The fast track to Supernutrition

Many people believe that eating healthy is the main key to staying healthy. You are what you eat, right? Or, as Hippocrates said a long, long time ago, “Let food be thy medicine, medicine thy food.”

But if things were really that simple, how come millions of people who take great care to eat mindfully and even organically still have so many chronic health issues, lowered vitality, weight gain, stiff joints, poor stamina, weak muscles, and so on? Is it the fault of what they are eating? Of course not. Maybe it is the fault of the way they are thinking.

Yes, there is far more to nutrition than just chowing down a steady supply of vitamins, minerals, proteins and complex carbohydrates to meet your daily needs. Or taking a daily multivitamin to fill in the gaps. As we teach in our Avisha Institute workshops, nutritional health relies upon five essential components, which must all be tended to equally, and work together as a team.

These are:

Selection, Preparation, Digestion, Assimilation, and Elimination.


Eat and digest like an Olympic athlete.

Eat and digest like an Olympic athlete.

Yes, nutrition is a very dynamic process, not just a set of numbers. Each of these spinning five rings is as important as any of the others.

Uh-oh…Are you starting to feel overwhelmed? Please don’t be!

We can make this all very simple.

Let’s just start with the very first ring: Selection. If you could select just one formula to swiftly absorb all the necessary nutrients your body needs, and in the most assimilable way, what would that be?

Rejuvenate Plus!

No, this is NOT your regular green powder or protein shake.

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I strongly endorse this amazing product. I have found that it works wonders for many of my patients. And for me too: Rejuvenate Plus supports the entirety of my health.

It also tastes wonderful. An amazing superfood, it is the product of extensive, clinical research, empirical feedback, and advanced nutritional science. It has an incomparable blend of healthful ingredients. You will feel the difference in energy almost immediately!

But what if you chose to go one step further in your pursuit of optimal health and vitality?

You would mix Black with Green! Those of you who have attended our Avisha Institute workshops will have learned that the colors of foods have direct relationships with our vital organs. Green is the most important color for our liver, and black for our kidneys and adrenal glands. Without highly functioning livers, kidneys and adrenal glands, we can never be full of energy and in a prime state of health.

Here is where you might be in for a surprise…How can we add the supercharged Black energy into the Green mix, and thus improve not just our nutritional absorption and liver detox, but also our very life force? How can we experience even higher levels of energy and stamina?

By adding Black Ant Extract to your Rejuvenate Plus!

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As I teach to all my Qigong and Tai Chi students, (as well as to my patients seeking optimal levels of health), Black Ant Extract supercharges your Chi. Often found around the roots of Ginseng plants in unpolluted, high mountainous regions of China, Black Ant Extract gives you strength, stamina, and inner resolve. It gives you the strength of the mountains themselves.

All you need to do is add 1/2 a teaspoonful of your powdered Black Ant Extract to your 2 capfuls of Rejuvenate Plus in a little purified water (4-8 oz). Take this twice a day. By combining these two, you won’t even taste the black ant extract which, by the way, is very mild and bland by itself, not unpleasant at all!


Mountains, serene and powerful

Mountains, serene and powerful

When we mix Black and Green together, we supercharge our nutrition and our energy. We combine the power of mountains and forests. And our life force expands accordingly.

To your very good health!

Dr. Nicholas