What Is Autoimmune Disease?

Your Body Attacking Itself

Normally, our immune system is supposed to protect us by attacking what it identifies as our enemies: bacteria, viruses, fungi and so on. It recognizes and even remembers these enemy particles by certain markers that it picks up on their surfaces, markers which identify them as alien to the body. By contrast, each of our own cells has special markers which present to us as “self”. But sometimes, things go badly wrong, and the immune system starts to attack our own cells.

What Causes Auto-Immune Diseases?

Conventional medical theory has no convincing theory to account for the occurrence of auto-immune disease. It is viewed as a generally unexplained malfunction of the human immune system, with the cause being either genetic or infectious. Certain micro-organisms are credited with the capability of tricking the body into a state of confusion, by mimicking the self defining antigen that distinguishes our cells as our own. In this way, it is thought, noxious microorganisms can trigger the onset of auto-immune disorders.

Nevertheless, today that are many more factors capable of initiating a state of autoimmune disease in human beings. These multiple factors include pesticides, herbicides, industrial waste materials, genetically modified organisms, over use of anti-biotics and other pharmaceuticals, nutrient-depleted soils, electro-magnetic pollution, and sedentary lifestyles with little exposure to sunlight or to nature in general.

Auto-Immune Disease Can Also Produce Psychological Disorders

Auto-immune disease can be one of two types: 1) local (where one specific organ alone is attacked.) 2) systemic (where multiple areas or parts of the body come under attack.)

12 out of 14 versions of auto-immune disease involving multiple sites (so-called polyglandular disorders) also involve psychiatric aberrations. (1) This means that the effects of auto-immune disease also commonly affect the mind and the emotions. This is because of disturbances within the endocrine organs which strongly affect our mood and our thinking process, and therefore also within the chakra system. The chakra system correlates with the glandular system at a subtle level.

What Treatment Exists for Auto-immune Conditions?

Conventional approaches rely on suppressing immune responses through the use of steroids. Long term use of steroids is severely damaging to the body.

Alternative approaches to auto-immune disease use herbs and energetic balancing to calm down the inflammatory reactions within the immune system, and prevent the generation of antibodies against host tissue. Using total body detox to remove to reduce the presence of offending toxins that have unbalanced the system is a key ingredient of the alternative protocol.

(1) The Journal of the Society of Psychosomatic Medicine, Richard C.W. Hall, MD et.al.,1982, Psychiatric Manifestations of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.