The Emotional Root of Disease

At least 90% of human illnesses have an emotional root. Even the WHO has recognized this reality. Therefore, emotional healing must be a vital component of any long-lasting, effective healing. If the emotional root is not treated, symptoms of one physical disease may just morph into a different presentation if they have been merely suppressed.

In New German Medicine, this dynamic has been recognized, and physical diseases such as cancers have been correlated with concentric markings on areas of brain tissue, signifying emotional trauma stored in the patient’s memory. In homeopathy, the understanding of trauma deeply held in the physical tissues is basic. And in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda from India, emotional upset is seen as an equal if not greater cause of human illness than outside environmental factors such as accidents, infections or toxins.


Our approach to emotional healing involves talk, touch and re-alignment of subtle organs in which trauma has been stored. The psychotherapeutic aspect of talk therapy is well suited to Western people, as it has been a part of our culture at least since the time of Freud and the first probings into the human unconscious. However, talk therapy alone does not always succeed in transforming the core issues a patient is carrying. Also, it may only work in a very slow way. Our approach to emotional healing involves both talk and energetic therapies. It is patient centered, and modulated to the specific condition of each individual patient.

How Does This Therapy Differ From Psychotherapy?

This therapy is grounded in Ayurvedic medical theory. This means that mind and body are not seen as separate entities at all, and the person is viewed as deeply connected to the cosmos and to all-that-is. Also, the person is understood as existing on many levels simultaneously. These levels are: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. Usually, most of us have problems at the emotional and mental levels, which then percolate down into the energetic and physical layers, causing imbalances, and eventually disease occurs. In this therapy these various layers are addressed in specific ways to restore them to balance. A key portion of this approach may involve  shifting the patient’s fixed ways of thinking or seeing the world – patterns that have become embedded in the patient’s mind as a result of early life, or even intra-uterine trauma.

What Techniques Are Used?

We use Vibropuncture to re-align channels and chakras. We use counseling and psychological techniques based in Ayurveda and Oriental philosophies of oneness. And we also include non-pharmaceutical physical interventions to ensure that the endocrine system is not disrupted, or that neurotoxins or nutritional deficiencies are not interfering with the patient’s mental functioning, and specifically their limbic system, where the bulk of our emotional processing occurs.