Nicholas Corrin, OMD, L.Ac., Ayur.ED.


Nicolas CorrineNicholas Corrin, OMD, L.Ac., Ayur.ED., is an Oriental Medicine doctor and master Qigong healer. He holds a US patent in Vibropuncture ®, his futuristic healing method often described as “like something out of Star Trek” by his patients. Besides his work in clinical medicine, he is also an award winning author, life coach and consultant. He has accomplished groundbreaking studies in fluid dynamics and is currently completing his Ph.D dissertation on quantum coherence within the human energy field.

Nicholas Corrin’s specialty is healing chronic, complex conditions and releasing the hidden potential buried within. Many come to him in hopeless states which neither conventional medicine nor alternative approaches have been able to resolve. He achieves astonishing results by analyzing the interaction of physical, mental and spiritual levels within a person and determining exactly where the causes of illness come from. He assesses how these causes are entangling to produce a language of pathology. Nicholas Corrin’s rare analytical skills and medical intuitive abilities enable him to precisely stimulate currents of energy through multiple levels. His precision tuned techniques probe into hidden blockages and traumas, allowing clients to grow more integrated and inwardly vibrant as they regain their physical health.
Often referred to as “an athlete of the mind-body arts”, Nicholas Corrin’s life-long cultivation of inner energy allows him to direct 100% of his attention on to clients making for extremely potent experiences of healing.
Nicholas Corrin trained at universities in Europe, Asia and the US (Manchester University UK, University of London UK, International Institute of Chinese Medicine, Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, American Institute of Vedic Studies NM, and South Baylo University CA). A modern Renaissance man, he brings over fifteen years experience as a US licensed alternative health provider and thirty years as an inspirational public speaker, artist, teacher and writer. 
Together with his partner, Katerina Wen, Nicholas Corrin has created their spiral-vortical technique of flowing movement, the Infinite Body System™. This sophisticated suppleness is based on the science of sensitive chaos and quantum biology. Kinesthetic harmonics lie at the heart of all living systems. When we cultivate the internal flow of our bodily fluids, cellular respiration and tissue osmosis, we can maintain vibrant health and extend our lifespan.

Katerina Wen, M.Ed. RYT., Dipl.Hom

KWKaterina Wen became aware of her vocation as a teacher at the age of 5. Katerina’s deep study of classical yogic philosophy impelled her to find a way to make contemporary yoga relevant to the modern world. Accordingly, she left behind the conventional layout of teaching, developing instead her unique circular style of practice grouped around original mandalas. Katerina’s mandala creations are steeped in contemplative awareness of nature and symbolize the universe and the forces of creation. The luminous hub of the practice circle focuses the students’ attention inwards upon what is most mysterious and most important in life.

Katerina has been featured on the cover of Yoga International Magazine. She has, at different times, conducted educational programs for yoga teachers, educators, therapists and other health professionals.

Katerina’s background in homeopathy and anthroposophy along with her deep understanding of yogic philosophy are the basis for her compassionate approach to both therapy and teaching. She has graduated from six world renowned yoga teacher training programs, and earned her certification as a yoga therapist for children with special needs in 1999. Her academic education includes a Diploma in Homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy and a Master’s degree in Education from Antioch University. Teaching from a place of love and compassion has been the principle of Katerina’s work for over 2 decades.

Yoga InternatinalKaterina’s signature style is represented in the artistry of her sophisticated sequencing and the ability to inspire students and teachers to explore new terrain and to discover the beauty of self-development. Best known for her originality in yoga mandala, her practice evokes a sense wonder at nature. A core part of her work also stems from the transformative experience of her personal healing journey. Over the years, she has developed specialized joint health movement therapy for a wide spectrum of people, in particular the elderly, and individuals with medical challenges. Katerina has a rare mastery to reach people of all ages and abilities, touching people in their hearts in a way few ever forget.

I have been practicing yoga for over 25 years and have never came across a special teacher like Katerina. Her ability to transcend the asana practice into a spiritual journey is truly magical.” ~GR
Katerina is an extraordinary teacher – her classes are beautifully choreographed and since I started working with her several years ago my practice has deepened and the benefits have extended to my writing and my life.” – JDC

“You are one of the best yoga teachers. Your teachings have opened my heart and allowed me to feel comfortable in my body again.” DC

“Katerina’s creativity is one of a kind. She has inspired me on so many levels! And her classes always fill me with energy and mental clarity!” – JCW


“Katerina is one of the few teachers I have studied with who is able to transmit the yoga tradition in ways that is realistic for modern people.”-MM


I am forever grateful to Katerina’s dedication in teaching and self development. Her teaching is always fresh and creative. Even after teaching yoga for over 15 years now, I still learn new things whenever I attend her class…” ~KJ

The spiritual energy and vibration of Katerina’s classes are amazing!” ~JL