Practical Application of The Power of Letting Go: transforming fear into love

Are you keen on living to your fullest potential? Would you like to expand your awareness of cosmic energy and the Life force? Are you intrigued by how humans connect internally to the rest of nature?


Perhaps you have blockages, physical challenges or frustrations that you would like to transform into strengths and/or increased levels of health? Is a life of fulfillment at the top of your priorities?


If so, the upcoming workshop we are presenting at the Brickworks on October 6th will interest you.


Corrin_Cover_2014_frontIn this workshop, author Nicholas Corrin will offer practical applications of the ideas presented in The Power of Letting Go: transforming fear into love.


Taking the first step is often our greatest challenge but, once taken, we quickly develop the confidence to move forward on our individual journeys. This workshop is about getting you started. It is not just about the Power of Letting Go, it is also about the Power of Letting In.


Finding the courage to let go of what has grown stale gives us the green light for a new relationship with ourselves. When we re-train ourselves to act with spontaneity as opposed to mechanical or habitual responses we re-enter the great river of life. This workshop is designed to provide you with the confidence and tools to get started. It will open up fresh opportunities lying dormant within you.


Date: October 6, 2014, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Location: The Brickworks, 150 Nichols St, Friday Harbor, WA

Cost: FREE; donations to the Ag Guild and Hospice of San Juan greatly appreciated

This workshop is sponsored by San Juan Islands Agricultural Guild, Hospice of San Juan, and San Juan Food Co-op. Books will be available for autographing.

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Getting Back In Touch With The Body for Mind-Body Health

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominidi at

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

In today’s fast paced world, we’re all in information overwhelm. Much like a compressed disk with masses of information on it, we are forced to contain and process unending streams of data we have hardly had time to digest, let alone sift through and assimilate what is truly meaningful and worthwhile. This frenetic activity is increasingly performed via smartphone keyboards, over which our fingertips glide like insects skidding over still water.


This fixation of the gaze into a “smart” appliance, while our physical body is excluded and uninvolved leaves us with a strange aftertaste, a feeling of being somehow “in exile” from our own physical presence in the world. So there is this hunger, this yearning amongst us to re-enter the body in ways that feel liberating.


While technology moves ever faster, we ourselves have slowed down, our natural athleticism and vigor have declined, and we are becoming overwhelmingly sedentary and often as not, obese. Our very way of living has been re-organized by technological culture with the result that, increasingly, we move our limbs and joints in an extremely limited number of ways. Just as biodiversity in nature is disappearing, so bio-diversity of movement (the ways we move our bodies) has been reduced.


The human body has been increasingly starved of an essential nutrient: richness of movement. Is it any wonder there are such high levels of stress, anxiety, tension, and depression?


Expressing Nature Versus Mechanics

The body was naturally designed to be expressive, not mechanical. Nature endowed us with complex articulated joints capable of moving in multiple ways and combinations. The very word “to articulate” means “to express an idea”. On a physical level “to articulate” means to conjoin our four limbs with our trunk in fluent ways capable of showing our thoughts and emotions. This is why animals are so “expressive” and why we humans love to watch them in the wild: the physical movements of animals express the creative essence of Nature.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of


Even our eye muscles have been reduced to near inactivity. In fact we use them mostly to stare fixedly in one direction: through the windscreen at the road in front of us, or at the TV or computer screen (also) right in front of us. In fact, this reliance on single-pointed vision encourages us to behave robotically, as it precludes the use of peripheral vision (intake of visual impressions from the side-frames of our visual field). This then shuts down our intuitive faculties and induces an incipient state of depression in most people.


For tens of thousands of years, the human body has labored, fought, loved, worshiped, played and danced in a rich tapestry of movements. Yet today, society offers us mostly mechanical versions of physical release whether in the gym, on bicycles, in a Pilates studio or hot yoga space or swimming laps in a pool. These do all offer some benefits to us, but they are nevertheless limited. The movements involved are not the flowing movements we find expressed in nature and exhibited by birds, fish, clouds and bodies of water.


