GMOs cause Gluten Disorders, Auto-immune and Neurological Diseases

Monsanto is generating new disease complexes


Teams of medical researchers in Parkville, Australia and in Albany, Ohio have identified specific proteins present in Monsanto GMO grains. These engineered proteins trigger gluten sensitivity and can instigate celiac disease. Internationally, we have been experiencing epidemic levels of gluten intolerance: over 40% – virtually half the US population – now cannot metabolize gluten. Celiac disease affects one in 133 Americans. If untreated, celiac is potentially fatal. According to CD support groups and information agencies, about 3 million Americans currently have CD, 97% of whom remain undiagnosed; moreover, 30% of the population has the genetic makeup predisposing towards CD.  There is no drug which can treat CD. Meanwhile, we are seeing large numbers of infants already suffering from GERD. This breakdown of normal human digestion is directly attributable to the tampering with nature instigated Monsanto: this is clear from the studies mentioned below.

The research team at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Australia identified three proteins present in grains patented by Monsanto as disruptive to metabolic pathways, and as interfering with nearly all systems of the human body, generating inflammation and immune dysfunction. What the genetically engineered proteins do is disrupt inter-cellular communication: they prevent cells communicating with each other intelligently, as nature intended. The scrambling of this natural communication causes inflammation and disease.


Toxic Proteins in GMO grains


The offending proteins are listed as: w-5 gliadin (from wheat); g-3 hordein (from barley); and g secalins (from rye). Each if these triggers the production of anti-gliadin antibodies. This means that the body starts an immune response against these proteins. Once the antibody cascade has been triggered, inflammation sets in, normal functioning goes out the window, the immune system becomes imbalanced, and free radical cascades are fired off at the body’s own tissues. In the case of celiac disease, this last part is very serious as it can cause irreversible damage to the small intestine.

These engineered grains, courtesy of Monsanto, have been added to a vast array of everyday processed foods including crackers, seasonings (including soy sauce and tamari), chips, cereals and breads.


Disrupted Frequencies

The research team at the Sound Health Research Center in Albany, using BioAcoustic Biology was able to translate the proteins from the Anderson study into bio-frequency markers. That is, they were able to identify specific frequencies emitted by these proteins. It is these frequencies that disrupt normal cellular communications.

In a way, this is analogous to what is going on at an environmental level with the proliferation of cell phone towers etc. The profusion of “dissonant” frequencies in the biosphere is part of a general electro-magnetic field pollution that is toxic to plants and animals, not just humans.

In ancient Greece, philosophers spoke about “The Music of the Spheres”. What the old sages were referring to was a sacred set of frequencies emitted by the cosmos. These frequencies were transmitted throughout the natural realm. In native American tradition, this might be compared to the presence of the Great Spirit. What we have been  experiencing with increasing severity, are levels of distortion induced by corporate and bio-technical forces. The net result is a break down of global ecology and a threat to planetary survival. What we examining here is just the tip of the ice berg: an implosion of digestive health that has already reached epidemic proportions.


Glutamine Disturbance

For the technically minded, the research has discovered that the engineered genes distort the way the body processes key amino acids. The worst case involves L-Glutamine, which, amongst other things, maintains the integrity of the intestinal wall. The genes therefore also interfere with the production and metabolism of glutamate, the most abundant excitatory neurotransmitter in our nervous systems, and which is also  toxic at elevated levels. The Monsanto genes disturb the actions of a key enzyme responsible for utilizing L-glutamine. This enzyme is glutamate-decarboxylase (GAD). Glutamate needs to be converted by GAD into GABA.

GABA, it should be remembered, is an essential neurotransmitter that we require for remaining calm and balanced. Without adequate levels of GABA, we will likely suffer sleep deprivation and gnawing levels of anxiety. GABA is a natural tranquilizer and it helps to regulate minute sensors on cells that coordinate the delicate orchestration of signals running through us, including electrical and magnetic signals. These teeny tiny receptors are known as nanosensors as they are so minute.  And GMOs disturb them and in so doing can induce disease pathways as varied as MS, Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Crohn’s, Celiac, Ulcerative Colitis, Seasonal allergies, Lupus, Schizophrenia, Bipolar and Autism. In truth, just abut any serious condition can begin with disturbance of the nanosensors. It is disturbance of nanosensor functioning which throws off the body’s intelligence in a big way. And this is exactly what occurs with chemical and heavy metal toxins too, as has been demonstrated with mercury, arsenic, lead and cadmium.

The two genes present in mammals that encode for GAD are Gad 1 and Gad 2. Gad 1 is expressed in the brain, whilst Gad 2 is expressed in the pancreas. So what we are really seeing is that the Monsanto grains mess with our brains (central nervous systems) and our digestive organs by disturbing GAD, an absolutely vital enzyme. This disturbance is also highly carcinogenic as GAD interacts with the hormone calcitonin to protect against cancers. Without proper interaction with GAD, the calcitonin cannot do its protective work. So eating Monsanto grains also predispose us to cancer, thank you very much Texas.

So disturbances to GAD will lead to elevated levels of glutamate and decreased levels of GABA. In terms of frequencies, according to James Osman in his book, Energy Medicine, glutamate and aspartame emit very similar frequency signals. In other words, glutamate and artificial sweeteners such as aspartame tell cells to bring in specific biochemicals to receptor sites. If you like, these can be seen as rogue commands which destabilize health, just as we have seen that certain sounds or types of music can damage or destroy plant life.

Incidentally, aspartame is a part of MSG, which is also used as a stabilizer in certain vaccines.

How can we protect ourselves against these menaces to our health? As always, in health matters, there are two answers:  public and private. Publicly, we must apply constant pressure to our politicians and legislators to rein in sociopathic enterprises such as Monsanto. Privately, to prevent GMO driven disease, we must turn to advanced alternative medicine practitioners who understand how to detoxify and restore our systems and protect against severe genetic, electromagnetic and bio-chemical disruption.

Anyone interested in reading further on the subject of engineered gluten peptides can find  original articles in the August 14th 2010 edition of Science News, and the July 21st, 201 edition of Science Translational Medicine.


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