Our treatment system aims at restoring the whole person, not just a fragment.

It is structured around our patented modality, Vibropuncture ®.

I have never heard of this type of treatment before. What should I expect?

The patient will lie, fully clothed, on the treatment table. Without being physically touched, the functional systems of the patient’s body will be accessed by virtue of enhanced energy flows. The patient may stay fully awake and verbally communicate his/her sensations to the doctor during the course of the session; or he/she may fall into what a restful theta-wave state, an apparent sleeping state. During this altered state of deep relaxation and release, blockages will be reduced from the patient’s functional systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, gastro-intestinal etc.) Visible signs of deep release of tension may include:

• involuntary spasms and paroxysms
• powerful, involuntary swirling or shaking
• slow, oscillatory eye movements
• thermal changes in specific body zones
• blowing “bubbles” from the mouth whilst in a non-conscious state

All of these various reactions are positive indicators of increasing health at a core level, and completely safe, indeed often highly pleasant. Sometimes, however, the patient, even though she is not being touched, will feel as though she is. If the energy blockages are strong, there may be a temporary sense of intense pressure – or of being poked by a pin at a specific point – even though no such physical pressure has been applied. These reactions will eventually subside and convert into generalized feelings or warmth, tingling, expansion and release as the patient’s healing progresses.

Vibropuncture ® has a way of reconnecting the individual to a greater sense of who they are, and so it motivates the patient to focus pro-actively on their own healing. It is more than just a corrective treatment. It enables the patient to begin to recognize their unique place (and responsibility) in the turbulent dance of life.

Whilst Vibropuncture(R) is the core treatment we provide, we also use other modalities. These may include any or all of the following:

• Herbal or botanical medicine
• Qi Gong therapy
• Nutritional counseling
• Detox (of heavy metals or other toxins)
• Microbial rebalancing
• Dream analysis
• Ortho-molecular medicine
• Far Infra Red therapies
• Oriental Massage (Tui Na)
• Meditation and Yoga therapies

According to the Romans, a healthy mind depends upon a healthy body, and vice versa. Tragically, our current medical system, without acknowledging it, has separated the body (anatomy and physiology) from the mind (thoughts and emotions) which it has basically reduced to the idea of a neurobiological machine, the brain. This split is an egregious, elementary error which has become systemic. It is the principle reason behind our epidemic of chronic disease, and is the real reason why people do not heal.

The mind and body need to be understood as one.

Our treatment re-integrates the mind and the body. It unearths buried thoughts, emotions and complexes from their holding zones within the tissues of the physical body. This then allows the body to release intolerable tensions. Release of these primary, core tensions facilitates the cellular release of chemical and biological toxins in the blood, cells, fluids and tissues. It asks the patient to assume responsibility for their own health, and to make intelligent decisions as they gradually regain their health, strength and vitality.