How to Regain Connection

How can we regain this fluid terrain where the body feels happy and connected, and the mind is once again within the body?


Here is a simple suggestion for you:


1) Find a quiet place indoors or outdoors where you will not be disturbed. Start by bringing your feet about shoulder width apart. Now bend your knees slightly and curve your tailbone slightly forward, just enough so that your pelvis will relax, and your lumbar spine lengthens downward. Make sure to let go of all tensions first in this beginning position.


2) Begin to sense your feet connecting with the ground underfoot. Imagine roots sprouting from the bottoms of your feet and penetrating into the earth. Now sense a thread of energy leading upwards from the top of your head into the sky.


3) Deepen and slow down your breath as you maintain a sense of being physically connected with the great sky above you, and the dark earth beneath you.


4) Now start to move your right hip in slow, clockwise circles, about twelve times.


5) Then move your left hip in slow, anti-clockwise circles, about twelve times.


6) Now you are ready to combine the two hip motions: make a clockwise circle with your right hip followed by an anticlockwise motion with your left hip, followed by another clockwise circle with your right hip and so on.


7) After you have performed about 30 of these connected loops, pause, and switch direction: start making clockwise circles with your left hip, followed by anti-clockwise circles with your right hip. Make about 30 of these loops.


8) To finish, return to the still, symmetrical position with your feet about shoulder width apart; close your eyes and breathe slowly and with deepened awareness.


InfinityMovementThis one exercise, when done regularly, is capable of re-setting your body and relaxing your entire nervous system. If you haven’t already realized, it involves drawing an infinity sign in space with your hips!


This exercise is actually one of the foundational sets of our unique Infinite BodySystem. We have been carefully refining this system over several decades of research and development, securely grounded in our teaching and clinical experience. The result is a brand new and highly effective system of movements that can restore our bodies, and reawaken our natural intelligence.


These special Infinite Body movements can be combined with Yoga and Qigong exercises to provide even greater results, providing starved muscle groups and joints with the opportunity to re-experience the dynamic Life Force. With regular practice, a deep sense of pleasure will return as your body relaxes and moves gracefully, in tune with the rest of Nature and the greater Cosmos.


Our Infinite Body. classes are now regularly available in Friday Harbor and are being offered in workshops and trainings. Stay posted for further information and updates or contact us ( for further information.



In good health!

Nicholas Corrin




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New Course in Infinite Body Movement Training: Foundation of Curative Movement

Foundation of Curative Movement: Teaching Moving Parts and Healthy HeartsInfinite Body System of Curative Movement for people with limited abilites, seniors, and people in recovery.

Join Katerina Wen for an in-depth training program for people who wish to teach Infinite Body Movement Therapy (gentle exercises) to people with limited abilities, seniors, and people in recovery. The course runs two weekends (October 17th & 18th, and October 24th & 25th) in the Skagit Valley College San Juan Center, from 9:00 AM-Noon and 1:30-4:30 PM on all days.


About the Course:

The program offers creatively designed movement sequences to help people to achieve greater mobility, overall strength, balance and stress management. Exercises can be adapted to be done in a chair or standing. Participants will leave with valuable knowledge on how to nurture special relationships with people in need, plus advanced practical experience in conducting a class.

Whether you would like to teach or just gain greater self-confidence in working with the elderly, or with persons with special needs, this training is perfect for you.  Program Manual included to accompany course.


About the Instructor:

Katerina holds a Master’s degree in Education from Antioch University, with a focus on alternative therapies for children with special needs. She has over two decades of experience in providing movement therapy for a wide spectrum of clients and students of all ages, in particular the elderly, children, and individuals with medical challenges. Katerina is the co-founder of the Infinite Body System™, a contemporary holistic movement system. Certification available at additional cost through Friday Harbor Holistic Health (details will be provided at class).


