Dr Nicholas Corrin, OMD is currently based in Basel, Switzerland. He was born in the UK where he first studied languages, literature, and art history at the college and graduate levels. After moving to the US, he trained to became a doctor of oriental and alternative medicine. He ran a thriving medical clinic in Seattle and the San Juan Islands before moving to Switzerland where he now operates a virtual clinic using WiFiVibe. Dr. Corrin has an international clientele and communicates in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.
Dr. Corrin patented Vibropuncture, a form of touchless acupuncture, in 2008. Ian 2010 he created WiFiVibe. This remote healing modality is based on biophysics and the science of non-local energy dynamics.

1979: BA Hons. Literature and Romance Languages, Manchester University, UK
1980: M.Phil. Graduate Renaissance Studies Program, University of London, UK
1984: Ancient mind-body Praxis, Aesculepius Research Institute, Izmir, Turkey
1999: Fundamentals of TCM, International Institute of Chinese Medicine, NM
2001: M.Sc. in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, S. Baylo University, Anaheim, CA
2004: Ayurvedic Medicine Educator, American Institute of Vedic Studies, Albuquerque, NM
2009: Advanced Onnestu FIR Training, Gaia Holistic, New York City, NY
2014: BioMagneticPair Certification, College of Natural Therapies, Madrid, Spain
2015: OMD Doctorate, IBAM, Kolkata, India

1978: Swiss Consulate Award, Overall Winner, Academic Excellence
1979: UK Department of Education, Full Graduate Scholarship, U. of London
1998: International Institute of Chinese Medicine, Outstanding Student of Year Scholarship
2013: Nautilus Book award Silver Winner, Science and Spirituality category.
1978-79: Faculty, University of Montpellier, France
1982-83: Multiple Language Instructor, Rockefeller Center, NY
1984-85: Translator/Researcher, Izmir, Turkey
1985-89: Faculty, Parson’s School of Design, NY
1989-97: Faculty, MICA, Baltimore, MD
1997-99: Freelance consultant, Santa Fe New Mexico
1999-2001: Faculty, Orange County Community College, CA

2001-2002: Bolles Clinic, Issaquah, WA
2002-2007: Private practice, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA
2007-2010: Private practice, Eastlake, Seattle, WA
2009-2010: International Chiropractic, Seattle, WA
2010-2021: Private practice, San Juan Island, WA
2021-2022: Private practice, Basel, Switzerland

"The Power of Letting Go", Avisha publishing, 2013
(Winner of 5 book awards)

2008: Vibropuncture®
2022: Pat. Pending, WiFiVibe ( non-local enhanced Vibropuncture)

You are special

None of us are exact replicas of each other. We specialize in bringing to light your unique traits and determining the best way to achieve optimal health. Our mission is to identify and actualize your potential. Our treatment and movement protocols are expertly tailored to meet your unique needs, qualities and sensitivities. 

We believe in the potentiality within every human being. A person’s core potentiality is HIGHLY individualized. Our goal is to help you enliven extraordinary qualities dormant within. The only requirement from you is a desire to participate in your own journey of healing.

You will find detailed information on our methods on this website. Don’t be shy about booking a complimentary consultation right now. You can receive all our comprehensive services online.  This is especially beneficial in the age of Covid by eliminating any unnecessary exposure to virus. You remain within the safe environment of your own home, and it also saves you time and reduces fuel expenditure.

We welcome your inquiries. We are confident you will gain higher levels of energy, health and resilience. It will lead you to a strong sense of personal power and greater fulfillment in life.

Distant Healing & Live-stream Classes

We are now a fully operational virtual clinic and classroom.

Classes are live-streamed and treatment takes place in real time. 

Clients can be located anywhere in the world. You will receive all our services within the safe and comfortable environment of your own home. 

Zero carbon footprint, no pollution, no hassle



Now you can access our services from all over the globe!

Telemedicine: WiFiVibe (patented vibrational medicine)

High performance consultant for people in leadership

Radical Healing & Consistent Patient Care

Longevity & Rejuvenation

Animal / Pet Healing

Classes / Workshops / Trainings

Yoga / Somatic therapy for children, adults, seniors

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