Ortho Molecular Therapy

Nutrient Therapy

“You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a nutritional deficiency.”
—Linus Pauling

nutrientsLinus Pauling, two time Nobel Laureate, was the originator of Orthomolecular Medicine, the true science of Nutrient therapy. By supplying the correct doses and proportions of vital nutrients to the body, most all chronic physical, psychological or psychiatric conditions can be improved, or even cured. This is due to the ecological foundation of human anatomy and physiology: we are a microcosm corresponding to the greater macrocosm. So, when missing elements are supplied to us that enable our inner ecology to recover, our symptoms can also be reversed, and health restored.

Humans require the correct daily doses of both macro-nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium, and trace minerals such as selenium and molybdenum. Usually, these daily amounts are far higher than the RDA, especially when people are sick. Remarkably, supplementing with specific key nutrients such as selenium can provide astounding health benefits, protecting us from many forms of cancer and HIV infection, and even reversing full-blown AIDS. Conversely, soil depletion of key nutrients can create serious deficiencies in our dietary uptake from food, and pre-dispose us to a variety of diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis.

How Can Nutrient Therapy Help Me?

  • Heal chronic physical problems, sickness and general malaise
  • Heal serious mental illness, including clinical depression and bi-polar syndrome
  • Strengthen the immune system, maintain a healthy body and slow down the aging process


We provide specific and broad spectrum nutritional products made by leading companies on the cutting edge of research. We test energetically using the Omura O-ring test for specific deficiencies. In more complex cases, we will refer the patient for a hair analysis and complete customized nutritional protocol at biolifeprint.com.

Omega 3 fatty acids are generally highly deficient in our diets. Also, the process of alpha linoleic acid conversion into EPA and DHA (which are required in adequate amounts both for physical and mental health), is generally too low in males, and also in pregnant women. Astonishingly enough, supplementation with the correct forms and amounts of essential fatty acids can assist in recovery from such serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bi-polar syndrome and depression, as well as improvements with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. For further information, please consult omega3.20megsfree.com.

Also, please view the Eclectic Healing Arts articles on related subjects on the About Us page.

For immune system support we supply K-Pax products, supplemented by other essential nutrients such as EPA and DHA. Please visit kpaxpharm.com for further information, research data and success stories.

For mental illness issues, we provide EMPowerPlus as a basic protocol. Please visit truehope.comfor further information, research data and very inspiring success stories.

We provide a range of cutting-edge nutritional products from leading companies offering highly bio-available supplements that will enhance anti-oxidant acivity within the body, improve phospholipid cell membrane transmission, and enhance repair and healthy replication of DNA in the cellular nucleus.

A high quality detox product is often necessary too, as successful supplementation with nutrients also requires ensuring that the body is able to effectively detox from waste materials, heavy metals and exo-toxins produced by bacteria or parasites living within the blood, intestines or vital organs. For further information on parasite cleansing, please visit kitchendoctor.com.

Our Holistic Approach

At Eclectic Healing Arts, Nutrient Therapy is combined with Herbal Therapy, or the use of Plant Essences and/or Aromatherapy. In this way, bioavailablity of nutrients and proper functioning of uptake systems within cells is enhanced. Such synergy can also be generated by our energetic treatments such as Vibropuncture, Acupuncture and Far Infra Red Therapy. This eclectic basis for treatment combinations produces metabolic synergy, and is the basis of all our treatment philosophy at EHA.


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