About Infinite Body System:

The Infinite Body System incorporates a repertoire of vertical, spiral and other flowing movements, all of which help to reintegrate the mind into the body and also to make our fluids run clean and fresh.



Meets: Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 AM-Noon and 1:30-4:30 PM for two consecutive weekends (October 18th & 19th, and October 25th & 26th) at the San Juan Community Center in the Community Room.  4 Day Workshop. Cost: $190 (includes course manual). Must register directly through Skagit Valley Community College. Course Code 5791 CPE 018 AP


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Hello you out there. Are you stuck?

Okay, some music first…


Go ahead, please, listen…

Now that you are settled in, let’s talk about you. Isn’t that what you want?

Many people I see are, ahem, a little stuck in their ways. But of course, they don’t see it like that. To them, their problems are caused by the world outside. It is the world that sucks; all around them. Or inside them. The world snuck inside them and starting sucking them down. In fact the world  literally sucks at their feet. None of this is their doing of course. It just happened like this.

I don't suck. The world sucks. I'm being sucked by the world, you stupid sucker. Just look!

I don’t suck. The world sucks. I’m being sucked down by the world. Don’t laugh at me. Just look! It could happen to you too mother-sucker!


Now watch this in motion. If you can watch the whole thing to the end, you win a prize:



Yes, now you are free to make a difference.

Yes, now you are free to make a difference.


Oh, so you don’t think voting makes a difference? I agree with you there. So let’s try another angle. Lying down:


Giorgone's "Sleeping Venus"

Giorgone’s “Sleeping Venus”


I prefer this attitude by far.



Of course, there are other, far more profitable ways of lying:

My Affordable Health Scam, I mean, Act

My Affordable Health Scam, I mean, Act

But we won’t go there right now.


We have more important things to do.

My favorite method of passing time.

My favorite method of passing time.


Of course, if you would like to consider another approach to life, laziness and the cult of victimhood , please take a moment to explore our upcoming workshop:

Strength and Conditioning. June 7th 2014

Strength and Conditioning.
June 7th 2014


For details, click here.

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Male Health: Fears and Errors about Testosterone

A lot of men share some of the same age old fears. Topping the list are:

  • being perceived as weak
  • becoming impotent
  • losing hair


When all else fails, y'know, let's do the old "cover up", OK you guys?

When all else fails, y’know, let’s do the old “cover up”, OK you guys?


All signify loss of power. These are deep seated fears, and men will do anything to keep them at bay.

These fears drive both young and middle-aged men and, yes, even seniors to:

  • work out at the gym
  • take testosterone supplements
  • take muscle milk or other creatine based body-bulkers
  • take a range of other nutritional supplements of questionable quality and uncertain long-term side-effects


The Testosterone Dilemma

Men identify with testosterone, and for good reason. After all, it is adequate levels of testosterone that sustain their masculinity. As men age, their free testosterone levels tend to drop. This will cause them to eventually lose muscle mass and muscle tone, not to speak of bone strength.

FACT: between the ages of 38 and 88, both men and women will lose on average 45% of their bone and muscle.

Declining levels of testosterone will decrease both mental sharpness and instinctual drive, including of course, sexual drive.

So men, and most male doctors, will see testosterone as the essential fuel for remaining a high functioning male. Some men choose to take either synthetic or natural testosterone in the form of supplements; and some physicians will automatically prescribe testosterone supplementation therapy for men whose free testosterone levels have declined below accepted reference ranges.

Testosterone is an androgen and therefore a hormone. The problem is that in the body, nothing is static, and every component, including testosterone, is being constantly built up and broken down. It is like when you walk into a forest and see young trees growing and old broken stumps decaying. It is the same inside the human body: this is what is known as metabolism. Metabolism includes anabolism (building up) and catabolism (breaking down).


5-alpha reductase and DHT

Testosterone is broken down and converted into DHT by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. As men age, more of their free testosterone tends to be converted into DHT. High levels of DHT have been associated with BPH and prostate cancer. So many men have been taking finasteride which blocks conversion of free testosterone into DHT.


