What about Swine Flu?

Q: I’m scared of the flu, especially HIN1. What should I do?

A: There has been a great deal  of fear generated around HIN1, and people have been driven to accept vaccinations. However, in many European countries, HIN1 has now been downgraded to a non-threatening virus, and vaccinations are frowned upon or even banned. The reason is that the flu vaccines contain extremely toxic ingredients such as thimerosol, which is ethyl mercury. These European governments feel that the pharmacological industry has been putting people at risk with toxic flu vaccines that are not really effective or even necessary. They can even be fatal for some children, and they can trigger autism. It is advisable to inform yourself as thoroughly as possible before making your mind up on this issue.

I always recommend to people that they spend time collecting information and then carefully reviewing it with a qualified health professional before making any important decision regarding their health. It is important to make up one’s own mind on this and other challenging issues.