Is Vitamin C good for a cold or flu?

Q: I’m coming down with the flu. What should I do?

A: Vitamin C is extremely beneficial. However it comes in different forms and is not tolerated well by everyone. In many people, ascorbic acid will trigger loose stool or diarrhea, even at low doses. Also, Vitamin C cannot stored in the body for very long, and needs to be replenished every few hours.

In natural fruits and vegetables, ascorbic acid (which is often sold as Vitamin C) is integrated with bioflavonoids, and many other important substances such as j-factors and p-factors. These are usually found in or under the skin of fruits. The best Vitamin C product around today is called Bio-Energy C, and this product has been documented to upgrade immune cell response strongly. Also it will not upset your bowel as it is buffered.