Why DHT is Important

Nature is not stupid, and nature decided to make DHT a part of male physiology. If men take finasteride to block DHT by inhibiting 5-alpha reductase, they may fancy they are protecting themselves from prostate issues and retaining their testosterone for muscle building and sexual prowess. Guess again. Stopping testosterone from naturally metabolizing into DHT will potentially lead to the following:

  • hair loss (alopecia)
  • erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • aggressive forms of prostate cancer

Why? Because DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is an androgen that plays an important role in sexual performance, secondary sexual characteristics, and protection from cancer. Yes, I know that in conventional thinking DHT is seen as pro-carcinogenic. But in fact this is at best a half truth. (Please read allied posting on Prostate Cancer Drugs for more details). Cutting out DHT is similar to amputation: not amputation of a body part, but amputation of a key metabolite.

DHT and Protection From Prostate Cancer

While DHT initially can start a cascade towards cancer, if left alone, a major part of DHT will metabolize into 3-b Adiol, which is a man’s internal protection against prostate cancer. The key here is the ratio: ensuring that your 3-b Adiol levels are greater than your DHT + 3-a Adiol total levels.


DHT and Aromatase


The terminator: oops, look what has happened to the abdomen.

The terminator: oops, look what has happened to the abdomen.

Another mistake men make is separating out DHT and aromatase. DHT and aromatase must be understood in combination. Aromatase is an enzyme present in abdominal fat, and aromatase levels will often be elevated as a consequence of excess cortisol production. Cortisol is the major stress hormone, so stressed out men who try to work it off by pumping iron or extreme aerobic exercise are  not necessarily getting to the core of the matter. They may burn off some calories, but they are not shifting their pre-set stress levels. If these men are unable to shed excess poundage at the waistline, the likelihood is that their aromatase levels will be heightened.

Aromatase decreases male libido and enhances feminizing characteristics. Elevated aromatase together with elevated DHT can potentially lead to prostate inflammation and tumor growth. A man might easily have artificially big muscles and a weakened sexual energy, plus a dangerous predisposition to aggressive prostate cancers if he is on finasteride.

Other Options


Some men are worried about the bad press surrounding testosterone supplementation. A number of reports have been published recently claiming that testosterone supplementation can induce cardiovascular problems. Whilst the evidence for this is highly debatable, the debate itself raises the question. Is there not a safer, more natural way of restoring male testosterone levels?


As always, the answer is  a resounding yes. Nature has answers that are systematically ignored or suppressed. Why? Simply because no major profits can made from whole plant extracts which cannot be patented. Do they work? Yes.

A second major reason is the false belief that something natural is inferior to something developed in a lab.

Many of us have been brainwashed into thinking like this, and when the brain has been weakened, what do you think happens to the body?

Nature has a long and outstanding track record of curing and supporting all manner of human illnesses and conditions. A number of plants can effectively restore testosterone levels and enhance male sexual performance without inducing the types of dangerous inflammation that come with anti Erectile Dysfunction drugs such as Viagra and Cialis.

The tradition of enhancing male sexuality and sustaining male potency has existed for many centuries in China, India and  in South America.

Today, we have access to clean, safe, organically grown supplements from nature which will restore male potency and protect from BPH and other prostate problems.

Testosterone levels can be indirectly improved by taking botanical supplements as opposed to drugs.


Unless, of course, you want to look like the guy below:


I never take anything from nature!

I never take anything from nature!


Hmmm. I wonder who would prevail in a contest between the gentleman above and the gentleman below:


I only take natural supplements.

I only take natural supplements.


For more info, please contact us at:




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Inspiration is the Ultimate Nutrition

Everyone is trying to sell us something.

Everything is for sale. 

Consume this, consume that.

Problem is, it is just more stuff we are gorging on.

Much if not most of it is of questionable benefit.

