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Essentials of Heart and Bone Health #1

Calcium Should Stay in the Right Place This is the first of an important series of postings I am composing on how to maintain both your heart and bone health. Why am I putting heart and bones together, you may … Continue reading

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Male Health: Are You Being Fooled?

A lot of men share some of the same fears, age old fears. Topping the list are: being perceived as weak, becoming impotent, and  losing hair. All signify loss of power. These are deep seated fears, and men will do … Continue reading

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Umeboshi Plums for Good Health

Besides their dramatic flavor, Japanese pickled plums have remarkable medicinal qualities. Their powerful acidity has a paradoxical alkalinizing effect on the body, neutralizing fatigue, stimulating the digestion, and promoting the elimination of toxins. This is the Far Eastern equivalent to … Continue reading

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Prostate drugs increase risk of aggressive cancers

  Why men should think twice before taking finasteride for their prostate Standardly prescribed medications may actually be suppressing the body’s natural defenses against deadly prostate cancers. How is this possible? New studies have shed light on how drugs like … Continue reading

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GMOs cause Gluten Disorders, Auto-immune and Neurological Diseases

Monsanto is generating new disease complexes   Teams of medical researchers in Parkville, Australia and in Albany, Ohio have identified specific proteins present in Monsanto GMO grains. These engineered proteins trigger gluten sensitivity and can instigate celiac disease. Internationally, we … Continue reading

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Nuclear threats to our health: what should we do?

The unfolding nuclear disaster at Fukushima has caused untold suffering to the Japanese people already reeling from an earthquake and a tsunami.  Will Japan now abandon its nuclear policy, and switch to green energy as a must-do? What many outside … Continue reading

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