Dr. Nicholas Corrin, OMD




Dr. Nicholas Corrin is the Director of Friday Harbor Holistic Health Clinic

Dr. Nicholas Corrin is the Director of Friday Harbor Holistic Health Clinic

Dr. Nicholas Corrin is at the forefront of cutting edge, bio-energetic medicine. He employs futuristic techniques to improve your health. Dr. Corrin’s primary goal is to catalyze your internal healing process. In other words, he aims to give your body exactly what it needs to heal itself.

A positive side-effect of successful treatment of chronic problems may even include an expansion of consciousness. This contrasts strongly with the negative side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs are designed to suppress symptoms, not cure them. Drugs thus also suppress the core personality, the self.

Treatment by Dr. Corrin does the reverse: it brings you back in touch with yourself.

Dr Corrin does not treat symptoms of disease. He focuses on bringing internal signaling systems back into balance so the body can self-heal.

Health is damaged when homeostasis breaks down and the inner coherence of your body’s operating system has been scrambled by interference factors such as microbial pathogens, toxins, physical or psychological trauma, or blockages in spiritual growth.

Interference fields create zones of dysfunction within individual physiology. These zones of dysfunction depend upon a person’s genetic predisposition.  The interference fields are comparable to malware that may have infected your computer. The solution is to remove the malware, clean up the system, restore coherence and eliminate chaos. This is done by special bio-energetic methods which address the biophysics of the body, not just its biochemistry.

It is also fundamentally important to rectify the breathing patterns because most people have very poor ingrained breathing habits. A poor way of breathing (into the upper chest) will deplete your body of its core nutrient, oxygen. We now know that hypoxia (inadequate supply of oxygen to cells and tissues) underlies all chronic disease. In the case of cancer, for example, poor breathing patterns activate the HIF1 gene (hypoxia inducible transcription factor 1). Dr. Corrin teaches his patients special breathing techniques to increase oxygen supply to their cells, tissues and organs. This generates healing from the inside out.

Dr. Corrin combines profound insights from Eastern and Western philosophy with advanced scientific research. He explores the hidden reasons why you may not be in full health, and how to regain your authentic self. His methods allow for successful treatment of chronic disease by simultaneously addressing multiple layers and perspectives. Dr. Corrin’s systems based approach aims to re-establish coherent signaling within the body.

Combining exceptional intuition with precise analytical skills, Dr. Corrin sees each patient as unique, and brings a strong passion to heal. He has a profound understanding of emotions and their huge effects on physical health. He combines astute listening skills with the ability to read people at the deepest level. Working both sides of his brain, Dr. Corrin interweaves left-brain investigative analysis with right-brain holistic intuition. Both diagnosis and treatment are therefore integrative, fluid and patient-centered.


1) Dr. Corrin’s first focus is to decode psychosomatic and developmental factors in the disease process. What traumas or unresolved issues from the past lie beneath the surface symptoms of chronic disease?

The fundamental problem in chronic ill-health often correlates with lack of self-acceptance and self-awareness. Dr. Corrin works at the interface between physiology, psychology, biology, energy and spirit.

2) His second focus is on microbial issues. Unlike conventional approaches, whether allopathic or naturopathic, which rely on chemical agents such as antibiotics (or natural herbal alternatives), Dr. Corrin takes a different path. He investigates the symbiotic behavior of microbes, what signals they send to each other, and how they work as “clusters” in chronic disease. The protective matrix around colonies of microbes in the body known as the biofilm needs to be understood as an “operating system” preventing white blood cells, cytokines and antimicrobial medicines from reaching their targets. The conventional strategy of directly attacking microbes with antibiotics is becoming less and less effective, especially in chronic disease. What is most important is to disrupt the communication channels between pathogens, thereby undermining their defenses and protective matrices. Effective medicine requires a “cyberwarfare” method in order to accomplish this end. Using bio-magnetic and bio-energetic techniques alongside biofilm disruptors and wildcrafted botanical extracts, Dr. Corrin treats the underlying symbiotic relationships of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that drive the smoldering inflammation of chronic ill health. The biofilm matrix can only be fully unraveled by scrambling the communications networks that sustain it.