Is it helping you become strong, free, and happy? Or is the stuff you are being sold – whether it be objects or ideas – cheezy, worthless, or pointless.

Ever feel like the guy in the picture below?


We all know what this guy is feeling.

We all know what this guy is feeling.


We are being more and more controlled. By big government, by new “laws” infringing on our human rights and privacy; by marketers and promoters getting inside our heads and controlling our thoughts and desires. Even by all those friendly peddlers of alternative “solutions” such as superfoods and supplements. Truth is, no amount of vitamins can take the place of true life energy without which health and happiness are impossible.

To be strong and healthy, we need to be inspired and to take on the responsibility of freedom.


Time to step out of line?

Time to step out of line?


A picture speaks a thousand words. I have posted Breughel’s great painting before on this site.

The State of the World Today

The State of the World Today


See what can happen if you don’t step out of line? Or if you continue to think in straight lines?




Oh well... Or rather, Orwell...

Oh well… Or rather, Orwell…


But, do you remember when you still dreamed of being free?



Half remembered, half forgotten.

Half remembered, half forgotten.



Once, freedom was part of our stated aims and core values:



Our national symbol awaits our response.

Our national symbol awaits our response.



In The Power of Letting Go you will learn how to re-connect to the greater universe, and to your responsibility to find out who you really are, to live from the heart, with wisdom and power.


We are fortunate to have NASA to remind us of our true origins, the great universe.

As children of that great space, we should not let ourselves be limited and tied down. Recall the great contributions of our forbears. Don’t let yourself be tied down by cynical lilliputian sales pitches and sleazy politicians.

The truth lies within your heart, not in someone else’s mouth.


Our home: the Earth

Our home: the Earth


Life is a sacred experiment

Life is a sacred experiment



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End the Slaughter, Stop the Shame

Idaho scenes




Hey, what about me?



Okay, these pictures aren’t going to be pretty. I’m very sorry, but if they disturb you I suggest you read no further and leave this page.

We can always turn aside from unpleasantness and pretend it isn’t happening.

Once as a young man I was attacked on a London subway by neo-nazis wielding razor blades. People watched the incident from the other end of the platform as though the whole thing was happening on pay-per-view. No one made a move to intervene.

Fortunately, I was able to defend myself and escaped with nothing worse than a black eye.

If only the wolves of Idaho were so lucky. The behavior of the authorities in decimating breeding packs by 60% since 2011 reminds me of the ethnic cleansing policies favored by the Third Reich. In Idaho, this is being directed at the wolf population. One day, who knows who else might be at the receiving end.

Such brutal and degraded behavior is disgusting and ought to be prohibited.

I’ll let the following picture speak for themselves:


wolf slaughter can be fun for women too!

wolf slaughter can be fun for women too!


Shot in the breeze?

Shot in the breeze?


What Can Be Done? 


The Center for Biological Diversity is a powerful, ethically driven unit which includes a team of experienced lawyers and environmentalists that have fought successful court battles on behalf of many species, not only wolves, and endeavoured to stave off state-sponsored extinctions and inhumane culling practices. The Center is strong and has won many of its fights, but needs support. I choose to support them with financial contributions whenever possible. I invite you to do likewise.

The only other approach is to hit hard in the marketplace:

Boycott Idaho unti the Slaughter Stops

Boycott Idaho unti the Slaughter Stops



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3rd Award for “The Power of Letting Go”

I am very happy to announce that The Power of Letting Go has just received another award, this time from Nautilus Book Awards. The book is a 2014 silver award winner in the Science/Cosmology category.


The two previous awards we received have been in the categories of Inspiration/Spirituality and Self-Help.

To me, it is fitting that the book has been recognized across a number of different category lines because it really does not belong to any one category. In fact, if you read it carefully, it will show you how to free yourself from all artificial boundaries and mental constraints.

It will show you how to become one with the wind, which is never tied down; how to become one with the river, ever fresh and ever moving.

