Bisphenol A, obesity and breast cancer

Just one week ago, Canada became the world’s first nation to declare Bisphenol A a “toxic substance”, and to ban its use. Yet here in the US, the FDA still insists that BPA is safe to use in human food processing.

What is Bisphenol A? Originally developed as a synthetic form of estrogen (the female sex hormone) in 1936, the original formula was modified in the fifties to produce a clear, glass like type of plastic. This lab invention  belongs to the realm of Frankenstein science. Why? Because the BPA enriched plastic was then used in the manufacture of plastic bottles, cling film, food storage bags, microwavable containers, and also to line the interior of canned food items.

What has been the net effect of this BPA in food packaging? An epidemic of obesity, breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, male infertility and other degenerative conditions. Recent research has indicated that BPA is toxic to human cells at quantities as low as one trillionth of a gram. And yet, every time you ope up a can of tuna, plum tomatoes, or a bottle of say, “Vitamin Water” or “Spring Water”, or every time you cover heated food in saran wrap, or place such food to be heated in the microwave, you are essentially drenching your cells with this toxic, artificial form of estrogen.

Obviously, if you are a man, being overloaded with artificial estrogen is not going to be helpful for your fertility. And if you are a woman, your tendency to gain weight will be multiplied manifold. Worse, breast cancer cells have been observed to proliferate far more quickly and numerously when in the presence of BPA. Yet the FDA, far from protecting us from this dangerous substance, has been more concerned with protecting the interests of big food processing corporations and their profit margins. Not many people realize that the FA, far from conducting its own testing, contracts out for “scientific” testing to private companies, and often ignores the latest scientific literature as though it did not exist.

I recently spent some time in the UK where I grew up before emigrating to the US. I was shocked to both see and read about the literal epidemic in obesity, particularly amongst women and children. The British government is very concerned about the scope of this problem, and its cost to the national economy. But no-one is talking about the role BPA consumption is playing in this. At least the Canadians seem to be waking up.

The bottom line is: whenever possible, eat fresh foods and drink fresh water. Avoid canned food, and anything wrapped or heated in plastic. I know this is not easy: almost everything nowadays is processed, heated or packaged using toxic chemicals, not least of which is BPA. But by working harder to reduce your exposure, you can protect yourself not only against weight gain or infertility, but also against cancer and even brain damage.

Are there ways to restore the body and remove accumulations of BPA? Yes there are. Detoxing using oral chelators such as zeolite on a daily basis is recommended. Also, taking methylated forms of Vitamin B12 and Safe Estrogen Receptor Modulators such as Pueraria Mirifica will together help restore methylation function and re-balance the hormonal system. Of course, most of us today are not just battling BPA in our cells, but literally hundreds of other toxins such as toluene and dioxins. We generally have 10,000 times more pthalates in our systems than only ten years ago.

Watch this Fox News link to see how even the mainstream media is getting concerned with BPA and other carcinogen toxins in our food supply. Most toxins are invisible and pass under our “radar”, but that makes them no less deadly in the long run. Prevention now is a whole lot easier than trying to correct a disease once it has really established itself.