3) His third focus is on toxins. There are 2 main sources of toxins:

  • toxins from the environment, heavy metals, plastics, food additives, pharmaceutical drugs etc.
  • endotoxins & exotoxins (i.e. dangerous toxins secreted by micro-organisms inside your body)

And there are 2 main ways such toxins can be made worse:

  • exposure to electromagnetic field pollution
  • emotional distress, emotional suppression, or chronic stress

Together as a bundle, toxins and their disruption of physiology may have downgraded your health, upset your regulatory systems and influenced gene expression in a negative direction. Detoxing the body means restoring signaling coherence and flow in all 3 phases of detoxification, paying special attention to the liver.


When patients are not able to come to the clinic, a patented technique is available for follow-ups to treat energetic blockages, pain and congestion. Using Wifi-enhanced Vibropuncture (WiFiVibe), a person can be treated with pinpoint accuracy by Dr. Corrin via the portal of a webcam in real time. Many significant advances in art, thought, technology and science were first laughed at or dismissed before being generally accepted. Dr. Corrin is a pioneer working at the level of the future, bringing forth its possibilities into the present time. This modality relies on a proprietary signaling process of modulation-demodulation of analog and digital frequencies combined with non-local transmissions. While no complete, scientifically demonstrable explanation for this modality is forthcoming from mainstream physics at the present time, that in no way means it will not in the future. For example, not long ago most people would have laughed at the idea of self-driving cars. New insights and discoveries, and the possibilities they bring, are what distinguish our times. Despite all the problems we face in the world today, solutions will arise when our minds are receptive, clear, inspired and curious.


At the age of three, Dr. Corrin was taken by his father, a well known professor of psychology, to take IQ tests designed exclusively for adults. He aced them all, earning scores in the top percentile. Ironically, having this type of intelligence would bring him many difficulties and obstacles later on. At school, he was always filled with curiosity and jumped two years ahead of his peers to begin university at the age of sixteen. However, as a boy he also enjoyed nothing more than playing outside amongst rocks, trees, birds and animals. He especially loved cats and quickly developed a mystical reverence for nature. By the age of six, it was clear to him that the infinite scope of the universe must always elude the limited human mind. He held a plastic model of the brain in his hands and wondered how any sane person could possibly believe that the fathomless universe could be fitted inside this tiny thing. To the amazement of his elementary school teachers, this child would articulate calmly about the dichotomy of the brain and deep reality.

As a child, he had experiences that today would be probably described as spiritual or metaphysical. At age six, he had mystical epiphanies in a Norwegian forest where he felt the ancient streams entering into him. At age seven, he experienced extraordinary recurring dreams of falling through vast intergalactic spaces as through enormous worm holes of shapeless structure. At age thirteen he began to hear inner voices commanding him to lead a life of service to others. Shortly after this, he would spontaneously experience multidimensional “ladders” of non-verbal cognition, as though his mind were being suddenly and sporadically inducted into higher vibrational fields. In his early twenties, he experienced his own death in an intense inner vision in which the inner consciousness of every speck of dust was suddenly and simultaneously revealed to him. Later, as the consequence of disciplined meditation practice, he would see in real space the golden-hued, spiraliform appearance of a “higher consciousness” encircling his physical body.


Dr. Corrin’s early degrees were in fine art, literature and foreign languages. It was this early training that allowed him to develop deep insights into the issues of his patients. The breadth of this classical, humanistic training was priceless, since art and literature reveal far more about human nature than can be found in textbooks and clinical academic theories. In 1979, he graduated with honors from the University of Manchester, UK, with the highest grade earned in his department over the previous seven years. He continued on with graduate studies in Renaissance art and philosophy at the University of London. This area of study prepared him to recognize deep, archetypal energies at work in the psyche of his patients, and also to witness the pinnacle of human potential in a more enlightened age. Following on from this, in 1984 he spent a year in Western Turkey, researching the roots of Western medicine in the ancient Mediterranean. Whereas Hippocrates is acknowledged as the fountainhead of Western medicine, Aesculepius, his semi-legendary colleague, has been largely forgotten. Aesculepius addressed the psychosomatic aspects of health and disease, tapping into dream information and subconscious data, in order to heal illness.

