Protecting Your Health in a Toxic World

How many people in your circle of friends, family and co-workers enjoy truly vibrant health? How many of them tell you about their pains and complaints, how tired, down, or stuck they feel? How many have recently been diagnosed with … Read More

Oils for Thyroid Problems

Q: Do you know if consuming flax seed oil will help with my hypothyroidism or make it worse?

A: As far as I know, there has been no scientific study as yet of the effects of different nutritional oils upon … Read More

Zinc for Immunity

Q: I was told to take a zinc supplement for protection against the flu. Will this help? And how much should I take?

A: Certainly, zinc is an important mineral to keep your immune system fighting fit. However, zinc works … Read More

What herbs will boost my immune system?

What herbs will boost my immune system?
Q: I want to enhance my immune system against colds and other infections. Which herbs will help?

A: Astragalus is perhaps the strongest herb for this and your first choice. However, taking astragalus … Read More