Will it help you figure out how to live your life? I hope so. One of my favorite literary characters is a Spanish detective named Pepe Carvalho, the creation of Manuel Vazquez Montalban. Just about every night, Carvalho, who loves to cook, selects a book from the shelves of his voluminous library and starts to tear it apart. He uses the torn up tome to start a fire in his living room. He chooses a different work each night, sometimes poetry, sometimes history, sometimes fiction, sometimes philosophy.

Why does Carvalho, a great reader and lover of books do this?

Because, he once confesses, none of these books, interesting as they may have been, ever taught him how to live.

I am not promising that The Power of Letting Go will definitely teach you how to live your life. But it might give you a few starting strategies, to say the least.


And if I am wrong, you can follow Pepe Carvalho’s example and use it to start a fire in your living room fireplace.



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Smart Anti-Cancer strategies

A large part of the work we do here at Friday Harbor Holistic Health is aimed at helping people regain their health by educating them.    Information is power, and no information is more important than information that helps save lives or avert disease. Which is why we are presenting you with this latest post.



Twin Pillars of Cancer Protection: D3 and Melatonin




Much has been written recently about the broad range of benefits of Vitamin D3. D3 helps maintain a healthy emotional state; it is vital for bone health (by directing calcium and other nutrients into the bone matrix); it is a vital nutrient for the human immune system; and it also has cancer protective properties. Studies have shown that keeping one’s Vitamin D3 levels high lowers the risks of cancer.


D3 actually functions more like a hormone. Since it comes to us directly from exposure to sunlight, we can call D3 the sunlight hormone. If our exposure to sunlight is restricted (whether through living in northern latitudes, use of sunscreens or failure to spend sufficient time out of doors) our relationship with the sun and its primary hormone is cut. Which is why most of us will need to take D3 as a supplement. Health professionals will obviously differ in their estimation of the appropriate amount of D3 to take, ranging from 1,000 IU to 20,000 IU daily.  Many will recommend 5,000 IU. However, it is important to have your levels checked. Optimal levels should be > 70ng.



Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland, and is essential for sleep. It helps regulate our circadian rhythms. Many people, of course, purchase melatonin as a supplement to combat insomnia. In general it will work better for middle aged or older persons, as we tend to produce less of it as we age.

However, few people realize that melatonin, like D3 offers powerful protection against cancers, especially prostate and estrogen positive breast cancers. A number of recent studies have correlated higher rates of prostate and breast cancers with people working night shifts. Melatonin levels appear to be the key factor here. For example, a new study put out by the Harvard School of Public Health demonstrated a 75% reduced risk for advanced prostate cancer amongst men who had higher levels of melatonin.

In brief, disrupted sleep patterns will lower our endogenous production of melatonin and interfere with our circadian rhythms.

Taking sleep medications will not improve things either: the Harvard study found that melatonin levels were actually the lowest amongst men taking sleeping pills.

Conclusion: if you are having trouble sleeping and your doctor prescribes you sleeping pills, your chances of getting advanced prostate cancer increase significantly.



Biophotons: we are made of light and dark


In my book, The Power of Letting Go, I refer to light as the primary carrier of information in cellular physiology: ” … research by German physicist Dr. Fritz Albert Popp has demonstrated that our cells actually communicate with each other using photons – in other words, pulses of light generated from within the body. This bio-photonic mode of intercellular communication appears to be more primary than the bio-chemical route.”


At the same time, contemporary astro-physics has determined that only 4% of the known universe is made of atoms, the other 96% being made up of dark matter (30%) and dark energy (66%). This shows us even more powerfully how darkness itself is part of the deep fabric of our surrounding reality and therefore of our bodies and our health requirements.




So what to do? 

Practical steps: you can get your levels of D3 checked, and levels of melatonin metabolite 6-sulfatoxymelatonin can be checked in early morning urinalysis.

Or, you can supplement without testing.  You are strongly advised to consult with a qualified health professional before doing so.

