Testimonials for  Infinite Body Movement

“I am so blessed to have you both in my life. Thank you for your profound teachings and endless inspiration.” ~TM (2014, Friday Harbor)

“I want you to know how grateful I am for your wise teachings. Everyday, I learn from you, and I hope that some day, I will make the same difference in someone else’s life as you have in mine. We are incredibly fortunate to have two such amazing teachers on this island.” ~ SPS (2014, Friday Harbor)

“This holiday trip to the east coast has again illuminated the fact that our island yoga community is truly unique! This uniqueness is due to your combined dedication, knowledge and experience. I cannot begin to convey the vapid nature of the ‘hot yoga/calisthenics’ that I encountered. Our practice transcends the mere physical to encompass the mental and most importantly the spiritual!  Thank You both for the ‘FIRE’ you have introduced us to and continue to help us cultivate in each and every individual!!! Deepest Thanks.” ~Nmpi (1/13/15, Friday Harbor)

Thank you for such a special practice today. It was soulfully inspiring and mentally and physically awesome! You and Nicholas are so valuable to our community and everyone loves what you bring and share so selflessly with everyone everyday. ~ML (12/21/14 Friday Harbor)

“I especially enjoy when you teach together. The mutual respect and kindness you have for each other is refreshing to witness. Thank you for showing us the beauty of a healthy, harmonious partnership, and what it means to grow and learn from each other.” ~JV

“It is wonderful that you always include nature and environmental concerns as part of your teaching. It has been so enriching for me to experience the presence and the wisdom of nature in your workshops.” ~PM

“I walked away from your program feeling grounded, empowered and motivated to reach for a higher/meaningful goal in life. Your work has encouraged me to embrace a purposeful life. I can’t thank you enough for that.” ~ED

Testimonials for Katerina Wen:

“The spiritual energy and vibration of Katerina’s classes are amazing!” ~JL

“Katerina’s teaching has touched my heart and changed me forever.” ~LK

“Most transformative practice I have ever experienced!” ~SM

“You are one of the best yoga teachers. Your teachings have opened my heart and allowed me to feel comfortable in my body again.” DC

“Katerina’s creativity is one of a kind. She has inspired me on so many levels! And her classes always fill me with energy and mental clarity!” – JCW

“Katerina is one of the few teachers I have studied with who is able to transmit the yoga tradition in ways that is realistic for modern people.”-MM

“As a yoga teacher myself, I can say that Katerina Wen’s class style is unique in this industry.  Her classes are just special. There is a different quality to them that is Katerina’s alone.”-AML

“How incredibly fortunate I was to have Katerina as my first yoga teacher! Thanks to her I am the proud – and astonished! – owner of a body and mind that are healthier now than they have ever been in my life.” KB (8 years later, KB became a yoga teacher)

“You must try Katerina’s class if you want to be inspired!” -TS

“I have been practicing yoga for over 25 years and have never come across a special teacher like Katerina. Her ability to transcend the asana practice into a spiritual journey is truly magical.” ~GR

“Katerina Wen is incredibly dedicated to her own practice, and brings creativity and thoughtfulness to every class. Her classes are challenging and test my limits every time.” – JF

“Katerina is an extraordinary teacher – her classes are beautifully choreographed and since I started working with her several years ago my practice has deepened and the benefits have extended to my writing and my life.” – JDC

“The highly intelligent & creative sequencing of Katerina Wen is unique, sincere and challenging…I always learn something new about myself in her class. I especially appreciate the friendly environment she’s created The circle practice allows us to practice the oneness of yoga in its true essence.” – SY

“I only had the sweet pleasure of taking your class a couple of times long ago, and so appreciate your beautiful presence. I still feel it coming through with students of yours that you impacted so deeply. Those that studied with you for some time have a quality that is so warm and present.” -AP

“Thank you so very, very much for your beautiful way of teaching yoga…for me it has been an experience of feeding on beauty.” ~OB

“Don’t be deceived by Katerina’s delicate look and demeanor. She is amazingly strong, both physically and spiritually. Practicing with her is like climbing up a mountain. It is challenging and can be demanding. But at the end of the class, I always feel the breeze as if I have reached to the top and am standing on the summit with a grand vista before me – where I get to enjoy the most glorious views. It is an exhilarating experience…” ~CF

“I credit my success in teaching to Katerina’s influence. She continues to be incredibly inspiring and full heartedly supportive. Her ability to “excavate” my potential made me a stronger person. I am very fortunate to have her guidance in my life.” ~SR

“I’d never discovered what it means to be on a spiritual path until I met Katerina.”~JR

“Thank you for sharing your spirit and teaching us in the most powerful, creative, compassionate and gentle way. It is very healing to practice with you.”~CC

“I am forever grateful to Katerina’s dedication in teaching and self development. Her teaching is always fresh and creative. Even after teaching yoga for over 15 years now, I still learn new things whenever I attend her class. I am glad that she is now also teaching the elderly now. That means I will get to practice with for a very long time!” ~KJ

Testimonials for Curative Movement:

“Since I have been practicing the curative movement exercises I learned with Katerina, I no longer have neurogenic pain in my thoracic spine area.” JR

“Going to Katerina’s Moving Part sclass is the highlight of my week. I am nourished by her loving, joyous presence and the supportive environment that she has created.” ~PLM

“My motion has been compromised since an accident 50 years ago. Practicing with Katerina has helped me to be able to move more freely and gain more self confidence. I wish everyone could have this wonderful gift in their lives.” ~JDN

“This practice has helped me with my frozen shoulder and taught me how to breathe better. I have not felt this positive and happy for a very long time.” ~JL

“My legs have not had a cramp since I have been to Katerina’s classes. I only wish I’d found out about this class sooner.” ~PK

“I have regained more range of motion with this class within one month than my three years of physical therapy.” ~MT

“I always feel taller and at ease after Katerina’s class. She has provided me with tools to de-stress and keep my balance and joint mobility. I don’t start a day without doing these wonderful exercises. She truly is a blessing to the community.” ~ BD

Testimonials for Qi Gong / Tai Chi

“My high blood pressure has come down to normal. My doctor is amazed and I credit this to self-care practice with Nicholas.” ~CR

“Learning Qi Gong from Nicholas has restored my health.”~JH

“After six months of weekly classes with Nicholas, I no longer suffer from chronic back pain.”~BG

“Nicholas is a profound teacher. Taking his classes enhanced my life in many ways.”~ML

“I find myself waking up and looking forward to the inward focus we get in each class.”~DS

“Qi gong with Nicholas has worked wonders for my joints, especially my hips.”~SS

“For many years I suffered from crippling lower back pains, and often could not move for days. Nicholas Corrin’s special Qi Gong classes have put that problem in the past. I no longer have any back pain at all.” ~RDC

“Not only Nicholas is an excellent teacher, he is also a walking library, ask him anything!” ~PL

“Nicholas has shown me ways to take care of my health and to become more wholesome. Although what he teaches is complex and serious, he is able to deliver it with an extraordinary sense of humor. I also learned to laugh and be joyful again. It pays to start the day with Nicholas’s practice.” ~JG