New Intro to Yoga class and Super Spring Series

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering an introductory Yoga class on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm, replacing the regular class. All practitioners from the previous class are welcome to attend this class, and will gain a more secure grounding in basic bio-mechanical and flow-dynamic principles here. At the same time, we encourage anyone who is new to yoga to attend (first class for them is free). Regular practitioners may want to consider bringing a spouse, close friend or significant other to explore the practice with them.

Our Infinite Body Yoga practice is coherently designed to preserve and enhance the body using scientific principles of flowing movement. It is both highly calming and quietly strengthening.

Please check out our workshop page for more information on the Super Spring Series. We are presenting a series of 4 Sunday workshops at the Brickworks (04/1,04/26, 05/17 and 06/07). These special all day workshops will teach you Qi Gong and Tai Chi, and how these artful disciplines connect.

We will also be offering a 3 hour Movement Clinic in early May. Stay tuned!

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In praise of tigers


Tasmanian tiger, extinct since 1930's
Tasmanian tiger, extinct since 1930’s


And fast forward to more recent times (be warned that this is not pleasant viewing):








Let’s all do something to put a stop to this.



Thank you


Original source for tiger skinning photos:

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What in the World is Going on?



Time to step out of line?

Time to step out of line?















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Death by Plastic? (Answer to the riddle)

” … of course it can’t be done.”


“No way…

simply can’t be done.”


“Can’t be done! “


Do you love the world’s oceans?

Solving the Gyre

Solving the Gyre

Please take just 16 mins of your time to watch:



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Riddle Time: Can you figure it out?

Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Exif_JPEG_PICTURE images-1 Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Leonardo-da-Vincis-Heads--007




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Of Tigers and Men

Tasmanian tiger, extinct since 1930's

Tasmanian tiger, extinct since 1930’s


Amur (aka Siberian) tiger, threatened

Amur (aka Siberian) tiger, threatened


Tiger shark, threatened

Tiger shark, threatened


Human super-predator (technological replacement for lo-tech,  out-dated animals)

Human super-predator (technological replacement for lo-tech, out-dated animals)


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New Workshop: The Power of 5

It is customary, in the depths of winter, to turn inward, seeking inner vision.



Vision lives on, covered in fur and ice and aroused  thermal springs


On February 7th and 8th we are offering a weekend of introspection and personal empowerment. Participants will enjoy über-healthy vegetarian dishes brimming with diverse flavors. Food brings us both life and delight. Taste sensations enhance the assimilation of bio-nutrients and stream energy into our cells.




Come learn the art and science of intelligent nutrition.




Nutrition is not simply about food: it also requires movement, breath and emotional expression.

Energy then flows freely into us, recharging the flow within our arteries …


Healthy lood travels in spirals

Healthy arterial blood travels in spirals


and this then allows our spirits to rise…





But all of this fluency relies on activating the number 5.










The mystery of the number 5 is well known in traditional medicine and equally so in spiritual traditions. 5 represents the presence of the divine creative principle within the human being: we have 5 toes on each foot, 5 fingers (including the thumb), and 5 sense organs. The human body itself (as shown here in Leonardo’s famous drawing) exhibits a pentagonal form with arms and legs extended.



The head, hands and feet inscribe a 5 pointed star. In nature there are 5 elements, 5 seasons and 5 directions of internal energy flow.




Foods themselves exhibit a spectrum of 5 principle tastes. Each taste has an associated energy which links up with our 5 organs of perception and with our 5 layers of feeling.


5 Taste connect to 5 Elements

5 Tastes connect to the 5 Elements


This weekend of discovery and delight presents a unique approach to nutrition: we connect the pleasures of eating with the delights of moving. In this way, we can increase our natural intelligence as we revitalize our bodies.


We will learn how to move in flowing, harmonic forms based on cosmic laws. These special movements help direct energy into our cells, our hearts and our spirits.






Can we cultivate the Power of 5 to fortify ourselves against the chaos and corruption we find in this increasingly unstable world? Can we condense this divine essence of 5 and then emit it outward for the benefit of others?


This workshop, Intelligent Nutrition & The Power of 5 has been designed to excite, challenge and innovate. It will revitalize you for the journey ahead. Space is limited so please don’t delay if you wish to sign up.


Date: February 7th and 8th, 9:00am – 4:00pm

Location: Private residence, Friday Harbor

Price: $400 or $325 early bird (register by January 15th)

For more info or to register: or 360-375-7052







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What is happening to our Water?

Boat adrift on a dry Channel, Colorado River

Boat adrift on a dry Channel, Colorado River



Colorado River Delta

Colorado River Delta

Fukushima outspills 300 tones of radioactive water every day, every month, every year

Fukushima outspills 300 tones of radioactive water every day, every month, every year


Corporatized water...speeding up?

