Earth Day 2018

Sunday, April 22nd is Earth Day.

Earth, water, light, life

Earth, water, light, life

The Earth

…is our original mother.

Simple beginnings...

Simple beginnings…

She loves us all, but we have treated her very poorly in return. It is time to change all this. Not just a little bit, but radically.

It all starts with a sense of wonder. As children, the miraculous nature of life streamed unimpeded through our eyes. Everything around us was alive! We felt it! We knew it! But our spiritual connection with nature, and with Mother Earth, was soon washed out of us. We were conditioned to function as members of  “society”. We lost our umbilical connection with the Earth.

Well, looking at the state of the world today, that conditioning hasn’t worked very well, has it? We are now right at the tipping point. Everyone in their right mind knows this. Only liars and fools dispute that we are on the brink of global catastrophe. Some even deny the reality of global warming, claiming it to be a neo-liberal corporate conspiracy. Shame on them. We all know how our overly-surveilled world is now rigged by banking cartels, shadow government agencies, mind control, and behind-the-scenes-boardroom dealings.

But let’s be truthful, grounded, and open-minded: we all live on one single Earth, our solitary home. And we, collectively, as a species,  have somehow allowed very bad things to happen to our home, and our mother.

So we, as individuals, must take the initiative, take the reins, and turn this thing around.

This post offers simply a few  inspiring images. Please find your own inspiration and share with others. Now is the time.

Inspiration is at the source of all life, whether human, or more-than-human. Whether in distant galaxies or right here in your back yard.

Let’s demand some real change on Earth’s behalf, instead of more fake news, more political gridlock, more bloodshed, and instead of giving in and simply allowing the imbecilic “usual suspects” to take us round and round in crippling circles as our magnificent home falls into ruin.

Focus on Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day, and protecting its most precious commodity, Water.


Primal spin: The Earth originated from a vortical nebula, as did we.

Primal spin: Our Earth originated from a vortical nebula, as did we all.

A leap of faith, a Love for the Earth

A leap of faith, a Love for the Earth.