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The Root of All Problems: Linear Thinking

  In a way it is all very simple. Whether in the realm of politics, climate change, health, financial reform or anything else, people are thinking in straight lines. Straight lines are for dummies. Don’t believe me? Well, excuse me, … Continue reading

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Radiation Fallout: Lies and Cover-Ups

  The cutting you have just read is an excerpt from transcribed audio files of a United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission meeting of March 12, 2011. Below you will find the clip in a slightly more expanded context. None of … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissonance

      FUKUSHIMA Talk     On Saturday I presented a public lecture on the dangers we are currently facing from radiation. It was free, everyone was invited.   The purpose of the talk was to instruct people in … Continue reading

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There’s that Black Line, Again!

Photograph: Jiji Press/AFP/Getty Images Yes, here we go again. See, human rights are no longer in. Black is in. Black lines are in, big time in.   Everywhere, the police are dressing up in black, semi-military apparel. I wonder which … Continue reading

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