Corporatized water…speeding up?


Anyone else up for this?

Anyone else up for this?


Artificial islands, Dubai

Artificial islands, Dubai


Aral Sea in 2000 and in 2014

Aral Sea in 2000 and in 2014


Do we really care if everyone else has access to clean water... as long as we do?

Do we really care if everyone else has access to clean water… as long as we do?


FACT: At a molecular level, the human being is 99% water

QUESTION: What happens if our water sources degrade or get further contaminated with run off, radioactivity and toxic sludge?

QUESTION: What happens when we run really low on accessible potable water?

QUESTION: What is being done about these mounting problems?

QUESTION: Who cares anyway?

But hey, no worries...its Miller Time!

But hey, no worries…its Miller Time!



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The Art of Living Well

Why Both Illness and Wellness Can Be Traps

Photo copyright Nicholas Corrin

If you open any health or conscious lifestyle magazine, you’ll probably be informed that wellness is now truly at your fingertips. The magazines suggest that if you follow their upbeat and expert advice, illness, aging and death will stay far away from you. Sound attractive?


According to these wellness gurus, health is something that can be actualized in two simple forms: supplements and lifestyle. If we just follow the correct dietary regimen, ingest the right combination of vitamins and minerals, sleep properly and de-stress on a regular basis, we won’t get old or sick like other people do. Perhaps we’ll even live forever on our juices and antioxidants. It’s a seductive message. However the purpose is to make us buy stuff. It may be organic stuff, but it is still stuff and it can cost you a whole heap of money.


On the other hand, the illness gurus (conventional doctors and the pharmaceutical industry) keep us in a constant state of fear and worry, corralling us into drugstores, hospitals and clinics for tests, jabs, and medications because, these illness gurus imply, we can never be well without them.


So who is right? What really lies beneath the surface? What is really going on within the depths of the body, and most importantly, within the heart and soul of the individual?


I think there is something fundamentally wrong this whole picture. Is our only choice between the illness industry and the wellness industry? Or is there another way?

If we ask what is truly necessary for maintaining or regaining our health and wellness, it comes down to more than good food and vitamins. It requires that we feel connected deeply with ourselves and with others. And it requires that our lives be meaningful and have purpose. When we lose these essential “nutrients” of the soul and focus only on the expensive superfoods hyped in the wellness ads, we can actually grow weaker internally as a result of becoming self-absorbed and narcissistic. Consider these two points:

  • “My” private world cannot really thrive without healthy interaction with others. The more self-absorbed I grow, the more detached I may become from this world where others also live. No multivitamin will protect me from the dangers of isolation.
  • If I look outside myself to others for answers rather than searching deep within my own heart, I may end up lost and lonely. Only by going deep within myself can I find my sense of personal value. Going inside reconnects me with others, and equally with my expanded sense of self that extends beyond my narrow sense of self.




The Power of Letting In: Not Everything Comes in a Bottle

In my book, The Power of Letting Go, I offer multiple ways to release the mind from inhibitions and negative thinking. At the core, we all remain children, and the child’s mind naturally connects freely and joyfully with the mystery of life. Unfortunately, as we grow into adulthood, we are all trained to mistrust this childlike aspect of ourselves, and to forget where we really come from. We are taught to forget our intrinsic relationship with the unfathomable universe.


From The Power of Letting Go: transforming fear into love, we must cultivate our child's mind, the don't-know mind.

Photo copyright Nicholas Corrin.

The child’s mind is the don’t-know-mind, also known as the beginner’s mind, and it is always fresh and open. This original state of the mind is plastered over by the know-it-all-mind, which is actually controlled by covert forces in society of which we remain blissfully unaware. The child’s mind or the original mind is always reverent, compassionate, and willing to share.


Letting go of the plaque built up in the structures of the know-it-all mind allows the original mind to shine through again, as when we were children. We can now make conscious efforts to re-absorb the original life-force and share this energy with others, whether they be people, animals, plants, and whether they be young or old, friends or foes. We have come back to the well to drink. This openness adds a whole new dimension to the practice of wellness. It cultivates wellness at a core level of the mind and the heart, not just at the skin-deep level promoted in the magazines.


The Wellspring

From The Power of Letting Go: transforming fear into love, true wellness has everything to do with water.

Photo copyright Nicholas Corrin.


What is a well? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a well is:

  • water from the earth
  • water bubbling up to form a pool
  • a source
  • an origin

The word well comes from an old English word weallan, which means to bubble or boil, and also derives from Old High German wella, which means wave.

From The Power of Letting Go: transforming fear into love, true wellness suggests waves and bubbles of energy rising

Photo copyright Nicholas Corrin.


