Infinite Body™

 Grounded Body, Fluid Mind /Fluid Body, Grounded Mind 

The Infinite Body System is the brainchild of Nicholas Corrin and Katerina Wen. How can contemporary human beings live in deep harmony with the cosmos, re-set the troubled state of our world, activate our inner potential, and maintain excellent physical health? Twenty years of research and creative development led them to design a repertoire of moving forms and inner postures (modes of thinking and feeling) based on the intrinsic, fluid-spiraliform language of nature. This inner “moving vocabulary” of nature is visible from the level of nebulae down to atomic nuclei and electrons. It can be witnessed in forms as diverse as coastlines, cumulous clouds, snails, hair, muscles, collagen fibers, DNA and even the outer structure of the human eye (cornea) through which spiraling light (cosmic information) enters and in-so-doing influences our thoughts, feelings and perceptions. This is cosmic choreography through which authentic reality (not the processed reality presented to us by social convention) expresses itself.

The Infinite Body System is inherently flexible and creative. Therefore it has multiple applications and can be used in many different environments. For example, it can be used to develop physical or emotional strength, grace and suppleness. It can be used to help alleviate pain or disease, or to promote longevity, or to increase harmony within groups of people. It can be used as a new way of thinking to generate out-of-the-box solutions for major problems. It effortlessly connects nature, science and mysticism, yet it is inherently practical.

The Infinite Body System allows us to transform stress states into flowing, meditative states which facilitate our creativity and personal (and collective) growth.


Fluid Body, Grounded Mind

In my groundbreaking book, The Power of Letting Go, I explain that the essence of health is composed of two simple basic factors:

1) Good circulation

2) Calmness of mind

This elegant but simple formula accounts for how healthy (or not) we are.

Optimal circulation of our blood, lymph, glandular secretions and emotions alongside a sense of inner calmness and tranquility determine how healthy we are, and even how long we may live. These two factors also determine our possibilities of happiness and success.

In our ongoing Qigong, Yoga and Tai Chi classes, workshops, and special trainings, I also came up with another unique phrase:

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The concept of Fluid Body, Grounded Mind also developed independently out of my patented, futuristic medical modality, Vibropuncture®. By using highly precise, non-local input signals into the patient’s body, even through a computer webcam, amazing therapeutic benefits can be generated. We have seen nothing but exciting and extraordinary results all over the world with this new technique.





Fantastic as this may sound, it still relies entirely on the fundamental formula: 

Fluid Body, Grounded Mind

But it is not simply the presence of  good circulation and calmness of mind that determines the quality of our health. It is how these two components interact. For they must not be seen as separate components, they are entirely complementary and reciprocal.

In fact, good circulation (communication) and calmness (tolerance/patience) are also the basis for any healthy relationship, whether between individuals, groups of people, or even nation states.

It is also well known that all excellence, whether in sports, the performing arts or, indeed, any discipline whatsoever, relies on the optimal combination of fluid movement (circulation) and mental focus (calmness).



“Being in the zone” means what exactly? It means optimal, unblocked, circulation of energy, blood flow, and inner power, and it means, at the same time, to feel completely grounded, centered and free of delusions and mental chatter.

An image, or icon, of this interface between fluid body and grounded mind is the famous Tai Chi symbol:




Here, at the center of the outer octagon known as the Ba Gua, we find the circular Tai Chi symbol, with its interrelated swirls of black and white. Notice that within the black swirl is a white dot, and within the white swirl is a black dot.

The sinuous interface (look at the curved line between the white and black areas) looks very much like the shape of the human spine, with the natural curvature exaggerated. This  sinuous “midline”, evoking that part of the central nervous system embedded in the spine, is the exact location where true integration occurs.

That is to say, the place from where a fluid body and a grounded mind can be generated.

It is the very basis of energetic understanding, excellence and self mastery. And it accounts, not just for the possibility of optimal health, but also for the development of internal spiritual development.

This is the real meaning of Tai Chi which, literally translated means, “The Great Ultimate.”




It is when we expand the essential formula including its mirror image that we get the closest to genuine truth, power, health and expansion of consciousness.

We then arrive at a specific, logical sequence, capable of re-generating coherence in our bodies and minds, which have become “scrambled” by incoherent signals derived from all sorts of sources, from physical to emotional: sources such as toxins, infections, postural impediments, even our subconscious feelings and delusional holding patterns.

Therefore, our most essential formula, and the very basis of our techniques which is built upon the idea of:

Good circulation

becomes expanded into:

Grounded Body, Fluid Mind / Fluid Body, Grounded Mind


The precise sequence you see here Grounded Body, Fluid Mind/Fluid Body, Grounded Mind is the very basis of our revolutionary system for health and self development, which we have called the Infinite Body System.

This system has taken us decades of research and development, and is anchored in the ideas laid out in The Power of Letting Go, our multiple award winning publication.

Learning the entire system itself requires a 12 step program of workshops, study and practice. Stay tuned, as we are now making ready to launch these workshops very soon!