Fluid Body, Grounded Mind


In my groundbreaking book, The Power of Letting Go, I explain that the essence of health is composed of two simple basic fac

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Core Essentials for Dietary Health


The 8 Rules of Optimal Nutrition

by Dr. Nicholas Corrin


Is there a more confusing subject than diet and health? Probably not. In truth, there are a gazillion different ideas out ther

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Qigong for Arthritis



Dr. Nicholas Corrin

Here on San Juan Island I notice dozens of cases of arthritis every single day. Simply making a trip to the supermarket or to the post office, I see people shuffling

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Infinite Body Power Practice

Are you interested in studying the secret inner ways? The hidden pathways of flexibility and fluid power?


Protecting Your Health in a Toxic World

How many people in your circle of friends, family and co-workers enjoy truly vibrant health? How many of them tell you about their pains and complaints, how tired, down, or stuck they feel? How many have recently been diagnosed with … Read More

Zinc for Immunity

Q: I was told to take a zinc supplement for protection against the flu. Will this help? And how much should I take?

A: Certainly, zinc is an important mineral to keep your immune system fighting fit. However, zinc works … Read More

What herbs will boost my immune system?

What herbs will boost my immune system?
Q: I want to enhance my immune system against colds and other infections. Which herbs will help?

A: Astragalus is perhaps the strongest herb for this and your first choice. However, taking astragalus … Read More