Rooted in science, aligned with nature,

WiFiVibe is the ultimate natural medicine

Healing the world by healing the individual, one at a time

WiFiVibe is mirrored by beautiful examples in nature where remote signaling loops reverberate through ecosystems:

Salmon find their way back from deep ocean waters to their spawning grounds by “reading” tilts in the Earth’s magnetic field using special electromagnetically-sensitive cells located on their flanks.

Whales, dolphins, bats and some species of birds, and even shrimp, use echolocation to send out auditory signals. When these signals bounce back, they allow the animals’ brains to form precise visual images of their surroundings. WiFiVibe is similar: tiny signals go back and forth between the physician and patient. Even though there might be thousands of miles of distance in between, healing is always initiated in real time.

With regular treatment, the healing circuit widens like a sonic loop: patients frequently report beneficial effects on the environment around them.

The healing reverberates continually back to the Earth’s geomagnetic field. When electrical energies trapped within a person’s body are released into the ground during treatment, this contributes to a positive uptake in the Earth’s magnetic field. The strength of the Earth’s geomagnetic field is crucial for the health of all life on the planet. So, in a holistic way, WiFiVibe sessions can actively replenish the Earth’s field, one treatment at a time.