Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are extremely elevated in the United States with a sharp spike for both conditions occurring in West Virginia, and particularly high rates of depression occurring in Oregon and Washington. In the Pacific North West, with its annual low levels of sunlight and concomitant Vitamin D deficiency, depression is well above the national norms. Both anxiety and depression — whether clinical or sub-clinical — also correlate with common physical illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. The table below, provided by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) highlights correlations between anxiety/depression and many common physical problems and behavioral problems.

Diagnosis of
Diagnosis of
CV disease 15.1% 12.4% 13.0% 8.2%
Diabetes 12.9% 11.6% 10.9% 8.2%
Asthma 24.3% 22.3% 23.1% 12.9%
Obesity 35.2% 32.8% 30.5% 24.8%
Smoking 37.9% 30.8% 33.0% 19.3%
Physical Inactivity 43.0% 30.6% 29.0% 24.3%
Heavy Drinking 7.7% 5.9% 6.7% 5.0%

If we scrutinize the CDC statistics, we find the highest correlations of chronic depression with obesity, smoking and a sedentary lifestyle. Anxiety also correlates highest with smoking, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle, in a slightly differing order of magnitude.

Clearly, anxiety and depression are linked with self-medication through overeating and cigarette smoking. Otherwise, they are typically medicated through such prescription drugs as Zanex, Effexor, Prozac and Wellbutrin. A third possibility is that people will mix prescription medications with cigarette smoking, terrible eating habits and physical inertia. Obviously many people will even mix up pharmaceutical medications with recreational drugs alongside the other negative co-factors (sedentary habits and unhealthy eating.)

An Enegetic Understanding Of Depression And Anxiety

Eye by MagritteAny holistic treatment for anxiety and depression will look first at either blockages or hyperactivity in both metabolic and bio-electrical energy flows. If we consider just obesity and physical activity, we can easily see that together, these factors will create sluggish lymph drainage, impaired blood circulation, poor elimination, liver and kidney stress, and will cause pooling of metabolic and other endo-toxins or exo-toxins at various sites, plus accumulation of oxidized fats in tissue. Such disruptions in the major physiological and energetic flow systems of the body will generate disruption in the endocrine system and in brain chemistry. Neurotransmitter ratio imbalances correlate strongly with both depression and anxiety. Since there are also large amounts of neurotransmitter receptors in gut tissue (the second brain), toxic or metabolic overload in these anatomical regions will generate serious mood disorders.

Cleaning Up The Rivers

StreamWhen rivers silt up or become filled with toxic industrial effluents or pesticide residues, the fish die. It is the same in the human body, which consists mostly of water organized into cellular and extra-cellular matrixes, and maintained by flow pathways. In the human body, it is not the fish that die, it is the cells themselves, and gradually, unless the system is cleaned out and restored, the host of these cells, the individual human being. So to reverse pre-conditions for anxiety and depression, along with cellular degeneration, we need to clean out the body by restoring its flow systems and enhancing cellular respiration and oxygenation.

How is This Done?

At Friday Harbor Holistic Health we use the latest advances in oral hydrotherapy to rapidly detox and recharge the system. Vibropuncture with specialized essential oil compounds applied to acupuncture points will then be able to affect the neuro-endocrine pathways and emotional responses based in the limbic system. Depending on whether there are noted deficiencies in essential hormones, amino acids or neurotransmitters such as GABA or serotonin, appropriate supplementation will be provided to enhance rebalancing of the PNEI axis, and induce healthy mood patterns. Herbal products drawn from Ayurveda or TCM can also contribute synergistically towards amelioration.

The Role Of Parasites And Heavy Metals In Mood Disorders

Microorganism proliferation, especially parasitic, can have quite devastating effects on mood and on brain chemistry. Lyme disease is one of the most extreme examples of this phenomenon. Even low levels of parasite or chronic microorganism imbalances, however, can contribute to mood disorders. Usually, such factors also correlate with nutritional imbalances and poor eating and/or exercise habits. At Friday Harbor Holistic Health, we remove parasitical factors via herbal supplements and bio-resonance frequencies capable of zapping the micro-organism. We then tonify the immune system to help it clean up the debris. We  may apply energetic frequencies to help the body rid itself of heavy metal accumulations, along with hydrotherapy detox and oral chelation using cilantro tinctures and chlorella.

The Roots Of Sadness And Despair

Besides any role that toxins, drugs, Vitamin D and UVA deficiencies, parasites or poor nutrition may play in anxiety or depression disorders there is of course a psycho-energetic root which is where the sadness and despair of the individual is concentrated. This may be due to biographical traumas whilst growing up, or in utero. Interestingly, mental illness in general has strong positive correlations with industrialization, urbanization and modern civilization. Serious mental illness has increased multiple-fold since 1750 (1). The meta root of depression and anxiety lies in disconnection from the natural world and its flows and circadian rhythms. This is where energetic treatment can be immensely beneficial by restoring the subtle linkages between the individual and his/her roots in the natural realm: our subtle pathways extend beyond our bodies to link up with the vast energetic fields permeating through the whole of nature. At Friday Harbor Holistic Health, when we restore a patient’s connective links with environing, natural energy fields, their mood patterns can change drastically and permanently, so long as they maintain healthy self-care in general. Care for oneself and care for the planet and all its creatures form one great etheric loop. This is the defining world view of the Q’ero,  the ancient shamanic culture in the Sacred Valley of Peru: the human being is part of the natural and cosmic order. Our mental health, and the health of our souls depends upon our connection and intimacy with nature, the sky, the rivers, the stars, the mountains and the ocean. As children, this is a given for us, but as we grow up, we become socialized and “civilized” to the point where our essence disassociates from its natural origins. To truly conquer anxiety and depression, restoring our sense of oneness with nature is the vital key.


1) Torrey and Miller, The Invisible Plague: The Rise of Mental Illness from 1750 to the Present, New Brunswick, Rutgers University Press, 2002.