Core Essentials for Dietary Health


The 8 Rules of Optimal Nutrition

by Dr. Nicholas Corrin


Is there a more confusing subject than diet and health? Probably not. In truth, there are a gazillion different ideas out there about what we should or should not eat. Many of us are caught in cycles of ill-health and depression due to poor relationships with food, resulting in weight gain or obesity. Often, our best efforts lead nowhere. This general state of crisis has spawned a whole slew of “health coaches”, both in person and online, but is there a real scientific basis to the advice they provide?


I would like to suggest a general approach to core nutrition based on years of experience together with scientific research.


As I see it, there are two main problems interfering with digestion and assimilation of nutrients.


  • One is a condition of low self-esteem compounded by chronic levels of stress. This produces a compulsive imbalance towards the act of eating itself. Both the emotional parts of the brain and cortical hormone secretions plus the emotion-regulating neurons in the gut are affected.
  • The other is malnutrition resulting from exposure to environmental toxins, electromagnetic pollution, and poor food combining.


This short article will focus mostly on how to address the second condition through an evidence-based, comprehensive dietary approach. However, this will also help those people struggling to come into balance psychologically. When the body works better, the mind will improve: instead of a vicious cycle, a positive cycle will be produced.


As the Romans used to say:


Healthy body, healthy mind



Here is a list of 8 core components required for balanced nutritional status today:


1) Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, natto, and kefir. However, even these alone may not be enough due to leaky gut syndrome. Often people will need a special pro-probiotic product derived from lignite to take care of their leaky gut syndrome. This liquid formula will heal their perforated gut lining. People also may need probiotics derived from the soil (soil based organisms). Health starts in the gut. This approach is called “rebuilding the biome”.


2) Molecular hydrogen products, whether in capsules or liquids. This new class of supplements address molecular cell signaling in the human body. This helps neutralize free radicals and hydrate our organs effectively.


3) Nutrient dense foods derived from chlorella, seaweeds and microalgae. Such foods are very high in RNA and other nucleic acids, which maintain and repair our DNA. Seaweed are a vital source of elemental iodine, a “must-have” not only fr the thyroid gland but for every single cell in the body.


4) Detoxifiers or chelators. This type of supplement is a cell cleanser. Chelators help to remove poisons such as heavy metals and plastics which have accumulated in the body.


5) Adaptogens and energizers: many traditional diets emphasize daily intake of these special foods. For example, Maca, a cruciferous root vegetable from Peru, is part of the cruciferous family. Cruciferous vegetables help the body avoid cancer and recover from arthritis. Maca also supports the endocrine system and provides high energy.


6) Essential fatty acids. It is vital to consume an adequate amount of omega 3-rich fats, whether from salmon, flaxseed, hemp or other sources. Such fats are essential also because they extinguish inflammation, protecting us from heart disease and stroke. Coconut oil is a saturated fat, yet it can help people lose weight, improve their memory and increase HDL cholesterol levels.


7) Time-honored immune stimulants. The three most important foods in this category are probably onions, garlic and ginger.


8) Exercise. Nutrition is not only about what we put in our mouths. It is also about how we take care of our vital organs. Exercise for optimal health should be more holistic than conventional workouts such as jogging, cycling or going to the gym. The most beneficial types of holistic exercises slowly massage our organs of digestion from within. Such inner massage promotes optimal digestion, detox and assimilation of nutrients by the target cells. This is why people who practice Tai Chi or Qigong daily (and in the correct way!) often live much longer and healthier lives than those who don’t.


Happy eating!