We offer consulting for companies or businesses in three specific areas:

1) How to optimize employee wellness and minimize sick leave

2) How to optimize creativity, harmony and productivity in the work environment

3) Generating a powerful visionary identity for your business in a rapidly changing world


We are available to present a wide range of workshops at retreat centers, yoga studios, corporate wellness programs, centers or institutes of learning, and mind-body conventions.


We offer modular units for our certified training programs in the Infinite Body System™. Modules can be chosen from amongst the specialized areas of Yoga, Gi Gong or Joyful Joints. Interested persons may wish to inquire further about the procedure for becoming a certified Infinite Body™ teacher in one or more of these areas.

Mentorship program for yoga teachers

1) Career consulting

2) Artistry of teaching: Advanced understanding of pedagogy

3) Refinement in self-study and self-development

4) Ways to become a unique and outstanding teacher who shine among the many talents in the industry

5) How to develop a beautiful and creative practice

The Power of Letting Go: A survival kit for the 21 century

Methods of adaptive strategic adaptability to challenges and rapid change, based on our award winning book. The Power of Letting Go. Release of rigid thinking and abandonment of prior assumptions is the initial step we must take in the pursuit of self-mastery. Releasing unexamined assumptions means the possibility of regaining energy and vision, the power of letting in. Often we will have blocked off opportunities by unconscious resistance or by our fear of change. Thisworkshop will present methods to enhance mental fluidity, creativity and forward thinking. The session will include original mind-body movements, meditations and visualizations that stimulate the twin powers of letting go and letting in.

1) The Power of Letting In

The divine spark that gave rise to all that exists also gave rise to each of us. When we forget or lose touch with this primal energy source, we disconnect ourselves from our shared life with all of nature and from our personal power. This workshop is designed to bring us back into a clearer relationship with this source energy. It offers participants unique practical and philosophical techniques to revitalize mind, body and spirit.

2) Self-Care through Fluid Movement

This workshop will introduce participants to a series of specific flowing movements that revitalize and re-open energy channels, including our subtle organs of awareness. The class will examine how our physical bodies were generated out of flowing, creative movements which also gave rise to the greater cosmos, from galaxies to atoms. Practicing these movements permits us to live authentically, maintaining a creative tension rather than an unhealthy blocked state of tension. The class will focus on how to approach life with courage and freedom, equilibrium and grace.