Testimonials for Workshop: Nutritional Intelligence and The Power of 5 (February 7&8, 2015)

“Thank you for showing ways to begin a new way of looking at my health and all of the elements that make up my well-being. After the workshop, I decided to change my diet, my relationship with what I take in to nourish my body and mind.” CL

“This workshop has taught me how to eat cleaner, pay attention and learn about my body and be grounded. This was an amazing, wholesome learning experience. Thank you for your wonderful teaching!” ~TM

“This workshop was eyeopening, full of food for thought. It inspired me to incorporate mind-body-spiritual practices on a daily basis for true self-healing and life fulfillment.” ~JL

“The integrative and creative teaching style were very satisfying to my soul. Now I am eager to begin a fresh way of eating, moving and thinking.” ~MK

“I love the interconnectedness between the lecture, movement and delicious food. You have provided a unique, exciting learning experience for me to embrace a healthier life style for my body and mind!” ~SD

“Your ability to translate these ancient old wisdom into a modern language is truly impressive. I love how the theme of nature is always deeply embedded in your teachings. ~LC

“I have learned how to pay more attention to what I am putting in my body and how to move with greater fluidity. This workshop has offered resources for me connect to my inner joy and wisdom. Highly recommended for people who wish to improve their mental, spiritual and physical well-being.”~JK

Testimonials for Workshop: Radiation Remedies (August 24-26, 2012)

“Excellent teaching! Deepest, heartfelt thanks to all of you for your intelligence, experience, passion for healing and protecting the earth and all her beings.”~TDM

“The integration of psychological anecdotes and antioxidants for toxicity were my favorite topics of the workshop. The cooking was awesome. I have learned so much about how to remediate and detox in a healthy, natural way.”~NK

“Every aspect of this 3 day workshop was a holistic experience. It has given me a lot of tools to deal with the radiation fall out, environmental toxicity, etc. I definitely feel more grounded and empowered by all the information that I have learned. Your teaching is so potent for our time.”~JL

“Thank you so much for your life changing and generous sharing of your knowledge and yourselves.”~SDW

“Thank you for all the hard work in presenting this complex material in an organized, holistic and knowledgable way. The workshop has facilitated my desire to transition into a healthy lifestyle.” ~JMC

“All very comfortable presenters. Sure know their areas of expertise. This was a top notch production. Hats off to you!” ~MM

“Thank you for the life saving tools. This was a mind opening experience. I take away two things from this workshop: 1) Don’t be afraid to look at the truth. 2. Use food as medicine.” ~YW

Testimonials for Workshop: Yoga and Inner Strength (January 21&22, 2012)

“The highlights of the workshop were Nicholas’s meditation and philosophy, sense of humor. Katerina’s energy and dedication to yoga and teaching. It was wonderful, very transforming; I had a mystical experience during Shavasana. ~JA

“The integration of the spiritual and the physical was so fluent. This workshop has brought a deeper meaning to my understanding of yoga and spirituality.” ~TLD

“I have finally learned how to apply and understand how energy moves through the body in yoga poses and movement. This experience has encouraged me to reconnect to my inner strength and rekindled my yearning to reach for my highest potential.” ~JV

“This workshop helped me realize how shut down I was. This profound experience has completely opened my heart. I am so grateful. Thank you! ~LM

“I realized the yoga is not just about stretching after this workshop. Thank you for showing me the depth of this practice, and giving me the tools to re-inherit my strength again.” ~KO

“I applaud you for teaching the spiritual and energetic aspects of yoga in a contemporary language. It is also admirable to witness the respectful, flowing dynamic in your duo teaching; you complement each other in such a harmonious way.” ~DM

“So delighted to learn so many spiritual nuggets, words of wisdom, new breathing techniques. Both of you are excellent at creating visualization in your teaching. I had a revelation during our mediation time which was very meaningful.”~PL