Distant Healing

Friday Harbor Holistic Health provides a unique form of distant acupuncture to treat patients who are out of town and cannot come into the office. This is a special application of Vibropuncture where the spatial distance between the patient and doctor is greatly magnified, even to thousands of miles. The treatment is first performed whilst the patient is on the phone and providing constant feedback about what he/she is experiencing in the body, and where the Qi is moving. After an effective feedback loop has been established, and after the proper movements of Qi in the patient’s body have been confirmed by patient response, further sessions can be transmitted without use of the telephone.

We have found, so far, that with this technique there are no limits as to distance. We have performed this type of non-local acupuncture all over the globe.


What is WiFiVibe?

On the invisible level, our world is mapped out by intricate webs of energy exchange. This includes our electromagnetic frequencies, our biofield, earth’s magnetic field, and geothermal patterns, etc. While not apparent to the naked eye, the quantum dimension is the pivotal drive behind the existence of all living things. Quantum biology is increasingly recognized by those scientific communities at the forefront of modern technology.

Just as the internet allows us to see each other and communicate without any physical contact, WifiVibe is an advanced healing technology that allows patients to receive treatment without any device or physical interaction.

Our body is composed of oscillating particles that make up its trillions of cells, atoms and molecules. In the brain alone we have at least 85 billion nerve cells, and some estimates go as high as one trillion. Our cortical neurons interconnect with neurons of our peripheral nervous system, transmitting a wide range of frequencies and electrical currents throughout our bodies. WiFiVibe functions as acupuncture in space: the physician takes a holographic reading and diagnoses the field of currents and waves that exist both inside and outside of the patient, then “re-wiring” them to a state of homeostasis and health.

How it works:

WiFiVibe integrates holographic imaging with subtle vibrations emitted by the patient. These vibrations are detected via a golden needle (capped with concentric circles inset with a diamond) held in the physician’s hand. From his fingertips, information is transferred to his sensory cortex and then to the occipital lobe, where it is decoded into a diagnostic template (in-put). Internal imaging techniques are then performed on the patient’s hologram within the physician’s brain. The golden needle functions both as a scanner and as an emitter. It transmits laser like beams towards the patient with high precision (out-put). These emissions permeate the patient’s biofield, brain waves and nervous system, creating a boost charge to the network.

Background and practice:

As a doctor of Oriental and Ayurvedic medicine I attune acupuncture points, meridians, nadis, and chakras. I have in-depth knowledge as to how these subtle organs influence our cellular structures and psyche.  My certification required a wide spectrum training inclusive of western and functional medicine. This has made me well versed in the allopathic approach to physiology and how holistic medicine interacts with western pharmacology, and with modern pathologies. The foundation of my practice is built on the wisdom of both the ancient and most up-to-date scientific paradigms. My goal is always to treat the whole person, as promptly as possible, in a cost effective way.

Since early in life, I had a heightened ability of sensing and seeing people’s minds and bodies. Through decades of clinical practice, plus in-depth training of this 6th sense, I further developed my medical intuitive abilities to perceive and heal the person as an energy being. Instead of simply seeing the person’s physical body and listening to their medical complaints, my clairvoyance allows a perception of a dynamic energy field interweaving the body with currents (akin to electrical ley lines) and vibrational spirals, volutes and columns of energy. During treatment, my fingertips and brain decode holographic signals from the patient’s vibrational field (which is often full of disturbance, like dirty, wrinkled laundry). I utilize my medical knowledge and laser-like mental ability to smooth out these wrinkles, flush out blockages, and re-calibrate the “wiring” system into a harmonic state. Often, I also hear a myriad of strange sounds which correspond to blockages being dislodged by healing currents of energy. These unusual sounds are inaudible to the normal ear. Patients with clairaudient sensitivity also hear these sounds.

Method Summary:

WiFiVibe (advanced acupuncture in space). Rapid remote healing via a computer webcam interface or landline phone.

Fusion of modern technology, holographic consciousness, and traditional medicine (expanding beyond acupuncture meridians and non-local neurobiology)

Restoration of the electromagnetic field: neural circuits become more coherent, induces quick pain relief, enhanced energy and mood, and better overall health.


