San Juan Island

In former times, this island was named “Spirit Island” by the indigenous people. It maintains a discreet modesty, hard to define, yet distinct. On its western flanks, the view across Haro Straits leads the eye to Vancouver Island. In these glittering waters riven by powerful currents the resident Orca pods breach during the summer months as they hunt for salmon. In winter, the island is often veiled in mist for parts of the day.

Those who know the island understand that, despite its small size, it holds a multitude of different terrains and stunning vistas, and is home to a great number of eagles, hawk, foxes, deer, and heron as well as sea otter, seals and even sea lion.

Most importantly, it offers up its quiet presence for whosoever is in need of peace and inner reflection. It will not distract you nor will it disturb you. It will let you be, and it will lead you to self-reflection.

For these reasons, it can be a space for healing, ideal to come to when we need to let go of what is unnecessary and focus on what is most essential. For those of us who have developed chronic health problems or come adrift from life, the island will offer us its peace and tranquility, its wooded isolation and rocky exposure to the elements, and its beauty edged with mystery.