Far Infra-Red

Far Infra-Red (FIR) Onnetsuki

FIR Onnetsu therapy was first developed by a Japanese acupuncturist, Dr. Mitsui, who struck upon the idea of combining the theories of traditional Japanese thermal medicine with modern Far Infra-Red technology. The result was the emergence of a device — Ensekigaisen Onnetsuki — capable of probing deep (4 to 5 inches) within the human body, to reach diseased cells and restore them to health. Matsui’s work has been pioneered within the US by Dr. Kazuko Tatsumura Hillyer in New York.

far_infra_red2Traditional Japanese medical theory considers that when cells and tissues become degenerated, diseased or inert, these cells or tissues lack vital energy and are therefore cold. This collpase of inner heat is synonymous with a lack of Ki (Life Force), Qi, or Vitality. Specifically understood as an inner absence of this Life Force, it is as if the influence of the sun’s rays could no longer reach into certain areas of the body. Imagine therefore, that particular cells or tissues have been cut off from the nourishing energies of the solar sytem, and plunged into some cold, black, interminable night. This inner coldness then refers on the surface of skin above the affected inner tissues, manifesting as cold spots palpable to the touch. Once these cut-off cells have been re-ignited with cosmic life force energy (which correlates with the frequency band emitted by the FIR Onnetsu device), these unhealthy cells regain normal spin and pulsation modes, and all the body’s flow mechanisms are also enhanced.

How Does Onnetsuku Heal?


far_infra_red_theoryOnnetsu emits a focused range of Far Infra Red frequencies in the range of 5-25 microns. This particular frequency band is very close to the range of frequencies emitted by human cells when in optimal health. The Onnetusu probe is able to precisely locate cold, cut off groups of cells and infuse them with health restoring FIR frequencies. Gradually these cold cells will be “warmed”, and as the waming frequencies become re-established, diseased cells can be re-normalized. For example, cancer cells are considered to be very cold. They proliferate rapidly, yet they do not have the innate warmtth we associate with healthy tissues. This is because they are undifferentiated cells which have begun growing without any functional purpose or direct relationship with a vital organ or body tissue. Cancer cells very frequently begin in epithelial tissue, because in a healthy body, epithelial tissue normally replicates very fast. So if something goes awry, cancer cells will easily begin to be generated here. Their growth is not stimulated by Vital Life Force, but rather by an absence of it, hence they are “cold” in nature. This aberration can be caused by a disregulation of the autonomic nervous system, by exogenous chemical toxins or by the frequency polluting effects of toxic EMFs. The work of biophysicist Fritz Popp has also confirmed this by demonstrating excess production of bio-photons emitted by the body when is an inflammatory state. We can understand this better by the analogy of a fluorescent lamp. Imagine a cold, flickering fluorescent light on in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping. Now imagine this same phenomenon occurring within a human body. This is cancer: deregulated, cold, flickering energy that has taken hold of parts of the body. It is the opposite of natural, solar energy, that type of warmth that should suffuse healthy cells. It is like an extremely cold, artificial energy driving forced growth. Onnetsu can reverse cancer by streaming FIR frequencies precisely into affected areas. When this occurs, the rampant cold energy that is driving cancerous cell division and proliferation will be replaced by endogenous homeostatic tendencies, restoring warm, normal frequencies (5-25 microns) to cells, and hence eliminating the conditions for abnormal cell replication, and restoring healthy immune function within the body proper.

The benefits of Onnetsu therapy are numerous and profound. They include:

  • Accelerated healing and repair of degenerated tissues and cells
  • Reduced muscle spasms and pain
  • Warming and relaxation of deep muscle tissue
  • Improved functions of vital organs, viscerae and physiological systems
  • Improved elimination of wastes, chemicals and toxins
  • Stimulation of blood circulation and lymph flow
  • Stimulation of metabolic and non-metabolic enzyme activity
  • Balancing body PH
  • Balancing autonomic nervous system
  • Stimulation of immune system
  • Balancing endocrine system
  • Improvement of mental/emotional state and lowering of stress levels
  • Improvement of chronic pain
  • Treatment of cancers and other serious medical conditions