1. No needle or physical contact required, no side-effects.

2. Ideal for highly sensitive people (physically and psychologically).

3. Patient can be located anywhere in the world. Treatment takes place in real time. Remain within safe and comfortable environment of your own home.

4. Beneficial in age of Covid: eliminates unnecessary exposure to virus, no public interaction, no need to attend a clinic.

5. Savings: a) travel time and gas b) typical acupuncture protocols require multiple treatments and lengthy sessions whereas WiFiVibe fast-tracks healing.

6. Zero carbon footprint: no pollution/Co2 from driving.

7. Zero trash: no bio-hazard waste, no plastic, no paper, no toxic cleaning supplies.

8. Last minute, emergency treatment available.


1. Sherlock Holmes-like diagnostic ability to get to the bottom of things: the root cause of health challenges is quickly detected.

2. Reintegrates nerve signaling throughout body, resolving pain, depression and old trauma.

3. Optimizes health by enhancing blood circulation and thermal state of your body.

4. Reduces stress by balancing autonomic nervous system.

5. Increases brain power and muscular strength by stimulating alpha brain wave.

6. Boosts natural immunity and neuro-immunological function.

7. Improves cellular detox, lymphatic drainage, and nutrient absorption.

8. Pain can also be emotional. Our special mind-body technique helps heal the pain in your heart as much as your body.


1. Speedy, often dramatic, reduction in pain.

2. Feel refreshed and energized after each session.

3. Non-invasive deep tissue healing.

4. Induces structural and postural re-alignment.

5. Mood enhancing, improves mental/emotional state.

6. Increases performance and physical stamina.

7. Consistent treatment produces anti-aging effects, slows down cellular degeneration.

8. Boosts natural immunity.


Rooted in science, aligned with nature, WiFiVibe is the ultimate natural medicine

WiFiVibe is mirrored by beautiful examples in nature where remote signaling loops reverberate through ecosystems:

Salmon find their way back from deep ocean waters to their spawning grounds by “reading” tilts in the Earth’s magnetic field using special electromagnetically-sensitive cells located on their flanks.

Whales, dolphins, bats and some species of birds, and even shrimp, use echolocation to send out auditory signals. When these signals bounce back, they allow the animals’ brains to form precise visual images of their surroundings. WiFiVibe is similar: tiny signals go back and forth between the physician and patient. Even though there might be thousands of miles of distance in between, healing is always initiated in real time.

With regular treatment, the healing circuit widens like a sonic loop: patients frequently report beneficial effects on the environment around them.

The healing reverberates continually back to the Earth’s geomagnetic field. When electrical energies trapped within a person’s body are released into the ground during treatment, this contributes to a positive uptake in the Earth’s magnetic field. The strength of the Earth’s geomagnetic field is crucial for the health of all life on the planet. So, in a holistic way, WiFiVibe sessions can actively replenish the Earth’s field, one treatment at a time.

What To Expect from the treatment:

In a WiFiVibe session, pain disperses rapidly, and energy levels improve.

During a session, effects such as warmth, tingling, pulsations, waves or other such pleasant sensations are often felt. This always indicates that your body is in active healing mode.

It is not necessary, however, for the patient to have such sensations during treatment in order to get the benefits.

People who have suppressed emotions, controlling personalities, or are too much in their heads tend not to feel energy moving in their bodies at first. Over time, as they get back in touch with their feelings, their bodies become more sensitive.

People with weak energy often fall asleep quickly and stay asleep for the entire time.

If there are high levels of toxins, or significant blockages in your body, uncomfortable reactions may occur in the early stages of treatment, until the obstacles have been cleared.

Intense sensations of heat or cold, or combinations of heat and cold, occur when there are elevated levels of toxins, infectious micro-organisms, or parasites in the body, or when there are intense, deeply repressed emotions. 

Intense sensations are usually temporary and give rise to more pleasant, calmer sensations as the body grows healthier and negative emotions are cleared.


How Can I Sign Up For Distant Healing At Friday Harbor Holistic Health?

Email us an inquiry regarding treatment. After a brief initial email consultation, we will advise you whether we think that WiFiVibe might be of benefit for your condition.