Tai Chi

_MG_1178Tai Chi is a gentle, flowing exercise which offers many health benefits, especially for older people who have joint and circulation problems.

But Tai Chi is  more. Its real name is Taijiquan. Tai means “great”, ji means “ultimate” and quan means “fist”. So Tai Chi (or Tai Ji) is really an ancient, sophisticated system of self-defense. The person develops great capacities by gradually learning to tap into cosmic energies instead of resisting them.

This internal receptivity (or softness), results in the production of internal power. This internal energy cultivation makes the body more vital and youthful. It makes all parts of us pliant, responsive, connected and spontaneous. It allows the body – and mind – to adapt to suddenly changing circumstances without undue stress, and without us seizing up into rigid fight-or-flight reactions or holding patterns.

Practicing Tai Chi for health brings great rewards, even for a beginner, and even if the student is not performing the forms quite correctly!

Tai Chi is safe to practice at any age. Unlike with other sports/exercise systems, with Tai Chi and Qi Gong, a person can actually becomes stronger as they grow older. This is because the mind, through practice, grows so clear that it can infuse the body with its clarity, thus revitalizing it.