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Dude, let's boogie, OK?

Dude, let’s boogie, OK?


Date: Saturday, June 7th, 2014

Time: 9:00-12:00pm (Yoga), 1:30-4:30pm (Mind-Body Energetics)

Location: XYZ Movement Arts: 689 Airport Rd, Friday Harbor, WA

Cost: Early Bird discount (paid by 5/15). $50 per session, $100 for both. Otherwise, $60 per session, $120 for both.


This workshop will:

• Tone and strengthen muscles, ligaments and tendons of your arms, legs and core.

• Accelerate energy circulation through major and minor nerve pathways.

• Develop greater mental strength, resilience, confidence and poise.

• Enhance your reflexes and your intuition.

• Improve your coordination and balance.


This workshop will help you become:

• More connected with yourself at deeper levels.

• More fluid in your movements and thoughts.

• More connected with the flows of energy in nature.

• More integrated and peaceful in body and mind.

• More grounded but also more expanded.

• More aware of what you require for real self-care.


Instructors: Katerina Wen & Nicholas Corrin. Top-level teachers, in-depth training.

For more info or to register: 

(360) 375-7052 or




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Workshop: Love & Courage

How to embrace change and thrive in life with Love and Courage

Date: Sat. & Sun., March 16, 17th, 2013

Time: 1 – 4pm

Location: XYZ Movement Arts, Friday Harbor

Cost: $ 45 per workshop, $80 for both (space limited, pre-registration please)

Early Bird Discount, paid by 3/1, 10% off (for 2 day attendees only)


Taught by: Katerina Wen & Nicholas Corrin

For more information and registration: or (360) 375-7052


How do we transform our many worries and fears into positive energy and confidence? How can we navigate through the turmoil of change and embrace life with a flexible mind and spirit? This workshop was designed to respond to some of the urgent questions received from our community over our last two years of teaching on the island. As we encounter increased levels of uncertainty and instability in the outside world, it is essential for us to connect to that deepest sense of truth and strength we hold within.  When we consider what factors make up the dignity of a human being, love and courage must come very high up on the list. What is a human being who cannot love freely and fully? And what is a person who flees from life’s challenges, lacking the courage to prevail? Such a person is incapable of supporting a healthy society or safeguarding a healthy world. This workshop offers a training towards an alternative: how to cultivate inner calm and the strength to look at things as they are, whilst creatively imagining how they might be improved. After all, everything starts with a single individual in relationship with just one other individual.


This workshop is for people who are on a quest for self development and who wish to lead a life with greater insight into our emotional anatomy and our human potential.


We invite you to take this opportunity to gain a new perspective on the human spirit and on your inner landscape. This workshop offers wisdom and specialized techniques that will strengthen your sense of confidence, and your ability to act with love and courage.


Workshop Overview:

  • Anatomy of the emotions
  • The chi/prana of Love
  • The power of letting go
  • The five keys to transformation
  • The heart mind
  • The 3 Spiritual Centers
  • Insights to self-empowerment and knowledge
  • Integration  / embodiment of Love and Courage


Techniques and topics:

  • Anatomy of the emotions: a mapping of body zones
  • Chakras: understanding the energy portals
  • Meditation, seated or standing: honing inner vision
  • Infinity looping: basics
  • Longevity breathwork
  • Slow release postures to dissolve blockages
  • Graceful meditative movements to build power and focus
  • Guided visualizations: connecting with the cosmos
  • How passivity and inertia contribute to disease and illness
  • Understanding of where mental/emotional blockages reside in the body
  • Ways to recognize them and start to dissolve them
  • Techniques to build your vitality and open your mind
  • Techniques to restore courage, optimism and freedom of spirit


Taught by: 


Nicholas Corrin, L.Ac., Ayur.Ed., EAMP 

Nicholas has been a dedicated practitioner of Taoist Qi-Gong, yoga, and traditional Eastern Medicine, as well as a professional healer, author, teacher, and public speaker for more than two decades. Nicholas brings a wealth of knowledge and insights into the beneficial effects of approaching life with clarity, love and courage. His special movement system, Infinite Body Qi-Gong™ offers tools to embody our strengths and virtues in ways that are earthy and grounded. This system develops great physical vitality as well as mental strength and an open spirit.


Katerina Wen, M.Ed., D.Hom

Katerina is widely recognized as one of the most exceptional yoga educators in the country, and has been featured on the cover of Yoga International Magazine. Katerina has trained yoga teachers, educators and practitioners of all sorts in the essence of yoga. She is renowned for her compassionate ability to connect with people of all ages and conditions, including those with physical limitations and other challenges. Yoga has been a gift in Katerina’s own healing journey: her teaching is about sharing the resonance and beauty of that transformation.





Aug. 24-26, 2012, San Juan Island, WA

Prior to the workshop itself, we will be presenting two free lectures at the San Juan Public Library and one at the Lavendera Spa (see dates below), which will provide an overview of this workshop. Please note that since space at the workshop is limited, please register early. Please contact us if you have any questions, our event coordinator Shelly Van Skyhawk will be happy to assist you. We look forward to sharing this unique experience with you! 

Free Lectures open to public: 
Topic: Radiation Remedies 
Saturday, June 30th, 1-2pm @ San Juan Public Library
Wednesday, July 18th, 6-7pm @ San Juan Public Library
Thursday, August 9th, 7-8pm @ Lavendera Spa (285 Spring St. FH)

This weekend workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn how to  protect your health from environmental nuclear contamination.


The crisis  at Fukushima has been technically out of control for over a year, and could soon get far worse. The whole northern hemisphere could be affected.

In Friday Harbor, like most of the West Coast, we have been continuously inundated with high levels of fallout from Japan, yet no warnings have been issued by authorities. We and our loved ones are all at risk.

 Nuclear radiation is something we can’t see, can’t smell, can’t touch,  yet it can be present at high quantities in the air we breathe, the  water we drink and the foods we eat. The levels are rising insidiously,  yet no-one is telling us about it.


This workshop presents real health remedies and solutions in a serene,  retreat-like setting on top of Little Mountain, on San Juan Island.  Offered by Friday Harbor Holistic Health, presenters include: Nicholas  Corrin, Ayur.ED, L.Ac., M.S.O.M., who has condensed years of clinical experience and research into viable alternative medicines; Debbie Lee, a macrobiotic chef trained at the Kushi Institute and a certified  macrobiotic nutritionist; and Katerina Wen, M.Ed., master yoga teacher and co-creator of the Infinite Body program (TM).

This holistic experience will combine teachings on radio-protection, hands on cooking classes for preparing delicious detox dishes, plus therapeutic movements designed to harmonize, detox and heal the body. You will learn:

  • live saving health information on how to protect your body from radioactive toxins
  • which plants, minerals and antioxidants are most vital
  • how to cook healing, protective and delicious foods
  • how to use mind-body techniques to calm yourself and fortify your resistance.

You will experience:

  •  a retreat like setting
  • new taste sensations
  • a greater sense of preparedness
  •  rejuvenative elixirs that protect your cells
  •  the pleasure of learning together with like-minded people

Workshop Hours: Friday, August 24: 6-8 pm  Saturday, August 25: 10 am – 5 pm  Sunday, August 26: 10 am – 5 pm

Price: $375  Early Bird (before Aug.1st) $295

* Participants are asked to bring their own packed lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Dishes prepared during afternoon classes on these two days will be made available to eat at the end of each session. To register, please contact:  (360) 375-7052

Checks for workshop can be mailed to:

Friday Harbor Holistic Health

540 Guard St., Ste. 270

Friday Harbor,

WA 98250