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Comprehensive assessment, history, root cause analysis, protocol design, energy scan and WiFiVibe treatment. The initial consultation zeros in on which primary disturbances are underlying a patient’s symptoms. These may include several different types of cause (e.g. structural, chemical, biological, electromagnetic, psychological). A WiFiVibe scan then determines where these root causes are producing interference in your body’s neural and/or energy circuits. Your very first WiFiVibe treatment will clarify the location of interference factors, and begin to resolve the underlying problems.



Radical Healing

Radical Healing sessions include deeper analysis and life guidance. These are recommended for early life trauma, sexual abuse, addictive behaviors, social anxiety, overwhelm, feeling lost, lack of purpose, spiritual emptiness etc. Radical Healing sessions guide a person to transform self-destructive patterns into fresh resources for growth and personal empowerment.

Follow up WiFiVibe + Consultation

Both acute and chronic problems are treatable with WiFiVibe. More complex issues, especially those that have affected a person for a longer period of time, benefit most from a series of sessions. Sessions are not limited to WiFiVibe but can also include health guidance and recommended supplement advice for detox, longevity, rejuvenation, and natural immune boosting. Ideal protocol for anti-aging.

Weekly Maintenance program

Once a patient has improved sufficiently towards a state of balance, a maintenance program of shorter sessions is recommended. This program is designed to maintain longterm homeostasis. It sustains optimal circulation of energy through cells and tissues, plus healthy emotional processing. Maintenance sessions are prophylactic. They allow us to regularly monitor your health state, protecting against onset of possible problems.

Pet healing

Pet sessions are available for your beloved animal companion. Animals are highly perceptive and sensitive to energy. Our patients have included dogs, cats, horses, deer, fox, ducks, and even frogs! These are the same as sessions for people, but without the verbal interaction.

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