It became increasingly clear to Dr. Corrin that true health relies on the re-integration of body and mind (or spirit). A healthy mind needs a healthy body, and vice versa. And the mind (which is intrinsically unlimited), is what connects us to the greater whole, or cosmos, whilst the body roots us into the Earth. Yet our society has split our bodies and minds apart, much as it has split the atom, and much as it continues to fragment and damage the Earth through practices such as fracking. Patients are not generally offered the chance to heal this mind-body split. They are directed either into a clinical space for physical issues, or a verbal space for mental issues. The first space relies on drugs, the second space relies on talk therapy (or psychiatric drugs). Neither space takes them to the core of who they are underneath their panoply of symptoms.

We see the same dichotomy between mainstream science (which restricts reality to the physical realms), and religion which stupidly denies both scientific evidence and individual intuition.

Dr. Corrin sought deeper wisdom, studying first Oriental, then Ayurvedic medicine, Radionics, Homeopathy, Japanese Meridian and Onnetsuki Medicine, Post-Jungian psychology, and Biophotonic techniques, Oxygenation therapies, Dr. Johanna Budwig’s cancer treatment methods, the Dr. Buteyko breathing system, the water science of Viktor Schauberger and the BioMagneticPair system developed by Dr.Goiz. He has also studied or trained in many of the cutting edge new technologies now making waves in medicine such as molecular hydrogen therapy, liposomal delivery systems for nutraceutical absorption, extracellular matrix regeneration using Quinton Marine Plasma, and so on.

The essence of Dr. Corrin’s medicine derives from the study of light and water. Modulating frequencies and enhancing biophoton flows determine how light can dispel disease as much as it can dispel ignorance. Photons carry the requisite harmonic frequencies to ailing cells. The purity and cohesive movement of intracellular and extracellular fluids within the body must work in tandem with photon signaling. Thus, in true health, light and water orchestrate the 100,000 different chemical reactions occurring in each cell every single second.


  • 1979: BA Hons. Literature and Romance Languages, Manchester University, UK
  • 1980: Graduate Renaissance Studies Program, University of London, UK
  • 1984: Ancient mind-body Praxis, Aesculepius Research Institute, Izmir, Turkey
  • 1999: Fundamentals of TCM, International Institute of Chinese Medicine, NM
  • 2001: M.Sc. in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, S. Baylo University, Anaheim, CA
  • 2004: Ayurvedic Medicine Educator, American Institute of Vedic Studies, Albuquerque, NM
  • 2009: Advanced Onnestu FIR Training, Gaia Holistic,NY
  • 2015: BioMagneticPair Certification, College of Natural Therapies, Madrid, Spain
  • 2015: OMD Doctorate, IBAM, Kolkata, India



  • 1978: Swiss Consulate Award, Overall Winner, Academic Excellence
  • 1979: UK Department of Education, Full Graduate Scholarship, U. of London
  • 1998: International Institute of Chinese Medicine, Outstanding Student of Year Scholarship
  • 2013: Nautilus Book award Silver Winner, Science and Spirituality category.

Dr Corrin also trained in the methodologies of Dr. Manaka’s Japanese Topological Society School from 2001-2003 and pioneered advances in vibrational electromagnetic frequency medicine at his research clinic in Seattle. In 2010, he joined the online study forum initiated by chelation specialist Dr. Garry Gordon. He is currently completing a doctoral thesis exploring the role of fluid energetics and light on human health.


