Dynamics Of Healing

To treat any set of symptoms, the root causes must be identified and corrected. It gets us nowhere by simply addressing symptoms as they arise. This is the typical approach of conventional medicine, which markets and applies increasingly harsh drugs to suppress symptoms without affecting any genuine cure. Besides an array of often dangerous side effects, these new generations of pharmaceuticals suppress the original problem more deeply into the body, aggravating the real disease and making it harder for the body to respond to natural medicines.

Often, however, the roots of a problem are tangled and complex. This means that chronic problems may need to be addressed in various ways and at different levels simultaneously or sequentially. There may be issues or imbalances affecting various systems: Endocrine System, Autonomic Nervous System, Metabolic and Immune Systems may be entangled into a complex syndrome. Each aspect of this may need to be treated as part of a holistic approach. Chronic problems affecting the skin, sinuses, lungs or immune response may require detoxification of organs through the removal of heavy metals, parasites or accumulated waste materials in blood, lymph, or tissues.

Also, problems may originate on a pre-physical level which causes flucuations in symptoms that cannot be naively correlated with bood chemistry panels. Indeed, imbalances may not consistently show up on blood panels if they are pre-physical and energetic in nature. They can be due to mind body interactions at an energetic level that occur at a precursor level to actual cellular activity. Such precursor fluctuations are more common with certain types of patients who are more highly sensitive or “thin-skinned”. In traditional medicine, these fluctuations were long ago identified with excesses in the Wind or Air element. Today, we can understand these problems as due to electromagnetic disturbances within the body circuitry that then affect endocrine, metabolic, and neuro-immune pathways.

How Can This Type of Medicine Help My Condition?

  • Opportunity to reduce dependency on medications
  • Reduce intake of supplements that may not be helpful
  • Re-balance the Psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunological axis
  • Restore proper Parasympathetic Nerve function
  • Reverse unhealthy growths, neurotoxicity and immune dysfunction
  • Provide adequate brain nutrition to allow for mental health
  • Treat the deeper causes of the problem whilst also alleviating symptoms
  • Experience a gradual cleansing and re-balancing of the entire mind-body system
  • Come to a better understanding of how to heal at a deeper level