Yoga Therapy

Group Class: Chair Yoga at Mulllis Center

Ideal for seniors or people with special needs

Tuesdays 1:00 – 1:45pm

$6 drop-in or Monthly registration through Mullis Center

  • Folks can stop by the Mullis Center to sign-up and pre-pay, M-F from 9 AM – 4 PM.
  • They can call the Mullis Center at 360-378-2677 for more information.
A special class designed to enhance the overall quality of your life. It is deeply gratifying to be able to move and breath better again.

This class delivers a wholesome system of gentle exercises very beneficial for seniors, or anyone who might be facing restricted range of movement (whether it is disability, injury or illness). The principles of this system are based upon the fluid motions to found everywhere in nature; thus the body will assimilate these movements in a very joyful, organic way. 

The exercise are safe and restorative, accompany with rhymes, fun sequences. We will learn how to move our body with greater awareness and ease. It will help you to regain range of motion and confidence, a better posture and overall well-being.  Everything is simple, easy to learn, combined with breathing techniques which support the health of our heart and respiratory system, and promote relaxation and calming of the mind. We will also learn yoga for the face,  a fun way to enhance your complexion and facial expression. Exercise that calibrates the brain and dexterity. Eye exercises that will benefit your vision.  

Each movement can very easily be to modified for individual needs. The class provides a way to sustain longevity and retain healthy faculties (both physical and mental). It is a great way to to stay active and fit for longer, even well into advanced age. This practice inspires people to express the life inside their body, these simple movements can fortify people to cope better with the challenges of aging, disabilities, and retain serenity and joy.

Join us for a delightful time! When the body feels free, we feel happy again. It is so simple. This fun class will even be enjoyable for people who never exercised their entire life! 

Taught by Katerina Wen, M.Ed., RYT, Dipl.Hom, a sweet-temper teacher with over 20+ years of teaching expertise. She has been working extensive with children and people with special needs since 1999, and seniors since 2010.  With a fondness and a rare gift to touch seniors and people with disabilities, she conducts educational seminar for professional teachers and healthcare providers nationally, and is well loved by the island senior community. 

Yoga Therapy for children with special needs

Katerina Wen earned her master degree in Education and was trained and certified by Sonia Summer, originator of Yoga for the Special Child© in 1999. She has worked with children with special needs from various age and spectrum (dawn syndrome, ADHD, asperger, autism, learning disability, cerebral palsy, etc). As well as providing seminars in supporting the work of parents, therapist and educators. Over the last two decades, she continues to improve her skills and develop new ways to help children to overcome and cope their challenges with tools and confidence. 

Private Yoga Therapy 

Special therapeutic session and compassionate, passive stretching for:

  • People with compromised mobility, chronic pain, terminal illness, emotional/life trauma
  • People with disability
  • People in convalescence: recovering form illness or injuries
  • Seniors
  • Hospice patients

Private lessons (for patient and/or family members, care takers), house call and slightly scale available.

Gentle Medicine To Keep You Young and Support Your Healing

Yoga medicine is a powerful complementary medicine we offer at FHHH. It can support acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, infra-red therapy and even psychotherapy. It will also be of great help to patients who still have pain even after physiotherapy or chiropractic adjustments. It will lift your mood and ease your joints.

Yoga, health, & the fountain of youth

We have developed exciting new yoga programs that combine the ancient science of traditional hatha yoga with the latest scientific breakthroughs in sports medicine, nutrition and anti-aging. The essentials of all real yoga practice involves balancing the entire body, and this includes our hormone secreting glands or endocrine system. When our particular practice is followed, it can enable practitioners to shed unwanted pounds whilst restoring and rejuvenating their joints and toning muscles and skin.

At Friday Harbor Holistic Health we have the benefit of 20 years experience working with yoga therapy, teaching yoga and developing yoga healing programs. We know how to assist all types of people, from young children to seniors, even people in wheelchairs.

We can provide customized exercises for patients to practice at home, or we can set you up for tutorials and either one-one, or small group sessions. Friday Harbor Holistic Health has a highly skilled yoga therapist to reinforce our other healing methods. You will find this therapy to be compassionate and gentle, helping you to relieve pain and stress, enhance digestion, sleep better and have increased energy levels.

We also offer meditation techniques from Yoga and from Chinese Qi Gong. These are wonderful to calm the mind and increase circulation and overall well-being.