Nicholas Corrin, L.Ac., MSOM, MA, Ayurv.Ed., Dipl.CH.

Nicholas Corrin,L.Ac., MSOM, Ayurv. Ed., At the forefront of bridging traditional Asian medicine and contemporary Functional Medicine.

Nicholas Corrin is an original healer, spiritual teacher, consultant and writer. He has achieved international recognition for his unique contributions to the field of advanced energy medicine, specifically his CorrinTechniqueTM and Vibropuncture®.

In his clinic, he typically combines Vibropuncture with Orthomolecular and Herbal approaches consistent with systems biology and Functional Medicine. He also treats many people remotely with Distant Vibropuncture®. This remote healing work is done in real time over the telephone, with the patient reporting back exactly what they are experiencing, minute by minute.

Many patients are also treated with the CorrinTechniqueTM. This is a mind-body healing method utilizing strong, 4,000 gauss ceramic magnets placed strategically along the spine to rectify imbalances in the autonomic nervous system, and thereby shift a person’s mental and emotional patterns back towards health. Often the CorrinTechniqueTM will be combined with Vibropuncture® and with a specific nutritional and exercise or meditation protocol prescribed for the individual client.

Nicholas initially specialized in advanced modalities for chronic pain and psycho-emotional disorders. Later, he began to focus on alternative treatments for AIDS, cancers, neuro-degenerative disease and auto-immune disorders, and on detox for environmental toxins. He joined the FACT forum group of physicians formed By Dr. Garry Gordon MD, DO. Nicholas Corrin has combined many insights from Dr. Gordon’s FIGHT protocol and also from ongoing research and meta-analyses disseminated through the FACT forum.

Nicholas Corrin treats each patient as an entirely individual case, and spends quality time with each person to try to understand what is really going on inside – on all levels of the person’s being. His E.N.E.R.G.I.E.S. approach allows him to examine mind body interactions and how these might add to and influence hormonal, dietary and infection or toxin driven imbalances.

Besides his work in medicine, Nicholas is an acclaimed author, and teacher of meditative movement systems. He has previously taught at prestigious schools such as the University of Paul Valery in France, The New School for Social Research in New York, and the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Nicholas Corrin is the author of “The Power of Letting Go” a comprehensive study of self-healing, meditation, and our personal place in the cosmos. This award winning book provides the intellectual basis for his movement class system, the Infinite Body SystemTM, and also for his consultant work with individuals or groups of professionals seeking higher levels of performance, inner harmony and fulfillment.