The ULTIMATE antioxidant?

The Magic of Molecular Hydrogen

In the earliest moments of our Universe, immediately after the Big Bang, there was not much else around except for swirling clouds of Hydrogen and Helium gas. Hydrogen and helium are the first two elements of the periodic table (H and He).



Today, molecular hydrogen is one of the most studied and heavily researched non-pharmaceutical avenues of modern medicine. It has shown tremendous promise at alleviating a vast range of  conditions. Literally hundreds of peer-reviewed studies have been published, and this research is ongoing. Who would have thought that the simplest atom in the entire Universe (composed of just one proton and a single electron),  could have such far ranging beneficial effects on the human organism?


All you need to do is add one tablet of H2 to a glass of purified water…


Molecular Hydrogen tablets: simply add to a glass of water and drink up!

Molecular Hydrogen tablets: simply add to a glass of water and drink up!







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The 3 Major Properties and benefits of Molecular Hydrogen


The potency of molecular hydrogen as an adjunct medicine lies in these 3 attributes:

  1. Its super high ORAC value. ORAC values measure the effectiveness of a particular substance at quenching positively charged free radicals. Free radicals cause great damage to cells and tissue, and are always involved in pathological processes, and in degeneration. Molecular hydrogen provides an enormous quantity of free electrons to the water, enabling it to rapidly extinguish the fires and inflammation caused by free radicals. This is also known as its “electron-rich potential”, or -ORP.
  2. The natural intelligence of molecular hydrogen. H2 also has the amazing ability to distinguish between “bad” types of free radical, which it converts into harmless H20, and “good” types. Therefore H2 is known as a “selective antioxidant”. It neutralizes dangerous free radicals such as the hydroxyl radical (OH), transforming it into water, and thereby also HYDRATING the body! Think about that: not only does it get rid of bad stuff that is toxic to your DNA, it provides your cells with free water in the process! But it does NOT interfere with your body’s cellular production of “good” free radicals, such as Nitric Oxide (NO). As I always explain to my patients and students, NO production is crucial to your overall health. Nitric oxide is involved in a very great number of important cellular mechanisms. It is of course best known for its vasodilatory effects. NO relaxes your blood vessels and attacks bacterial activity the bloodstream, thus preventing against the possibility of heart attacks and strokes…as well as greatly enhancing your athletic performance in the process!
  3. H2 strongly supports detox processes in the body, and specifically the Nfr2 pathway. The Nfr2 pathway is crucially important to Phase II liver detox, where the activated toxins form Phase I are “conjugated” before being removed out of the liver cells by the bile salts.


Let’s take a few moments to review what is really going on here. We need to understand the limited (and rigid) thinking that prevails in much of both conventional and naturopathic medicine to fully appreciate the special value of molecular hydrogen…



Allopathy versus Naturopathy


Conventional, allopathic medicine relies on 3 main methods:

  • attacking,
  • suppressing
  • and generally killing things they don’t want to be there

Thus we have an arsenal of “antis“: anti-biotics, anti-inflammatories, anti-dotes, anti-this and anti-that. Conventional medicine is basically negative in its philosophy and tactics. As we all know, the goal is suppressing symptoms, not healing the root cause of those symptoms.

But is so-called naturopathy any better? Is it fundamentally different? Or does it just offer a kinder, gentler way of suppressing your body’s innate healing mechanisms?

In my office I very often see exhausted patients come in carrying a large basket of “supplements” they have been prescribed by their naturopath, or have got by spending too much time consulting with Dr. Google. In the basket are vitamins, minerals, multi-vitamin blends, hormone precursors such as DHEA, herbs such as rhodiola to help their adrenal fatigue, immune boosters, detox kits, fish oils, homeopathic sleep aids, natural anti-inflammatories (such as turmeric and boswellia in various formulations and iterations), anxiolytic mood stabilizers, bio-identical hormones, and so on and so forth.

The thing is, these patients have, quite clearly, not been benefitting very much, if at all, from these masses of “supplements”. In fact, they mostly look drained, confused, weary, lost. No wonder, I tell them. Most likely their bodies have not been able to assimilate these substances effectively. Most likely their bodies will have had to use up more vital energy breaking them down than they derive from their supposed beneficial effects.

