Distant Healing

Distant Healing

Friday Harbor Holistic Health provides a unique form of distant acupuncture to treat patients who are out of town and cannot come into the office. This is a special application of Vibropuncture where the spatial distance between the patient and doctor is greatly magnified, even to thousands of miles. The treatment is first performed whilst the patient is on the phone and providing constant feedback about what he/she is experiencing in the body, and where the Qi is moving. After an effective feedback loop has been established, and after the proper movements of Qi in the patient’s body have been confirmed by patient response, further sessions can be transmitted without use of the telephone.

We have found, so far, that with this technique there are no limits as to distance. We have performed this type of non-local acupuncture from here in the North West on patients as far away as Switzerland or Japan.

How Does Distant Acupuncture Work?

The doctor’s own body is used here as a transmitting device. This may be explainable due to the transpersonal holographic aspect of the human being. In the office, a gold needle is aimed at points on the doctor’s own body that correspond to points that would be chosen on the patient’s body. Qi is aimed into these reference points whilst the healer’s mind is consistently focusing on the patient’s body, and holding the patient’s image and presence in mind. The gold needle (or crystal rod) will be moved from point to point on the doctor’s own body, in a series of loops, or repetitive sequences. A few seconds or minutes will be spent on each point. Sometimes, this will all be performed mentally without aiming the needle at point on the doctor’s own body. During the session, the patient will be asked to report what they are experiencing: is their pain diminishing, what sorts of electrical or other sensations are they having, has their breathing improved etc. This provides the necessary feedback commentary to ensure the point sequencing chosen by the doctor has been correct, or whether it needs to be modified.

What Else Can Be Treated?

In theory, anything that would be treated “in person” can also be treated successfully at a distance. We have found that distant acupuncture does have immediate benefits for all kinds of pain symptoms, providing rapid relief for the patient who confirms this over the telephone.

Is There Any Scientific Explanation For This?

img_3798Renowned Stanford scientist, Dr. William Tiller has written extensively about superluminal effects, and their role in healing. According to Tiller, there are forms of vibrational communication that travel faster than the speed of light. These phenomena are due to the existence of supra-photonic, supra-physical levels of light pertaining to the magneto-electric (as opposed to the electro-magnetic) fields, and the deltron level operating at even higher speeds.

Larry Dossey, MD, has overseen and written about the application of prayer and meditation to healing in hospitals. The principal aspect of healing transmission at a distance in any mode can be attributed to the interplay of intentionality and physical reality. Thought (intention) is a wave pattern which interacts with those waves emitted by objects held in focused attention, thus modifying them, or entraining them into a healthier state. Transmission occurs through hyperspatial dynamics: through what is known in theoretical physics as non-locality or entanglement.

Are There Other Forms Of Distant Healing?

Yes, of course. Historically, distant healing has been practiced in many indigenous cultures according to their individual beliefs and customs. At Friday Harbor Holistic Health, we have been exploring tele-therapy for many years with various instruments and modalities developed in the fields of radionics and radioesthesia. Many technical approaches have been tested and developed since the founder of radionics, Dr Albert Abrams, MD, originally discovered bio-resonance affinities in the first part of the twentieth century.

How Can I Sign Up For Distant Healing At Friday Harbor Holistic Health?

Email us an inquiry regarding treatment. After a brief initial phone consultation, we will advise you whether we think that distant acupuncture might be of benefit for your condition.