Protecting Your Health in a Toxic World

How many people in your circle of friends, family and co-workers enjoy truly vibrant health? How many of them tell you about their pains and complaints, how tired, down, or stuck they feel? How many have recently been diagnosed with a minor or a serious health problem? How many prescription drugs are they taking? Could it be that we have been desensitized, habituated and trained to accept poor health as an inevitable part of life? There seems to be a pill out there for everything, yet very few of them help us without causing side effects worse than the problems they were supposed to address. In the past, people were far more robust. They exhibited higher levels of vitality and were overall tougher, more resilient and more alive. Probably they visited their doctors less often and surely took less drugs. Their bodies were leaner, more toned, more compact and emitted more energy. What has caused this general decline in our health and vitality?

It is a sad fact that our life-force has undergone such a rapid decline. You don’t have to search very far to see evidence of this change for the worse. If you look at old photos or movies from just thirty or forty years ago, you will see that we looked quite different back then. What has happened over the past couple of decades is a parabolic increase in the amounts of chemical and electro-magnetic toxins our bodies are exposed to. The highly leveraged global economy produces poorly regulated industrial effluent that pours upward to be carried by trade winds so that, for example, mercury gas from Chinese coal burning factories wafts high across the Pacific and then rains down on American soils and into our lungs.

Sad to say, we have been, and are being, slowly poisoned. Our planet, as Rachel Carson warned in her classic book, Silent Spring, has now become saturated with chemical toxins of every variety. Our bodies have become sponges, inadvertently soaking up this debris into our cells. These essential units of life descend into hypo-functioning, unable to efflux out their toxic burdens and run down like old batteries. Slowly but surely, a sediment of heavy metals, pthalates, bisphenols and halides accumulates in our tissues, occupying cellular receptor proteins and thereby disrupting our hormonal secretions. In many cases, this hormonal and biochemical disturbance will tragically lead on to cancers or other degenerative diseases.

We must be increasingly vigilant about the foods we eat and even the air we breathe. Not even organically farmed produce is immune, as it frequently contains toxic residues from water used for irrigation or from airborne pollutants. For example, organic lettuce grown in California over the fall and winter months contains high levels of perchlorate, a toxic halide used mostly in the military and aerospace industry, it is also also used in the manufacture of automobile airbags, fireworks and the leather tanning industry. Today, the whole lower Colorado river is heavily contaminated with perchlorate. A startling 70% of all lettuce grown in the US, including the organic produce from California is irrigated with this contaminated water from the Colorado river. Perchlorate also concentrates in milk, and even more so in human milk where its concentration level is 500% higher than in dairy milk. Perchlorate has been proven to cause neurological damage in animal studies, and is a likely causative factor in breast cancers, ADHD and autism. Few people are aware that the incidence of children with autism in the US increased by a mind-boggling 11,400% between 1980 and 2008. In that year, 1 in 88 children were diagnosed with autism. By 2010, just two years later, the stats had climbed another 30%, meaning that 1 in 68 children were by then diagnosed with autism. Some people insist that vaccines are causing this and others, including the mainstream media, refute this as unscientific. If we stay away from the vaccine debate, we must stil ask, what is driving this phenomenon? No-one has yet truly examined the effects of such an unregulated plethora of toxins pouring into the unprotected brains of our young children.

Meanwhile, the explosion of hand-held digital devices has led to levels of electromagnetic pollution never before seen, and which the human body was not designed to handle. At the same time, our intake of trace minerals and vital fatty acids is greatly inadequate to the task of protecting our bodies from inflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction or toxic saturation secondary to electromagnetic pollution.

Fortunately, holistic nutritional science and well-designed mind-body practices can protect us from these chemical and electromagnetic onslaughts and help prevent the future development of cancers or other degenerative diseases.Putting more toxins into your body in the form of pharmaceuticals only further weakens the core functioning of body and mind.

By studying the chemical and electromagnetic source pollutants in the environments, we have been able to identify ways to support healthy physiology and help reverse common problems such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, adrenal burnout, chronic pain, anxiety, hypothyroidism, fibroids, digestive disturbances and to take preventive steps against the development of cancers.

The systems of modern people are terribly out of whack with nature, and we require key nutrients (acting synergistically) to recover or maintain our health and wellbeing. These nutrients are not always there in sufficient quantities in our diet or even in the supplements we take. And even if they are, we may not be assimilating them effectively. Knowing what to take, and why, is not something you can just google and find the answer for yourself. It takes expert guidance, and a little understanding.

When we look more deeply into nutrition and health, however, we arrive at the quantum level, that is, the field of interaction between electrons, protons and photons. These are not just the abstract processes of theoretical physics. They are the essential dynamics of metabolism, immunity and cellular regeneration. Intake of any sort is fundamentally an energetic event: for example, photonic energy from the sun gets stored within the electromagnetic quanta of the foods we eat. When we consume food according to natural laws of combination, and when we move our bodies as nature intended, this solar nutrition will find its way into our cells carried especially by the electron clouds within linoleic acid from seed oils as they interact with sulphur bearing proteins.

Because of this vibrational and dynamic basis of nutrition, we can – and should – make this transmission of cellular resources more efficient. We can, in fact, enhance our nutritional status by performing specific exercises which mirror the quantum flows within our bodies.

Our kinesthetic Infinite Body system was developed by studying scientific principles through the lens of nature, not the lens of the lab. The coiling, spring-like movements cause the torso to act as a solenoid, generating greater flows of internal energy which support both detoxification and nutritional assimilation.

What makes this system so different and unique is its profound understanding of water. Students develop fluidity on multiple levels. Because electromagnetic currents within us move similarly to the waves and vortices seen in nature, and especially in bodies of water, the Infinite Body system develops the body’s internal energies, not just its outer form. Suitable for the young and fit or equally for those advanced in age, this is truly a practice for all seasons.

We are excited to bring this unique material to our students, patients and subscribers.

To a healthier, more vibrant and more equitable world. Let’s all work on this together!