So I usually start by by taking them off all this stuff and starting them on a few simple things that stimulate innate healing processes and harmony within the body.

And these patients very soon start to look and feel better. Most important of all, their sense of self-confidence returns as the internal coherence of their functional systems is revamped.


What are Antioxidants and why do we need them?

If there is one prevailing dogma in natural medicine that rivals all the “antis” of allopathic medicine, it is surely the insistence on anti-oxidants. We are constantly being told that, unless we take in considerable amounts of these things, we are going to get fried alive by free radicals!  Help!

There is definitely truth to this, but also some fair degree of falsity.

Okay, what are antioxidants? Why and when do we need them? Which are the best ones?

And what is an oxidant anyway? Is it really so terrible that I must make every effort to destroy it asap with an antioxidant? Yikes, now I’m really getting nervous!

Oxidation and its opposite, reduction, are electrochemical processes that occur in the body when spinning electrons are stripped off the outer orbit of one atom or molecule, and grabbed by another one. When an atom or molecule loses an electron, it becomes positively charged, and naturally goes in pursuit of what it has lost: that extra electron. It will beg, borrow or steal to get that electron back. Thus, a cascade of inflammatory events is generated, where distressed ions lacking an electron produce domino effects of disruption within cells and tissues.

Sounds awful, doesn’t it? Actually, no, it isn’t, so long as it is kept in balance. Oxidation, which produces free radicals is essential to life, and especially to our immune systems, which make use of free radicals as part of their protective arsenal. When oxidation is too low in the body, our energy plummets. When that happens, we grow susceptible to illness, disease, and death. For example, when patients with lung cancer take too many antioxidants following the well-intentioned but naive advice of their nutritionist, their tumor actually benefits from this, because the antioxidants will have effectively weakened the immune system, preventing Natural Killer cells from attacking the neoplasm. Ironically, conventional oncologists are well aware of this phenomenon, whereas so-called natural doctors often aren’t.


The REDOX reactions: a balance of Oxidants and Antioxidants


Optimally, every cell should swing rhythmically between positive and negative electrical poles, with oxidation and reduction (or anti-oxidation) performing a beautiful, microscopic dance. In health, the molecules swirl around each other, exchanging dance partners and even costumes thousands of times per second. This is the REDOX dance: RED stands for Reduction (where anti-oxidation prevails, and the atom or molecule gains an electron) and OX stands for Oxidation (where the atom or molecule loses an electron). Reduction produces a negative charge, and oxidation produces a positive charge.

When the opposite poles are in balance, electrical energy is generated in the body, and this makes for life, and true health. But when the system is skewed in either direction, health probelms will arise. You may have read, or heard people speaking of Oxidative stress (when there are too many positively charged free radicals circulating in the body). It is true that this is a common, and major problem. But there is also the reverse scenario: Reductive stress, when there is insufficient energy being produced in the body, which leads to exhaustion, degeneration, and various pathological conditions. It is even possible to have parts of the body suffering from oxidative stress, and others suffering from reductive stress at the same time.



To sum up:


Molecular Hydrogen is:


  1. A selective free radical scavenger (gets rid of the bad ones, but doesn’t interfere with the good ones).
  2. An amazing way of actually getting fresh water into the cells, and rehydrating the body without needing to drink anything except one glass!
  3. An up-regulator of cellular and specifically, liver detox pathways.
  4. It even prevents the formation of damaging free radicals in the cell in the first place.
  5. A very simple, assimilable and user friendly approach to self-healing, it can be taken to benefit a very wide range of conditions.


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As always, these posts are intended to enlighten, educate and inform, and to direct you to a source where you can access the items described. This is not ever meant to take the place of a consultation with a qualified, licensed health professional. These posts are never intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. On the contrary, they are intended to teach you about stimulating self-healing mechanisms within your body, backed up by ongoing scientific research.

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Wishing you the very best of health on this amazing journey of exploration and discovery called Life!


Dr. Nicholas