Joyful Joint  System

If you have yet to observe this unique Joyful Joint™ method, please schedule a visit to one of our classes. We all gather in a circle and have the most delightful time! When the body feels free, we feel happy again. It is so simple. This fun and flowing mobility system will even be enjoyable for people who never exercised their entire life! Attendees range in age from 50 to 98. The class ends with a unanimous round of cheerful applause. Everyone leaves feeling exuberant and more at ease with their body.

Infinite Body™ Joyful Joint System is  a wholesome system of gentle exercises very beneficial for seniors, or indeed anyone in convalescence or who might be facing restricted range of movement. The principles of this system are based upon the fluid motions to found everywhere in nature; thus the body will assimilate these movements in a very easy and organic way. All exercises are safe, clear and simple to learn. They can be done on a chair, lying down, or standing.

The sequences are creative and fun, – not repetitive or mechanical – and so they assist people to achieve greater mobility, strength, and balance. Along with the movements, gentle breathing techniques are taught which promote relaxation and calming of the mind.

The movements can very easily be to modified for individual needs. Similarly, variations are available for those a people who are ready for greater range of motion. The system is way to sustain longevity and retain healthy faculties (both physical and mental). It is a great way to to stay active and fit for longer, even well into advanced age. This practice inspires people to express the life inside their body, and even to pursue excellence; by strengthening one’s body and making it supple and responsive, these simple movements can fortify people to cope better with the challenges of aging, and retain serenity and cheerfulness.

Weekly classes available:
Moving Parts and Health Hearts
Tuesday & Thursday 10:45 – 11:30am
Location: Village at the Harbor, 543 Spring St, Friday Harbor, WA
To register: Island Rec: (360) 378-4953 

Friday Harbor Holistic Health
Clinic: 669 Mullis Street, # 202
P.O. Box 225
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
(360) 375-7052

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Teacher Training: Foundation of Joyful Joint 

At one point, sooner or later, we will all arrive at a place in our lives where we experience limited mobility, or face a situation where healing and gradual recovery are needed. For a typical healthy person, advancing age will compel the person to slow down. For others, irrespective of age, various life circumstances (whether they be trauma, illness or injury) will obligate them to take on a more restorative, health-promoting protocol as a means to regain their health and strength. Whether this journey be great or small, learning and growth can flourish if the individual actively participates in the betterment of her/himself.In fact, our latent potential to grow can be “switched on” by specially designed curative movement exercises. Because movement is life, and because all living things oscillate, spiral or shift their position in space, when we recapture our ability to move and breathe fluidly and deeply, we instinctually stimulate health and harmony.

This training is a foundation course, designed for people who wish to teach Infinite Body™ Movement Therapy (gentle exercises) to people with limited abilities, seniors, and people in recovery. It is ideal for health practitioners, educators, therapists, PTs, OTs, massage practitioners, and hospice workers; it is also suitable for any yoga or other movement teacher, caretaker or person who works with individuals with special needs (such as seniors, or physically challenged individuals and people in convalescence or rehab). Whether you would like to teach or just gain greater self-confidence in working with the elderly or with physically challenged persons, this training is perfect for you. The movements are easy to modify for individual needs.

One can also use this system as a way to maintain personal overall health (both physical and mental) and to stay active and fit well into advanced age. The Infinite Body Movement Therapy System speaks to people who are motivated to pursue excellence; it is a form of self-care that greatly enhances one’s capacity to deal with the challenges of aging or other health conditions.

The training consists of four 8 hour days (two weekends), plus extra curriculum for those who wish to become a certified teacher. The next training will take place in the Fall of 2015, in Friday Harbor, WA. Please inquire for more details.

Founder: “As all things in nature, each one of us has the innate ability to absorb what is life-giving and it is our natural tendency to thrive and be healthful. Countless times, I have witnessed how people well into their 80’s and 90’s have been enriched by the practice as quickly as flowers being revived by water. This effect is similar to what I have observed in my work with young children: with the right ingredients, they perk up easily and without inhibition. May this work inspire you to take charge of the well-being of your own body, and may this give you the confidence and the joy to inspire others. May we understand that within each and everyone of us, there lies the potential to overcome and continue on a life-giving journey.”~ Katerina Wen

Katerina holds a Diploma in Homeopathy and a Master’s degree in Education from Antioch University, with a focus on alternative therapies for children with special needs. Katerina has over 2 decades of experience in providing movement therapy for a wide spectrum of clients and students of all ages, in particular the elderly, children and individuals with medical challenges. She regularly conducts trainings for educators, therapists, and yoga teachers. Katerina is the co-founder of the Infinite Body™ System, a contemporary holistic movement system; this unique approach helps the body to regenerate itself by improving circulation and revitalizing the spine, joints and muscles.

“Since I have been practicing the Joyful Joint movement exercises I learned with Katerina, I no longer have neurogenic pain in my thoracic spine area.” JR

“Going to Katerina’s Moving Parts class is the highlight of my week. I am nourished by her loving, joyous presence and the supportive environment that she created.” ~PLM

“My motion has been compromised since an accident 50 years ago. Practicing with Katerina has helped me to be able to move more freely and gain more self confidence. I wish everyone could have this wonderful gift in their lives.” ~JDN

“This practice has helped me with my frozen shoulder and taught me how to breathe better. I have not felt this positive and happy for a very long time.” ~JL

“My legs have not had a cramp since I have been to Katerina’s classes. I only wish I’d found out about this class sooner.” ~PK

“I have regained more range of motion with this class within one month than my three years of physical therapy.” ~MT

“I always feel taller and at ease after Katerina’s class. She has provided me with tools to de-stress and keep my balance and joint mobility. I don’t start a day without doing these wonderful exercises. She truly is a blessing to the community.” ~ BD