The Power of Letting Go – transforming fear into love

  • Depth probes into the human soul and our relationship with the natural world
  • Wide selection of unique mind-body exercises for personal growth
  • User-friendly chapters explain the connections between physics, spirit and energy
  • A survival kit for adaptability and confidence in troubled times
  • A manual for wisdom, contemplation and intuition
Awards_2014_Cover_14_5half-x-8half_FRONTRecognized as a “must read, 5 stars book”, The Power of Letting Go has already received four awards in a swath of categories within months of its publication. It delivers stunning insights along with tools to shed stale beliefs and unconscious entrapments. It lights the way for a deeper connection to nature and to our true self.
Composed of elegantly assembled, easy to read chapters, the author interweaves a wide spectrum of cutting-edge studies on health and healing, perspectives on spirituality, investigations into the nature of consciousness and events from his own life. This book has the character of a timeless work that will speak to audiences of all types, faiths and cultural backgrounds. An eloquent work of art, it includes vivid images drawn from nature and poetic evocations of ancestral voices. The messages it carries call out directly to the primal core of what we are.
Each chapter is by itself a source of inspiration and offers up a wealth of information followed by practical meditations and visualization exercises. The book is dedicated to the modern world’s yearning for meaning, and for the possibility of living in harmony, both physically and mentally. Its purpose is to antidote the undercurrents of stress by showing us how to strengthen our spirit and inner values.
The Power of Letting Go has won book awards in the following categories: 
  • USA Best Books: Self-Help
  • ReaderViews: Spirituality and Inspiration
  • Nautilus: Science / Cosmology
  • ForeWord Reviews: Body, Mind, Spirit
  • National Indie Excellence Award: Self Help – Spiritual
This is an inspirational work which challenges us to make our individual and collective lives more meaningful and free. The book asks us to question our unconscious beliefs and offers the reader the opportunity to absorb ancient wisdom in the light of contemporary scientific understanding. Most of all, it encourages us to be courageous in embracing life and love as the only pathway to self-healing and to making positive changes in the world. The book includes a spectrum of energy cultivation exercises and meditations for deepening the mind and re-connecting with the cosmos.
What causes us to suffer? Is the source external, or is it within us? In my work with alternative medicine, people come to me with a wide variety of problems and I do my best to help them. Their suffering is usually part physical, part emotional. However, there is something else that can be observed, deeper down. It is a kind of crack in the structure of their identity. Our mind is the real house we live in and, most often, some damage can be found at ground level. It is through this crack that fear enters.
This book is aimed at showing you how the two sides – active and passive – are, in fact, inseparable, and how to go about recuperating your inborn power, but without causing harm to others. Recuperating power does not equate with selfishness or domination. Such types of power as we typically see in the world and in history might be termed raw types of power. Because they always are used to maintain advantage or superiority over others, to force submission or to destroy, we can see there power in its crude state that has not been refined (or “cooked”) in the fires of reflection. Conscience exists within us all as an elemental fire or light. This light is also a type of power in the universe, and ultimately is far greater than the crude forms of power which always work to the detriment of something else. The power of light can change this raw power and transform it from destruction into creativity and cooperation. If we observe the great tapestry of Nature, we can see within it countless examples of that raw power as species prey on others weaker than themselves.
What are readers are saying about The Power of Letting Go:
“When I picked up The Power of Letting Go by Nicholas Corrin I thought the book would serve me as a guide in my own journey of letting go, which I embarked on four years ago. I never imagined the depth in which this book would touch my life. I found The Power of Letting Go by Nicholas Corrin enlightening and empowering. This is not your regular self-help book – it is a book that will shake the reader’s core as the dots come together. In my opinion it is a five stars book that should be read by people of all backgrounds and beliefs so that we all can start connecting all the dots again.” ~ Susan Violante,
“Nicholas Corrin has accomplished what few writers have been able to do; he has drawn from the wisdom of the ages, as well as from current scientific research and ground-breaking discoveries. Combined with a lifetime of experience in the healing arts, Nicholas has condensed this wisdom into a single volume, and has done so in a style comprehensible to the average reader. This is not a work of theory or conjecture, but one that provides solutions that address many of the problems that plague the body, mind and soul of mankind today. This is more than a self-help book… it is a must-read for complicated times.”
