“Fight Like with Like.”
—Samuel Hahnemann

homeopathy2Homeopathy began with the publication of Samuel Hahnemann’s The Organon of Medicine in 1810. Since that time, Homeopathy has proved of immense benefit to humankind. It is extremely popular in Europe; it is the preferred form of medicine taken by the royal family in England; and it is the major form of medicine practised in India.

How Does Homeopathy Differ From Mainstream Drugs?

Hahnemann was originally an allopathic physican who felt that conventional medicines abuse the patient with harsh drugs, and break the Hippocratic oath not to harm. For this reason, he created Homeopathy, a system which works with the Life Force. Homeopathy is actually a form of energy medicine which is based on the concept of like curing like, the Law of Similars. Whereas conventional drugs attack a problem with a strong opposing force, homeopathic substances gently stimulate the immune system into gear by an energetic “reminder” of what it needs to deal with. The medicine is chosen based on its simliarity to the symptoms of the patient. Medicines are prepared from substances which have been potentized: potentization invoves two steps (i) Dilution and (ii) Succussion. By diluting a substance such as aconite or arsenic, its molecular toxicity is removed and only its energetic stimulus remains. Succussion is a form of shaking which embeds the frequencies of the original substance into the carrier fluid in which it has been dissolved. Most frequently, homeopathic medicines are given to patients in the form of tiny pellets.

How Is Homeopathy Used At Friday Harbor Holistic Health?

We often use homeopathic remedies for skin problems such as atopic dermatitis or urticaria. Homeopathic remedies can also be very helpful for coughs and upper respiratory infections, chronic headaches or children’s problems. However, Homeopathy can also be used at deeper levels, to address constitutional aspects of illness. Part of this approach may involve the theory of Miasms, which are organic predispostions within the rganism towards certain groups of symptomatic presentation. Because homeopathy is actually a form of energy medicine, it works on the “interface” between body and mind, which is where chronic problems tend to be programmed.

Homeopathy remedies can bring deep healing into the mind at levels other medicines usually cannot reach. This power of homeopathy to work at a soul level was greatly advanced by the contemporary homeopathic physician, Dr. Rajan Sankaran, who resides in India and founded the Bombay School of Homeopathy. His method involves looking at the precise energetic and mental disturbance affecting the patient, and then connecting this energetic portrait with a remedy that mirrors it as exactly as possible.

Are There Any Dangers Associated With Homeopathy?

No. Homeopathic remedies are not in themselves toxic. By contrast, most allopathic drugs have some level of toxicity to the body, especially when taken long term.