Deep Wellness

So now we are beginning to understand what true wellness means. It has everything to do with depth and with that miraculous, clear liquid we call water; it also suggests waves and bubbles of energy rising. Wellness requires us to find our own inner well:

  • connecting to our source
  • allowing energy to bubble up into us from the earth
  • being humble and recognizing our life origin within the earth and our essential oneness with the earth
From The Power of Letting Go: transforming fear into love, real wellness requires us to connect to our source and allow water to energetically bubble up into us

Photo copyright Nicholas Corrin.


First Steps

In the classes I teach, my students have made a commitment to their own self-care and self-cultivation. Their patience and focus has rewarded them. Slowly but surely, they have increased their levels of flexibility, strength, inner calm and overall vitality. I cannot say enough good things about their sense of commitment and their desire for inner growth. They offer wonderful role models to others who might also consider venturing along this path.


And it is a path. When we walk in balance and harmony, our entire system re-sets. We remember that we were designed to move just like everything else in nature, and that moving with wisdom and grace can be learned just like playing a musical instrument. In Tai Chi and Chi Gong, we honor ancient Chinese wisdom which shows us a special point on the sole of each foot called “The Bubbling Spring”.

photo copyright Nicholas Corrin

photo copyright Nicholas Corrin


This point connects us energetically with our source deep within the earth. It allows earth wisdom to bubble up into our brains via the spine. This is the opening move on the ancient Way of Wellness. It is different from the slick way shown in magazines. It is deeper, humbler, more powerful and much longer lasting.

Friday Harbor Holistic Health Vibropuncture

Photo copyright Nicholas Corrin.



Some Suggestions

Perhaps you find all this interesting, but don’t know where to start. Perhaps you find it a little strange or intimidating. Or perhaps you’ve already started, but don’t know how best to proceed. Whichever it is, don’t worry. Here’s something you can do right now.


Step 1:


  • Find a quiet spot near a window in an uncluttered space
  • Separate your feet about shoulder width apart
  • Bend your knees slightly and allow your pelvis to relax
  • Imagine you are being supported by a large beach ball
  • Breathe slowly and allow all the tension to drain out of your body, down through your legs and out through the soles of your feet
  • Beginning at the top of your head, slowly work your way down, releasing tensions whilst imagining you’re standing under a nice warm shower


Step 2:


  • Slowly circle your arms upward, palms facing up as you inhale until your fingertips point towards the sky
  • Now turn your palms downward with the fingertips of the right hand pointing at the fingertips of the left hand
  • Exhale smoothly as you slowly press both palms down along the front of your body
  • Imagine that you are operating a French coffee press and pushing the granules toward the bottom of the flask
  • Imagine stuck, stale energy being pushed slowly but surely out of the soles of your feet as you exhale
  • Then begin a new inhale, circling your arms outward and upward
  • Repeat for 10 cycles, inhaling and exhaling in a slow, calm and deliberate way


This simple exercise is actually quite profound. It will dredge out both physical and emotional tensions, and it will activate the Bubbling Spring points on your feet, allowing your blood to circulate more smoothly within your body, and also allowing fresh energy from the earth to flow up into you and sustain you during the day.


If you have enjoyed this simple meditation practice and would like to learn more, please contact us for more information. I’m also sure that one of our more advanced students would be only too pleased to share with you how this practice has benefited them.


In wellness!













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New Self-Care Chi Gong class on Thursdays

The Tuesday Self-Care chi gong class is ongoing through the Fall. Those people who attend this regularly are seeing quick health benefits, and the class also builds a sense of community. This Tuesday class is sponsored by San Juan Agricultural Guild and San Juan Hospice as part of their educational series. Donations are gratefully appreciated.

Since some participants requested him to add a second class, Nicholas has just begun offering Self-Care chi gong on Thursday mornings at the same time (8-9 am). The class started today and the response was fantastic. This class is open to all, but since it is not sponsored by the Ag Guild, the fee per class is $15, and students should pre-pay at the beginning of each month. We already have a wonderful committed core group as of today!

Tuesday, 8-9am Self-Care class at the Brickworks, donation class sponsored by Ag Guild

Thursdays, 8-9am Self-Care class at the Brickworks, $15 per class, pre-sign up required

Mondays, noon-1:00pm Chi gong at XYZ, $15 per class

Fridays, noon-1:00pm Chi gong at XYZ, $15 per class


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  please remember Monday, October 6th from 7-8:30pm is a free workshop at the Brickworks on how to apply the principles in The Power Of Letting Go. If you are curious about how Chi Gong works and what the Life-Force is, come along and find out. We welcome your attendance. Self Care Qi Gong Class

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