~Northwest Literary Review
“There are so many GEMS of wisdom in this book! It has taught me to look at the world around me differently, and more importantly, to look inside myself and really think about how I can change from within and develop personal empowerment. I particularly liked Part 4, where the author links modern scientific studies with ancient teachings, proving that we really DO have power within us. Every chapter has lots of great meditative exercises. At first I didn’t know how I was going to pick which ones to practice, but as I continued through the book, the Healing Flower Meditation seemed to blare at me like a neon sign; that’s the one I started with, and can work with the others as time progresses. I keep this book handy, and open it in random places to read a page or two, whenever I need a moment to ground myself. Some people read the bible for inspiration and guidance during difficult times; I read The Power of Letting Go: transforming fear into love.” ~SP, Friday Harbor
“In this beautiful book, Nicholas Corrin gives voice to our felt experience of being in this world. But whether we think of life as a spiritual journey or as a coming home, we are undone by our fears and made whole by love. I found the reflections and simple practices in this book to be revelatory of a life ready to be lived – at once modest, intimate and breath-taking!” ~BA, Amazon review
“Not only is Nicholas a great writer, but I am fortunate to be able to take yoga classes from him and Katerina the last two years. Knowing his love of people and helping them become better physically, spiritually and mentally, makes this book an excellent read as I know this author is sincere about his writings and teachings. If you are on a journey of discovery or looking for something that maybe lost within you, Nicholas brings all aspects of the universe together in a very understandable way. This is a book to read, contemplate, read some more and then come back to it time and again.” ~ML, Friday Harbor
“This book is great because it reminded me how nature and the cosmos are mysteries and how I can be a part of this if I choose to be by letting go. It talks about spirit existing inside matter and how to empty my mind of blockages and think my own thoughts. The book covers a lot of ground, but more importantly it presents you with actual ways to open yourself up and it challenged me to become more positive and hopeful.
The exercises and meditations are really useful. This book speaks to anyone looking for a deeper spiritual connection with yourself and who is not afraid to look into their own demons and transform them. The book is also beautifully written, I highly recommend it!” ~DB, NYC
“This is an amazing book that not only shares a perspective of the world we find ourselves in and its effects, but ways to overcome our present situation. Packed with wonderful embodied exercises and ways of looking at ourselves and our world, this is a must read. The Power of Letting Go has a way of tapping into the source of what can heal us. This interweaving of literary, scientific and spiritual perspectives brings us to the core of what is most important in reviving our human experience on this earth at this time. Healing, thought provoking, and aligned with the new world we find ourselves in and how to navigate in peace and harmony. A book that is at the cutting edge of our times.” AS, Peru
“A stunning work of imagination and insight into our deepest problems, The Power of Letting Go by N. Corrin offers us real solutions with powerful exercises and a myriad of fresh perspectives. Definitely a book to share, discuss, read and re-read. It is a book I have returned to on multiple occasions whenever I have felt the need to remember what is most important in life, and when I need to feel inspired and clear.” ~R.K., NY
“Stimulating and inspiring! The Power of Letting Go gave me an expanded sense of what it means to be a human on this planet. It provides new possibilities for healing ourselves and our ecosystem.” ~JN, Friday Harbor
“A book that has touched me in ways few others have. It articulates for me the half buried thoughts I carry within myself about life and reality, but find difficult to deliver with such concise precision. I am so very thankful to have found this writer’s beautiful expression of our shared reality which he presents to us without dogma or jargon. A truly humanistic work that explores the outer limits of our human connection with the greater cosmic whole.” ~J.C., PhD., London, UK
Your book is a source of support and inspiration to me. You continue to help me despite no actual face to face for years.” ~ GR. WA