Women’s Health

Calcium should stay in the right place

How do heart and bone health interact? The answer is calc

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Hormones, Mood and Memory

Hormones and History

In the Victorian Age, self righteous male doctors condescendingly

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Bone Health For Women

Why Women Are Afraid And Confused

Most women are understandably confused and very afrai

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Bisphenol A, obesity and breast cancer

Just one week ago, Canada became the world’s first nation to declare Bisphenol A a “toxic substance”, and to ban its use. Yet here in the US, the FDA still insists that BPA is safe to use in human food … Read More

Being Thin Can Lead to Bone Fractures

Until fairly recently, the medical profession believed unquestioningly that menopause meant the catastrophic decline of a woman’s reproductive potential. And that this decline  stemmed primarily from her main hormone production shutting down. That main hormone was estrogen. Supplyi

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Adrenal Exhaustion

Might I Be Experiencing Adrenal Fatigue?

Medical doctors rarely check adrenal levels, but naturopaths and alternative physicians do. In C

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Protecting Children and Unborns Against Thimerosal

There has been a great deal of debate around vaccines in recent years, with many cases of infant autism linked directly to thimerosal. Thimerosal is a substance that has been added to child vaccines and also flu vaccines that has … Read More

Prenatal Preventive Medicine

At the dawn of history, woman must have been viewed by her male counterpart as a incomprehensible portal due to her capacity to give birth. The womb is a crucible, a re-generator of flesh and a magical receptacle within which … Read More