Infinite Body™

The Infinite Body System™ is the brainchild of Nicholas Corrin and Katerina Wen. How can contemporary human beings live in deep harmony with the cosmos, re-set the troubled state of our world, activate our inner potential, and maintain excellent physical health? Twenty years of research and creative development led them to design a repertoire of moving forms and inner postures (modes of thinking and feeling) based on the intrinsic, fluid-spiraliform language of nature. This inner “moving vocabulary” of nature is visible from the level of nebulae down to atomic nuclei and electrons. It can be witnessed in forms as diverse as coastlines, cumulous clouds, snails, hair, muscles, collagen fibers, DNA and even the outer structure of the human eye (cornea) through which spiraling light (cosmic information) enters and in-so-doing influences our thoughts, feelings and perceptions. This is cosmic choreography through which authentic reality (not the processed reality presented to us by social convention) expresses itself.

The Infinite Body System is inherently flexible and creative. Therefore it has multiple applications and can be used in many different environments. For example, it can be used to develop physical or emotional strength, grace and suppleness. It can be used to help alleviate pain or disease, or to promote longevity, or to increase harmony within groups of people. It can be used as a new way of thinking to generate out-of-the-box solutions for major problems. It effortlessly connects nature, science and mysticism, yet it is inherently practical.

The Infinite Body System allows us to transform stress states into flowing, meditative states which facilitate our creativity and personal (and collective) growth.