• Where the impossible becomes possible
    An Island of Healing
  • Profound healing for
    serious health challenges
  • Secret methods for
    shifting your reality
    Tai Chi / Qi Gong
  • Our unique mandala based yoga for
    awakening and inner growth
  • Inspirational events to ignite your vision
  • Our special system for restoring
    suppleness and mobility
    Joyful Joint

Our mission: save lives, open hearts, extend lifespans, ignite minds

~ Help all people become healthy and free in body, mind and soul.
~ Connect people with their soul’s purpose hidden beneath the symptoms of illness.
~ Study nature to find solutions for our many human challenges and life problems.
~ Provide an advanced healing system based on deep understanding of water.
~ Teach the principles of fluid dynamics to students, clients and patients.
~ Connect healthcare for the individual with care for the environment.
~ Use health awareness and ecology to generate a more stable, peaceful world.

Transforming stuck energy into inner strength and vitality

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Demonstration of Vibropuncture® invented by Dr. Nicholas Corrin, OMD, L.Ac., Bio.CT, MQH, Ayu.Ed.

The technique appears futuristic and hard to explain at first. This is because it penetrates both the acupuncture meridians and the human bio-field simultaneously. The bio-field is a vibratory field surrounding the human body. It stores information about the individual much like a computer’s memory stores documents, photos, videos and musical sounds.

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