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Plasmids and the Military-Industrial Complex

    It is a curious fact of life that the tiniest events can reveal the greatest mysteries. Science, with its relentless pursuit of the smallest conceivable particle, obviates this. As, indeed, does poetry: in a poem, tiny expressions of … Continue reading

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Mold, Mutation and Radiation: in the Mix

Earlier this year, a strange, “spider web like substance” was detected in the cooling pools at the Department of Energy’s Savannah River site, in South Carolina. After receiving a report filed by the SRS officials, the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety … Continue reading

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I want to tell you about a dream. A dream I had last night. I was in a room, where many people were seated around a large conference table. At one point, a pale, youngish woman sitting next to me … Continue reading

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How We Must Learn From Bacteria

Bacteria have been around a very long time, way longer than we have. During their lengthy sojourn on Planet Earth, they sure have learned a thing or two. In brief, they have developed coping mechanisms way more advanced than ours: … Continue reading

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