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An example of vibropuncture using a precision delivery device


What is vibropuncture?


Vibropuncture is a brilliant, 21st century vibrational healing system. Vibropuncture treats medical problems located within the physical body just as acupuncture does, but faster. This is because the delivery system in vibropuncture is pure energy and there is no resistance as in regular acupuncture with needles.


Vibropuncture.  Our patented 21st century modality.

Our patented 21st century modality.



Also unlike acupuncture, vibropuncture directly interfaces with the human biofield (or aura), inputting complex wave patterns of subtle energy which re-calibrate the patient back towards health. The biofield is the electromagnetic sheath surrounding our physical bodies where unconscious memories are stored, our personality structure is encoded, and emotional traumas from various stages of our lives are encrypted.


Vibropuncture directs powerful subtle energy into the patient via a precision hand held gold rod

Vibropuncture directs powerful subtle energy into the patient via a precision hand held gold rod



Vibropuncture targets not only imbalances within the body but most importantly deep-seated traumas and blockages within the psyche as they are held within the body or the surrounding field.


Vibrational Medicine

Vibropuncture detects and releases encoded traumatic patterns in the biofield



Vibropuncture is a synergistic combination of acupuncture + qigong: subtle energy is imperceptibly directed by the healer into the patient’s body and biofield. This will often elicit strong yet very pleasant physical sensations within the patient such as waves, pulsations, warmth, flashes of light, color or other imagery.


The human exists as a fluid indeterminate fragment of cosmic flotsam until he/she chooses to become conscious

The human exists as an indeterminate fragment of cosmic flotsam until he/she chooses to become conscious.



Vibropuncture is comparable to a high speed wireless technology allowing for multiple simultaneous downloads and precision mapping. It has the capacity to interface with the complex human mind-body system, gently releasing deep healing powers from within the individual that have been blocked or buried and bringing the patient back in touch with their authentic self.


Vibropuncture accesses the fluid grid (matrix) of human  potential for healing and growth

Vibropuncture accesses the fluid grid (matrix) of human potential for healing and growth



How does vibropuncture differ from acupuncture?

  • First, no needles are ever used and the patient is not touched directly, nor is there any need for the patient to disrobe.
  • With acupuncture metal needles are inserted into the skin, whereas with vibropuncture it is only waves of pure vibrational energy that are directed into the patient with no physical contact.


What is the experience like for the patient?


  1. The patient may fall asleep and wake up feeling very refreshed and quite surprised that a whole hour has gone by. The patient here is not in fact “asleep” but in an altered state and can be seen by the practitioner to be inwardly processing a great deal of unconscious information.
  2. The patient may, on the other hand, remain fully awake. Usually she/he will experience strange yet mostly pleasant sensations of energy traveling within their body, whether it be their limbs, spine, skin or organs. Feelings will often occur spontaneously all over the body in ways that seem at first to be random to the patient but which are really the effects of a re-calibrating logic. The patient may, alternatively, have sudden sensations of intense emotional release or he/she may inwardly see subtle energy structures: for example, spheres of light dilating, expanding or changing colors.
  3. The patient may start to experience extremely powerful currents of energy moving through their body, and causing it to move like a swirling rag doll on the treatment table. The potent flow of energy will cause their limbs and spine to  swirl and gyrate independently, and the patient is aware of being enlivened by mysteriously liberating spiraling and shaking movements. This sounds scary but in fact induces a state of calm and happiness in the patient straight away, often provoking laughter and excitement. Areas of the patient’s body gradually take on a spinning life of their own as the life-force energy travels through the spine and limbs in ways that seem impossible at first to explain. In brief, a recalibration of the patient’s body and central nervous system has been set in  motion from within the biofield itself. The experience for the patient is a wonderful sense of lightness and exhilaration as they experience their body being gyrated by an extraordinary, mysterious, spinning magnetic force. This life-force is, in fact, streaming into the patient from specific blocked areas of his/her biofield or chakra system under the careful direction of the healer. This release leads to extraordinary opportunities for healing and inner growth, whether at the physical,  mental-emotional or even spiritual levels of the individual.



What positive results occur with vibropuncture?


  • If the patient has a physical injury, misalignment or internal medical condition, the condition will be influenced back towards a state of health in the most natural and most non-invasive way.
  • If the patient seeks to get back in touch with deep holding patterns and/or blockages within their psyche, the treatment will re-connect the patient with buried information, streaming awareness back into the consciousness of the patient. The patient will both feel and learn to read where their trauma is stored, and, by bringing this back into an awareness shared at both the psychological and the somatic levels, be guided to converting frozen or traumatized energy back into the fluidity of raw potential.


What can be treated with vibropuncture?


  • Any condition typically treated with acupuncture, such as acute or chronic pain, injuries, sprains, sciatica, migraine, hormonal problems, digestion problems, growths, neurological conditions etc.
  • Chiropractic issues: with vibropuncture subluxations in spinal vertebrae or other spinal conditions can be treated successfully by directing energy very precisely into corresponding points or zones of the scalp. No touch or manipulation is required.
  • Any PTSD type of condition, or mental/emotional syndrome resulting from inner conflict repressed within the unconscious mind; or which requires the resolution of painful memories stored in physical tissues; or any mind-body ailment where personal power has essentially been lost in states of confusion, inner tension, anger, fear, frustration, delusional thinking etc.
  • Complex, chronic internal medicine conditions. Pathologies which tend to involve multiple imbalances at hormonal, metabolic or neurological levels; health challenges which can be modulated by enhanced energy circulation along with detox, dietary and lifestyle modifications, and the unblocking of unconscious feeling states within the patient.


Specific Categories of VIBROPUNCTURE Treatment


  1. Vibropuncture (specially for) CHIROPRACTIC (spine/biofield interface)
  2. Vibropuncture (specially for) PSYCHOTHERAPY (mind/body interface)
  3. Vibropuncture (specially for) ACUTE PAIN (interior neural pathways)
  4. Vibropuncture (specially for) CHRONIC + COMPLEX CONDITIONS


Vibropuncture® is the invention of Nicholas Corrin, Ayur.Ed., L.Ac. It is currently only offered by its inventor at his clinic in Friday Harbor, Washington. Patients interested in receiving treatment by this method, or medical professionals seeking certification/ training in vibropuncture should direct their inquiries to:


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