Grounded Body, Fluid Mind Fluid Body, Grounded Mind 

Weekly class schedule

Tuesday 5:30 pm: Basic

Thursday 5:30pm: Yoga all level

Sunday 9:00am: Vinyasa all levels

Drop-ins welcome

Location: Island Soul Studio, 689 Airport Road, Friday Harbor, WA

Our classes are exceptional experiences, never ordinary. Unlike conventional yoga classes, we do more than work the body through stretches and strengthening. We go deeper, activating suppressed energies within the mind, and releasing life potential. Based on decades of teaching, meditation, healing and research, we now use innovative spiral and vortical sequences to generate inner circulation and vitality. These exquisite sequences have been drawn from close observation of the natural world.


Gentle Yoga for 50+ (Island Rec. for info & registration)

Tuesday 10:30 – 11:30am Gentle Yoga I

Thursday 9:30 – 10:30am Gentle Yoga II

Location: Mullis Center, 589 Nash Street, Friday Harbor

Have you ever wondered how yoga can help you feel more at ease in your body and mind? This class is uplifting and informative. You will gain knowledge to take care of your health in the most economical way. It is a gentle, joyful way to upkeep your youthfulness. You will learn how to tend to your body in a special way, and how to work with injuries and sensitivities. With regular participation, you will embody routines that regenerate the suppleness of your muscles and joints. And once you have begun to practice consistently, you will have enhanced stamina, improved blood circulation, and better brain function. With over 20 years of teaching experience, Katerina’s style is humorous and compassionate. She provides guidance and expertise that empower people to be more self reliant in taking care of their health and wellbeing. Beginners welcome.

Yoga is now practiced all over the world. However, it is generally taught in a very superficial way.

What is yoga? Yoga is really a multi-faceted system to strengthen mind, body and soul. It is a way of bringing all aspects of yourself into greater harmony.

Yoga is also a way to approach life with dignity, creativity and courage.

Yoga is not just about flexibility or performing poses (asanas). It is about cultivating your source energy, mental clarity and spiritual fire. And it is, most importantly, about directing your awarenessand actions out into the world in a meaningful way.

Our yoga practice is different. We practice in a circle, or an ellipse, around a freshly made mandala composed of natural materials such as feathers, rocks and shells. The mandala is the hub of the practice, and its forms evoke the living cosmos of which we each are a small but vital part.

The practice, on a physical level, is graduated so as to accommodate all. It is gentle enough to welcome beginners, yet healthfully challenging for even the most experienced practitioners.

Our yoga practice is artful, graceful, fluid and uplifting. It trains the mind to be clear and alert, it encourages the heart to become magnanimous, and makes the body resilient. A regular practice will help you calibrate outer and inner strength to engage on life’s journey with greater equipoise and joy.



Want to begin yoga or return to yoga?

Learn yoga basics or brush up on the fundamentals.

Intro classes move at a slower pace with opportunities for questions & individual attention. In these classes we focus on breathing exercises, basic alignment, and simple sequences.

  • Improve your health and posture

  • Promote mental clarity

  • Increase stamina, muscle tone and joint mobility

  • Come and find your inner peace and learn about the best self-care and stress release techniques that you will treasure for a life time.

Intro to Yoga is ideal for any students new to yoga. At the sam time, experienced students can enjoy these classes as restorative sessions.

Why Yoga is amazing for your health:

Healthy brain

Did you know that when yoga postures are performed with correct breathing and meditatitive focus it can boost your brain function? A study from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign reports that a single yoga session significantly improved participants’ speed and accuracy on a controlled test of “working memory, focus, retention and ability to absorb and use new information”. Studies have also showed that participants did NOT get the same positive brain buzz from aerobics. The study appeared in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health.

Improve immune function

Yoga is commonly recognized as a tool for stress relief, metabolic stimulation, mental clarity and joint mobility. A new study shows that practicing yoga also improves immune health. The University of Oslo study examined ten people who attended a one-week yoga retreat where they participated in two-hour yoga sessions or took nature walks and listened to relaxing music.

After analyzing participants’ blood samples, researchers found that practicing yoga positively altered 111 genes in circulating immune cells, compared with 38 gene alterations from listening to music and walking – almost TRIPLE the amount. Yoga immediately affects your body at a molecular level, an amazing remedy for immune function!


The spiritual energy and vibration of Katerina’s classes are amazing!” ~JL

Katerina’s teaching has touched my heart and changed me forever.” ~LK

Most transformative practice I have ever experienced!” ~SM

“You are one of the best yoga teachers. Your teachings have opened my heart and allowed me to feel comfortable in my body again.” DC

“Katerina’s creativity is one of a kind. She has inspired me on so many levels! And her classes always fill me with energy and mental clarity!” – JCW

“Katerina is one of the few teachers I have studied with who is able to transmit the yoga tradition in ways that is realistic for modern people.”-MM

“As a yoga teacher myself, I can say that Katerina Wen’s class style is unique in this industry.  Her classes are just special. There is a different quality to them that is Katerina’s alone.”-AML

How incredibly fortunate I was to have Katerina as my first yoga teacher! Thanks to her I am the proud – and astonished! – owner of a body and mind that are healthier now than they have ever been in my life.” KB (8 years later, KB became a yoga teacher)

“You must try Katerina’s class if you want to be inspired!” -TS

I have been practicing yoga for over 25 years and have never come across a special teacher like Katerina. Her ability to transcend the asana practice into a spiritual journey is truly magical.” ~GR

Katerina Wen is incredibly dedicated to her own practice, and brings creativity and thoughtfulness to every class. Her classes are challenging and test my limits every time.” – JF

Katerina is an extraordinary teacher – her classes are beautifully choreographed and since I started working with her several years ago my practice has deepened and the benefits have extended to my writing and my life.” – JDC

The highly intelligent & creative sequencing of Katerina Wen is unique, sincere and challenging…I always learn something new about myself in her class. I especially appreciate the friendly environment she’s created The circle practice allows us to practice the oneness of yoga in its true essence.” – SY

“I only had the sweet pleasure of taking your class a couple of times long ago, and so appreciate your beautiful presence. I still feel it coming through with students of yours that you impacted so deeply. Those that studied with you for some time have a quality that is so warm and present.” -AP

“Thank you so very, very much for your beautiful way of teaching yoga…for me it has been an experience of feeding on beauty.” ~OB

Don’t be deceived by Katerina’s delicate look and demeanor. She is amazingly strong, both physically and spiritually. Practicing with her is like climbing up a mountain. It is challenging and can be demanding. But at the end of the class, I always feel the breeze as if I have reached to the top and am standing on the summit with a grand vista before me – where I get to enjoy the most glorious views. It is an exhilarating experience…” ~CF

I credit my success in teaching to Katerina’s influence. She continues to be incredibly inspiring and full heartedly supportive. Her ability to “excavate” my potential made me a stronger person. I am very fortunate to have her guidance in my life.” ~SR

I’d never discovered what it means to be on a spiritual path until I met Katerina.”~JR
Thank you for sharing your spirit and teaching us in the most powerful, creative, compassionate and gentle way. It is very healing to practice with you.”~CC
I am forever grateful to Katerina’s dedication in teaching and self development. Her teaching is always fresh and creative. Even after teaching yoga for over 15 years now, I still learn new things whenever I attend her class. I am glad that she is now also teaching the elderly now. That means I will get to practice with for a very long time!” ~KJ