1978-79: Faculty, University of Montpellier, France

1979-81: Translator, Researcher, London University, UK

1982-83: Multiple Language Instructor, Rockefeller Center, NY

1984-85: Translator, Researcher, Izmir, Turkey

1985-89: Faculty, Parson’s School of Design, NY

1989-97: Faculty, MICA, Baltimore, MD

1997-99: Freelance consultant, Santa Fe New Mexico

1999-2001: Faculty, Orange County Community College, CA


2001-2002: Bolles Clinic, Issaquah, WA

2002-2007: Private practice, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

2007-2010: Private practice, Eastlake, Seattle, WA

2009-2010: International Chiropractic, Seattle, WA

2010-present: Private practice, San Juan Island, WA


2008: Vibropuncture®

2016: Pat. Pending, Wifi-enhanced Vibropuncture


1) All types of chronic disease, co-infections (eg Lyme’s disease ), immune problems

2) All types of acute and chronic pain, spinal-chiropractic problems

3) Hormonal and digestive problems

4) Depression/anxiety

5) Cancer prevention/alternative protocols

6) Nutritional counseling

7) Patient advocacy

8) High performance: physical/mental

9) Spiritual and personal growth


~fluid body, grounded mind/fluid mind, grounded body~

Together with his life-partner Katerina Wen (please see below), Dr. Corrin developed the Infinite Body System out of decades of intense practice and study. This interdisciplinary research encompasses knowledge of Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, Astrophysics, Chaos theory, Fluid Dynamics, plus the empirical study of clouds, rivers, trees, birds, animals, flagellated bacteria, even proteins and subatomic particles.

The Infinite Body System is a sophisticated and multifactorial practice that can be trained in for physical recovery, emotional healing, optimal performance or spiritual development.







Katerina Wen, M.Ed. RYT., Dipl.Hom, RSME, RSMT

KWKaterina is a certified yoga teacher and a register somatic educator and therapist. Her deep study of classical yogic philosophy impelled her to find a way to make contemporary yoga relevant to the modern world. Accordingly, she left behind the conventional layout of teaching, developing instead her unique circular style of practice grouped around original mandalas. Katerina’s mandala creations are steeped in contemplative awareness of nature and symbolize the universe and the forces of creation. The luminous hub of the practice circle focuses the students’ attention inwards upon what is most mysterious and most important in life.

Katerina has been featured on the cover of Yoga International Magazine. She has, at different times, conducted educational programs for yoga teachers, educators, therapists and other health professionals.

Katerina’s background in homeopathy and anthroposophy along with her deep understanding of yogic philosophy are the basis for her compassionate approach to both therapy and teaching. She has graduated from six world renowned yoga teacher training programs, and earned her certification as a yoga therapist for children with special needs in 1999. Her academic education includes a Diploma in Homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy and a Master’s degree in Education from Antioch University. Teaching from a place of love and compassion has been the principle of Katerina’s work for over 25 years. With an innate ability and passion in working with seniors and people in need. Katerina has also trained in Hospice direct care, and has been serving the San Juan Hospice since 2011.

Yoga InternatinalKaterina’s signature style (fluid body, grounded mind/grounded body, fluid mind) is represented in the artistry of her sophisticated sequencing and the ability to inspire students and teachers to explore new terrain and to discover the beauty of self-development. Best known for her originality in yoga mandala, her practice evokes a sense wonder at nature. A core part of her work also stems from the transformative experience of her personal healing journey. Over the years, she has developed specialized yogic/somatic therapy for a wide spectrum of people, in particular the elderly, and individuals with medical challenges. Katerina has a rare mastery to reach people of all ages and abilities, touching people in their hearts in a way few ever forget.

I have been practicing yoga for over 25 years and have never came across a special teacher like Katerina. Her ability to transcend the asana practice into a spiritual journey is truly magical.” ~GR
Katerina is an extraordinary teacher – her classes are beautifully choreographed and since I started working with her several years ago my practice has deepened and the benefits have extended to my writing and my life.” – JDC

“You are one of the best yoga teachers. Your teachings have opened my heart and allowed me to feel comfortable in my body again.” DC

“Katerina’s creativity is one of a kind. She has inspired me on so many levels! And her classes always fill me with energy and mental clarity!” – JCW


“Katerina is one of the few teachers I have studied with who is able to transmit the yoga tradition in ways that is realistic for modern people.”-MM


I am forever grateful to Katerina’s dedication in teaching and self development. Her teaching is always fresh and creative. Even after teaching yoga for over 15 years now, I still learn new things whenever I attend her class…” ~KJ

The spiritual energy and vibration of Katerina’s classes are amazing!” ~JL