Infinite Body Power Practice

Are you interested in studying the secret inner ways? The hidden pathways of flexibility and fluid power?




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The Infinite BodyTM practice of internal  healing may (or may not be) for you. It is not for the faint-hearted. Unleashing potential requires not simply an attitude, or  words. It requires a state of mind as deep and vast as the Grand Canyon.

Some choose to leap, and fly over the void, like the puma. Others will only look on from a safe distance. Still others, hiding behind their fears, habits and assumptions, will  pretend that the space of freedom does not exist. Exhilaration and self-knowledge are not for them.

What is your position?

It is a matter of personal choice, courage, curiosity. And emotional stamina. With these qualities, anyone can leap across and into the void… and take delight in the unknown.