What else can I do to avoid getting colds and flus?

Q: I want to bolster my protection against colds and flus. What do you recommend?

A: 1) Make sure you eat a healthy diet year round, with plenty of fresh produce, organic whenever possible.

A: 2) Avoid stuffy, unclean air, exposure to air-conditioning and excess intake of cold drinks.

A: 3) Get plenty of sunlight and fresh air.

A: 4) Make sure your exercise regularly, but make sure not to overdo it.

A: 5) Avoid emotional upset and lack of sleep as these will cut your immunity down very quickly.

A: 6) Include plenty of garlic and onions and ginger in your diet, as long as you can tolerate them well.

A: 7) Supplement with a high quality Vitamin C and Vitamin D3, plus zinc and selenium, especially during the winter months.

A: 8) Don’t spend too long at the computer, in front of the TV or on the cell phone, as these will down grade your immune response.

A: 9) Be appreciative of your body, and treat it well: it is the only one you have!