Bisphenol A, obesity and breast cancer

Just one week ago, Canada became the world’s first nation to declare Bisphenol A a “toxic substance”, and to ban its use. Yet here in the US, the FDA still insists that BPA is safe to use in human food Read More



Cancer is a disease that can attack almost any organ, bone, blood, lymph, muscle or skin, in fact almost any part of our bo

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Prevention and Treatment of Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

What is Osteoporosis?

badboneOsteoporosis is a condition in which bone structure weakens and

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Rheumatoid Arthritis

RA and Chronic Inflammation

Rheumatoid arthritis affects about 1% of the US population. Women are three times as likely to contract RA as men. In conventional medicine, RA is categorized as an auto-immune condition, as opposed to osteo-arthritis (or traumati

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What Is Autoimmune Disease?

Your Body Attacking Itself

Normally, our immune system is supposed to protect us by attacking what it identifies as our enemies: bacteria, viruses, fungi and so on. It recognizes and even remembers these enemy particles by certain markers that it … Read More

Vitamin D to Treat Depression and Cognition in Seniors

Low blood levels of Vitamin D mean increased risk of depression for people over the age of 65. The risks are worse for women than for men, suggesting that women in fact need higher tissue levels of this vitamin than … Read More

Protecting Ourselves Against Dementia

A recent international report has calculated the global economic cost of dementia to be $604 billion. This figure amounts to an astonishing 1% of our entire global GDP. What is more, it is expected to rise. Aging populations such as … Read More

Anti-Aging and Oxidative Stress

The Cause Of Aging and Disease

How do we protect our bodies from aging and degenerative diseases? Everywhere in health columns we hear about the dangers of free radicals, and the benefits of taking anti-oxidants. But what do these terms … Read More

Alzheimer’s: Early Detection

Alzheimer’s is a crippling and terrifying condition that has reached almost epidemic proportions in Western societies. In the US, about 4.5 million people have been diagnosed. Most of us know of someone, or some family affected by this terrible illness.… Read More

What herbs will boost my immune system?

What herbs will boost my immune system?
Q: I want to enhance my immune system against colds and other infections. Which herbs will help?

A: Astragalus is perhaps the strongest herb for this and your first choice. However, taking astragalus … Read More