Detox For All

We live in a world so saturated with toxins, we might say we are all but drowning in an invisible ocean of poison, yet most of us are scarcely aware of how seriously this chemical onslaught is endangering our health. The list includes unsuspected items such as flame retardants on furniture (which depress thyroid function and can disturb our entire metabolism), teflon residues and aluminum traces from cookware, dental implants and amalgams, scotchguard, paint thinners and other household glues and cleansers, personal care products, airborne wastes from incinerators and tailpipes, and of course, herbicides and pesticides.

Anyone who doubts these facts may want to follow this link:  This acclaimed video was produced by the Environmental Working Group. It is entitled, Ten Americans and it documents the analysis of  a single drop of blood taken from ten unborn babies (fetuses) in 2004. The samples from these unborns were tested for a total of 413 known, toxic chemicals. A total of 287 toxic chemicals was found in the blood of these fetuses, at an average of about 200 per sample. So, how do so many toxins enter into the child before it is even born? It was previously held that the placenta acted as a chemical filter, protecting the fetus from toxins circulating in the maternal blood. We now know, conclusively, that this is not so.  Equally disturbing is the vulnerability of the developing fetal brain to this overload of toxins: the blood-brain barrier has not yet formed at this early stage. Hence, there is no built-in buffer to protect the infant brain from circulating toxins.

Perhaps the most disturbing data from the blood testing revealed the presence of 212 industrial toxins and pesticides that were banned in this country over 30 years ago. How can we explain this phenomenon? Unregulated sale and use of toxic agro-chemicals returns to haunt us in the form of untested imports from Central America, China and many other parts of the world. The toxins within these products and foodstuffs gets concentrated within the tissues of the mother and is then transferred to her baby in utero before the child had even breathed a single breath of homegrown, polluted air! Talk about beginning life with a handicap. And lest anyone should listen to the corporate misinformation put out that the levels of these toxins are too minute to make a difference, we should remember that commonly prescribed,  potent pharmaceutical drugs require only a few parts per billion to be active in the human body, and that many of these 287 toxins greatly exceed those ratios. Nor do we have any real idea of how this phenomenal mix of circulating toxins interacts within the complex systems of the human body.

So what to do? Detoxification has been an integral part of traditional medicine for millenia. In Ayurveda, for example, Pancha karma was developed as a therapy to rid the body of unwanted toxins. This was done through sweating, fasting, and even emesis (purging from the stomach.) However, traditional toxic patterns (called Ama in sanskrit)  were generally the result of bad digestion and/or  unsanitary conditions . Whereas today’s toxins come from all sources and are absorbed from the air, the rain, the groundwater, municipal treatment facilities, farm raised fish, meat production, common food packaging, plastic water containers and, not least, from electro-magnetic sources such as computers and cell phones. Even from couches and pillows that we rest our heads on! So how to protect ourselves?

There are answers: a great deal of work and research has been done in the field of chelation and detoxification. Where can we find a really excellent, user friendly product that, when taken consistently, will clear out these toxins from our cells, blood and even from our bones? In my opinion, the best oral product available today is a zeolite capsule called Zeogold. This product is far superior to all the other zeolite products on the market, with a manyfold greater surface capacity to pull out toxins from the system. It also includes other ingredients which optimize cellular cleansing and regeneration, plus liver enhancement. These other ingredients are 1) The most advanced form of Lipoic acid that has been developed. 2) Oral glutathione which, as is now becoming recognized, canbe directly absorbed into our cells where it functions as the primary intracellular anti-oxidant, plus marshal of many complex immune responses.  3)  The most advanced and assimilable vitamin C yet developed, Bio-Energy C, which includes folate and various methylation factors for enhanced absoprtion.

The second overwhelmingly useful and powerful detox procedure for today’s p0lluted world is far infra-red technology. Far infra-red saunas emit a narrow micron range of frequencies deep into the cells, causing release of toxic molecules and expulsion via the sweat glands. It is now quite possible to purchase pre-built home saunas using far infra-red technology. Unfortunately, it is not yet very easy to find many saunas that offer high quality far infra-red to the public. For serious conditions that require intense treatment, Onnetsu far infra-red therapy can deliver health benefits directly into diseased portions of the body. Please read up on Onnetsu theory on our Treatment Methods page. Also, check in for more upcoming blog information about self-care and detox, or feel free to email our office for further information or consultations.