self-healing can and will occur.


  • clinic treatment and consultations
  • telephone or skype consultations
  • self-care coaching programs
  • classes, workshops and retreats
  • trainings and certification programs

Vibropuncture light therapy

Vibropuncture light therapy

        The Power of Letting Go is an award winning book which teaches us how to live in accordance with our own deepest self. This book provides a message of hope in troubled times where chronic health problems and medical costs are spiraling out of control.   The Power of Letting Go has so far received 5 major awards in 5 different categories:

  • Science/Cosmology
  • Spirituality/Inspiration
  • Self-Help
  • Body, Mind, Spirit
  • Self-Help: Spirituality

In truth, this is a book that transcends categories. It will inspire you to re-examine your own life and equally to revision the mysterious vast reality around you. It will offer you techniques and pathways for re-connecting with that greater whole. Climb out of the box and dare to step out of line: you only live once. Life awaits your response.  



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  About the Founder and Director: Nicholas Corrin is a pioneer in advanced alternative medicine who holds a patent in a breakthrough mode of  supercharged acupuncture. He is also an accomplished author, Oriental Medicine doctor, Qigong master teacher, Vedic Yoga master teacher, business consultant, and inspirational public speaker. Nicholas Corrin is also the inventor of the InfiniteBodySystemTM of therapeutic movement.

Nicholas Corrin, EAMP, L.Ac., Ayur.E.D. is unique in the health profession: a visionary thinker; a genuine athlete of the mind-body arts; an active philosopher; a powerful healer who fights for the truth;  and, last but not least, a doctor who listens with 100% of his attention.”

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