Flower Essences

Flower Essences

herbal_0501Whereas essential oils use a distillation process to produce a highly concentrated oil from a plant, flower essences are made by steeping the petals in water that is then exposed to sunlight over a period of hours. Flower essences work on the mental-emotional level, and are very helpful for psychological issues which often underlie or entangle with physical issues. Flower essences, which are taken orally, can be therapeutically combined with essential oils applied to acupuncture points on the body.

The human psyche is a very delicate and individual organ, and the personality plays a significant role in both symptom presentation and immune response. Dr. Edward Bach of England was the first modern physician to discover the science of Flower Essence medicine. He realized that seven different types of intestinal bacteria could be correlated with seven distinct personality types in humans. From here, he went on to establish the illness-personality dyad by means of which subtle enegertic disturbances at a mental-emotional level downplay into physiological functioning. By exposing different petals to solar rays in a bed of water, healing frequencies are infused that can re-balance these chaotic aspects which induce psychological and/or physical illness. Today, Flower Essences are developed locally all over the world, from Australia to Alaska.

“The sun, upon striking the water, melds into the water the life-force of the flower, and this is transferred to people when they assimilate these vibrational essences.” (1)

How Can Flower Essences Help Me?

essences3When we understand the complexity of human functioning, it becomes clear that clinical drugs – and even many natural supplements that only operate on physical levels – will not always succeed in healing us. True, they may successfully treat one level of a problem, yet not reach into other aspects an imblance which originate at higher frequency levels in the person’s electromagnetic field. These chaotic factors can correlate with a wide variety of emotional characteristics such as fear, inertia, self loathing, chronic pessimism, poor confidence, anxiety, neediness, feeble boundaries, abjectness and so on. Flower essences, along with other subtle healing remedies (see Crystal Healing page) can tackle these delicate vibrational impairments and assist more physical medicines to be successfully absorbed into the body proper.


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