At a deeper level, you begin to understand your body’s relationship with nature: with the cycles of light and dark. We need both to be healthy. By cutting off or interfering with the body’s relationship with the night-day cycle and with the right amounts of exposure to sunlight and to true darkness, we injure ourselves, perhaps fatally. The new research is showing us how cancer itself is directly related to our unnatural consumption of light and dark. 

Melatonin is the night-time hormone, just as D3 is the day-time, or sunlight hormone. Being exposed to light at night can directly interfere with the functioning of the pineal.

Light and dark are really nature’s super nutrients that the body requires in equal measure to remain healthy.

For consultations or customized trainings on how to preserve optimal health equilibrium, please check out our current classes and workshops, or email us with inquiries at



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Going Beyond Yoga

Text, Artwork and Photos © Nicholas Corrin

A New Way of Practicing the Ancient Methods





Over the past two decades, Yoga has grown enormously popular in Western countries, especially in the US, and its influence has also been spreading to Asia and Latin America. Yet just as Yoga has entered the mainstream, something seems to have been lost of its essence. So, what is that essence?

Perhaps we can say that the essence of Yoga is a serene connection between human beings and the cosmos. Yoga is an act of “re-connecting” us with our mysterious source and endpoint.  Yoga should reignite not just our bodies, but our deeper awareness.  It should restore to us a sense of meaning and purpose. It should humanize us.

But most of the time this does not occur. Yoga has become another fetish, another addiction, another distraction. Another narcissistic delusion.

Well, isn’t Yoga basically about stretching, getting fitter, re-conditioning joints and muscles and all that good stuff? Well, read on and find out.




A Different Way of Doing Yoga



Vibrational Medicine


Most Yoga  nowadays is taught in studios. The focus is usually either therapeutic (to limit aches and pains) or athletic (to stay trim, flexible and attractive). These things are fine, but standardized Yoga has not succeeded in connecting the mind and body in a really profound and powerful way, which was the supreme goal in ancient times. So how do we do this?






At Friday Harbor Holistic Health, we are pioneering a different way of doing Yoga. We focus very strongly and even scientifically on strengthening the physical body and making it more supple and graceful. But we also address the energy flows that oversee the health of the physical body, plus the emotional and mental layers of the human being. In ancient Yoga practice, this was called Pancha Kosha Yoga (or 5 level Yoga), referring to the five strata that compose us (physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual). Our goal has been to develop teaching methods that are dynamic and mesmerizing, whilst being very safe and exacting in terms of movements and energy flows.

Yoga as Energy and as Art





Yoga should enhance our energy and clear our spirit. Our Yoga teaching and training system is interlinked with our Qi Gong system. We have called this our InfiniteBodySystemTM. We see this as the way for modern people to gain suppleness, dignity and inner strength. Yoga potentially develops a supra-rational aspect of our awareness.  However, Yoga is also methodical and coherent. But above all, we feel that today, the single most important thing is this: Yoga needs to be expressive. Our style of teaching aims at developing subtle grace and dynamic balance. It is the art in Yoga that we always strive for. Art widens the heart and opens the mind.



Anything beautiful and expressive is liberating. When we teach, our goal is to bring out this potential in students, to make them more sensitive to this part of themselves. The stretching and strengthening, the breathing and balancing work are all vital. But they are preparatory steps. The goal is to re-discover within one’s own bodily movements the subtle harmonics present in Nature. When the mind enters this territory, it wakes up and see things in new fresh ways. In ancient times, this was called moksha, or liberation.


Freedom is the ultimate goal: first, freedom from pain, stiffness and weakness. Then, freedom from fear and clumsiness. Eventually, freedom from whatever may have been limiting us, whatever was conditioning our perceptions and thought processes. Yoga is about waking up. At Friday Harbor Holistic Health our classes and teaching programs are ultra-modern ways of helping contemporary people walk the ancient paths.

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